5 Tips to Pick the Best Messaging App

Find the Fastest Platform for Easy Messaging

Today, most people carry their phones with them at all times. Still, in spite of this, fewer and fewer calls are being made with each passing day. Paradoxical, isn't it? Messaging has taken over, especially since most phones have become powerful enough to sustain a constant Internet connection. Apps of this kind are present on all devices yet picking the right one for you isn't always the easiest of tasks. We have gathered up a few tips and tricks on how you can make the best choice.

The first factor you ought to consider is that of speed. A laggy app full of bugs is an absolute "no go" for any conscientious user. Sending and receiving messages should be smooth, and forwarding images shouldn't take more than a couple of seconds. If an app does not meet this criterion, delete it and try another.

Ease of use is another important element. Excessively complex software is best left to scientists and developers. The average user simply wants something that works. A good instant messaging app should have a simple layout, clean design, and never overburden you with too many details. The same rule-of-thumb should be applied regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android device.

Include Audio & Video Chat to Have a Full Experience

In our day and age, few messaging apps focus on text alone. In fact, finding such a program would be quite difficult. Only very old apps will still stick to this simple format. Most of today's top names will have a substantial list of features attached - from emojis and animated GIFs to audio and video calls. You can be quite demanding in this department and impose the highest possible standards upon your apps. If only the crispest audio will do - then, by all means, trawl the web for a platform that lives up to the expectations.

The same goes for video calls. There is no need to settle for poor quality moving images that take more than a couple of seconds to arrive, each time completely out of sync with the accompanying sound. Look for a clean, clear visual experience and keep your standards high.

Some apps will even go so far as to allow you to pre-record and save audio and video files for later use. This will enable you to create birthday messages in advance or take your time before sending an important memo to any of your friends or coworkers.

Pick a Free App to Save on Your Phone Bill

Lengthy phone calls or one SMS too many can easily augment your phone bill. Regardless of the size of your monthly budget, you probably don't want to spend 100s of dollars on communicating with your friends. This is why it is much better to download a free app and send every message without any fees attached.

Of course, for those who wish for an extra layer of protection, advanced features or any other bells and whistles attached - a premium version might be a much better option. The price usually won't be too high. Most apps today don't cost over $5. With this in mind, investing in such an online service could make your life a lot easier.

This will be particularly true if you are looking for an app that offers a cross-platform approach to messaging. Some top-notch programs will let you send a message to a user who has the same app installed but will also allow you to shoot a traditional SMS or even an email to anyone in your address book. If this is an option that is important to you, make sure to look for a piece of software that has it as a part of its core code.

Pay Attention to Online Safety & Protect Your Information

The Internet is far from being a safe place. Malware, ransomware, and all sorts of viruses are a common occurrence. At this point, getting all of your personal information stolen is a perfectly realistic possibility. You can never be too careful when you venture into the world wide web. When picking a new messaging app, always consider the type and strength of its encryption. Make a comparison between two or three of the most popular titles and never forget to read the reviews.

Keeping everything under lock and key is perhaps your safest bet. An app that allows you to create and use a strong password could help you keep all your personal data hidden and secure. If the program does not have this option - it is better to skip it.

You should also keep yourself open to additional safety measures. Anonymous or private messaging are just some of the features that could put your mind at ease. Keep yourself informed and always make an effort to stay on top of the latest trends in online security.

Consider Your Geographic Location to Connect With Friends

No matter how popular some messaging platforms may be, certain places in the world will always prefer different methods of exchanging ideas. It would be difficult to make people from regions as diverse as the USA, Brazil and South-East Asia accept the same standards throughout. This is why it is important to bear in mind your location when choosing the best app to fit your needs.

Your language is another factor to bear in mind. Most apps will have English set as the default but if you are more comfortable with all functions being presented in French or Mandarin, you better make sure that your new app will allow for this. If it doesn't - continue your search.

It might also be worth mentioning that a very interesting feature is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Some international apps today will also serve as a way for people to meet and form new friendships. This trend started in Asia and is slowly spreading in all directions. Perhaps even your country is catching on. So, do a bit of research, download the right app, and you might be able to find new friends this way.

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