5 Tips to Pick the Best Golf Game App

Look for a Good Tutorial to Get Started

Golf is a unique kind of sport that more people are developing a passion for with each passing day. Still, few have the time and the resources to pursue their passion on a regular basis. Watching it on TV or playing a computer game is a good alternative to staying connected to your favorite hobby. Smartphone apps, in particular, are the way to go for many busy professionals yet, with such a multitude of these little pieces of software available, it's not always easy to pick the right one.

Of course, a total beginner will be best advised to opt for easy golf games. We're not necessarily talking about apps for kids but you should definitely focus on those that have a simpler interface and will leave unnecessary details and obscure rules out of the equation.

As you progress, you will want to go beyond the basics and learn more. Perhaps you'd love to give an 18-hole game or a party of mini golf a try. In this case, the best route to take is to select an app that has a tutorial segment built-in. This sort of mechanism will guide you through the rules and give you a clear framework for future playing both on your smartphone and in real life.

Find Free Apps to Keep Your Budget in Check

Depending on your budget, golf games may be a form of entertainment you'd rather not spend money on. If you are looking to remain frugal for the time being - for whatever reason - you can simply download a free version and have fun without worrying about the cash. Of course, you may need to put up with an ad or two scattered around the screen but that is something that most apps, games, and social media have nowadays, so it probably won't interfere with your virtual golf adventure too much.

For a more premium feel free from annoying marketing campaigns, you might want to consider investing a couple of bucks into your new favorite game. You'll be able to play without visual clutter, download additional levels and challenges, and perhaps even access an online forum and discuss the nuances of golfing with other gamers. Do the math and see what works best for you.

Choose Cross-Platform Apps & Sync Your Scores

Playing golf games on your smartphone is perhaps the best way to have access to a quick fix of your favorite, perfectly legal addiction. Still, if you use more than one device, you might risk forgetting the gadget that has your beloved game on it. Starting from scratch on another platform is simply not an option, especially not for an experienced player who has racked up quite a score. I'm sure the lovers of virtual cricket feel the same frustration.

However, the solution to this problem is simple. Find an app that allows for cross-platform connection, letting you sync the scores between your iOS phone and your Android tablet. This way, you won't need to begin anew every time you switch between gadgets or when you buy a new one. It will also allow you to move from single-player to multiplayer waters regardless of what kind of smartphone your friends have.

The good news is that some apps are also made for PC and Mac. Finding one of these will mean that you will literally have access to the game wherever you are, at home, on a plane, or even in your office. Just make sure your boss doesn't notice as your superiors may frown upon it.

Pick Online Games to Play With Friends

As we have already mentioned the multiplayer option, we should now touch on that subject. Playing solo offline is perhaps a great way to get away from the world but, over time, it is likely to turn into a bit of a bore. Any game is more exciting if you can get your friends to join you. Provided that you can convince some of them, you can always find an app that will let your gang play in a closed network only available to those that you trust.

For some, getting any of your friends to show an interest will be difficult. We don't always share all of our passions with our loved ones. Perhaps golf games are simply not the thing you have in common. Maybe they just prefer baseball. This is perfectly fine as online apps will allow you to connect with people from across the globe and see who's got the best swing.

In addition, among the wide range of innovations that have hit the gaming world recently is the chat option that seems to be appearing where you'd least expect it. Nowadays, even certain golf apps will let you talk to your opponents and have a good laugh over the game. If this is something you think you might enjoy, then, by all means, find an app equipped with such a feature.

Join a Tournament & Win Cash Prizes

In real life, most athletes will compete against others for trophies. There is no reason why you should miss this experience if you're playing in the virtual world. If you're up for a challenge, you should always be able to find an online tournament and start snatching digital trophies.

Some mobile golf games will even go so far as to offer actual trophies. We're talking about real, tangible, physical objects that you can proudly display on your shelf. If this is something that means a lot to you, make sure to check the reviews and see if your next app has this feature.

Of course, the ultimate reward for your successful golf tour will be an actual cash prize. Most apps will avoid this and will expect their virtual Tiger Woods to be happy with having their impressive results displayed in a prominent spot within the app. If this simply is not enough for you, then making an effort to find the game that offers cold hard cash for your effort will be well worth your while.

We hope that our 5 Tips to Pick the Best Golf Game App were helpful. Now you can pop over to the list of the Best 10 Golf Games and pick the perfect one for you.