5 Tips to Pick the Best Flashlight App

Light up any room with a variety of flashlight types

No matter how far technological progress has taken us, no matter how many gadgets and apps we may have - sometimes, the only tool we need is a flashlight. Luckily enough, today, our smartphones can very much serve the purpose. The little flash next to the camera - the same one you use to record videos or even make selfies - does the trick. What few know is that his feature can be adjusted and tweaked to serve many different needs. So how can we pick the right app for the job? Follow our advice and you'll see!

By definition, a flashlight or a torch is a device used to cast a light and help us see where there is no luminosity of any kind present. Apart from the most obvious on and off function, your LED light will come with tiny bonus features that you may not be aware of. If you wish to unlock these, a good basic app will guide you through the process and help you gradually discover all the possibilities.

Until a couple of years ago, an excellent flashlight app was an integral part of the APK (Android Application Package). As time went on, this was no longer the case and today even the best HTC phones offer only the most basic options and often lack customize-able features. Luckily enough, you can take the situation into your own hands and solve the problem. And if you want a quick fix, free from hassle and additional expenses, always opt for a free download!

Get a flashlight you can rely on from trusted developers

Dealing with problematic apps can be a nightmare. We have all been there, done it, and came out of it with a tale to tell. Not all software is created equal and not everything will work as expected. If you wish to avoid the headache, and actually have your flashlight do its job properly, focus on apps from developers you can trust.

In case you are an experienced user, you will probably already have a couple of names up your sleeve. If, on the other hand, you consider yourself a rookie in the world of smartphones, be sure to do your research and see which names are to be trusted. Big brands such as ZTE, Fenix, Huawei, Lytish and iHandy are just some of the options out there. Don't trust any of them blindly.

If you are on a budget, giving young, up and coming developers a chance may be your best bet when looking for a new flashlight app. Test their performances and see how they affect your phone - but make sure that your battery is fully rechargeable, especially if you enjoy long walks in nature!

Stay safe in & outdoors with flashlights for all devices

We most definitely do not live in an ideal world and not all areas we venture into are equally safe. Camping can be tricky business, even in the most well organized of national parks. Walking around a new neighborhood too can prove a challenge. This is why choosing a good flashlight app online can be a life saver. If you want to be certain that your trusted app will never fail, make sure there are no mentions of the app crashing in the reviews.

An excellent flashlight app will be compatible with all devices. If you find a particularly good one, you will want to have it on your smartphone and your table too. This is why cross-platform compatibility is of great help - allowing for the same sort of convenience on your iPhone, Windows smartphone or Samsung Android tablet.

If you are looking to download the best free app out there, make sure that you are fully informed on the features of your built in camera. Look for software that supports your brand and takes the best advantage of all of its characteristics.

Quickly signal an emergency with colored flashlights

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations in which we'd rather not be. A medical emergency, a fire, a car crash or some other calamity may befall us. Maybe you'll find yourself lost in the woods at night and the only way to signal your presence will be with your smartphone. This is where your trusted flashlight could save your life.

Most of the time, our outdoor adventures are not quite as intense. Still, you never know what may happen and it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are looking for an app that you can rely on in the hardest of the times, always look for a heavy duty option made with true adventurers in mind.

In case you need a more diverse method of sending signals or navigating your way through the woods, you may even opt for an app that will turn your light bright green or flaming red color. This can be used for more elaborate signalization. The potential to turn your phone into a truly spectacular gadget hides within every device. Dare to unlock it.

Keep your phone safe with malware-free flashlight apps

As we have already noted, security is a major concern for many. Often, our smartphones are under direct threat from spyware, malware and viruses coming through the open gates of the internet. If you want to keep your device safe and your data secure, always pick an app from a trusted source.

Choosing the right flashlight app can be tricky but does not have to be an impossible task. If safety is your primary concern, you might want to check the reviews by other users before committing to downloading. Questions ranging from - how does a flashlight work - to - will this app install unwanted files onto my device? - will all be answered. This will help you learn more about the software and know what you're getting yourself into.

Last but not least, cost is something you ought to consider. If you are browsing through top notch apps and wish to see no ads that would otherwise spoil your experience, confidently aim for the best of the best and make a payment only after you have tested the app's free features.

After you have read our 5 Tips to Pick the Best Flashlight App, you will be able to pick only the cream of the crop of our Best 10 Flashlight Apps with ease.

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