5 Tips to Pick the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

5 Tips to Pick the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

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Fantasy sports give you an opportunity you assemble your dream team and go against all others in a star-studded tournament. With the multitude of games available, it is not always easy to find the best app. Take a look at our insider advice on how to choose your new favorite game.

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  1. Opt for simple apps to get started
  2. Try various genres & enjoy different fantasy sports
  3. Choose freeware apps to save your cash
  4. Enter tournaments & win prizes
  5. Join online communities to meet new people

All of your favorite basketball players seem to play for different teams. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could put all of them in one and create the most powerful all-star team in history? Fantasy sports apps allow you to do just this. These games let you pick and choose the best of the best and pit them against any of the world's finest. Still, with such a wealth of titles in this genre, it has become somewhat of a challenge picking the right one for yourself.

In case you are just starting, you are best advised to stick to simpler apps. There is no need to burden yourself with too many options, and a quick play is all you need to get started. As you progress, you will be able to take on tougher challenges. For now, learn the basics.

Another great way to go about this is to take a risk with a more complex app but make sure that it has a very strong tutorial segment designed for beginners. This way your game of fantasy basketball (or football or soccer) will become a gradual learning experience and you will be able to rub elbows with the best of players in no time.

Most fans of sports don't focus on just one discipline. They love at least a couple of them, if not every single type of game out there. Of course, the easiest way to pick the right fantasy sports app is to choose one devoted to your favorite sport. If you love traditional European-style competitions, then go for soccer or basketball.

If, on the other hand, your taste gravitates towards American-style competitions, by all means, give football or even hockey a try. These types of games lend themselves particularly well to the fantasy sports genre and you will be guaranteed to enjoy your experience even more than watching your favorite team on TV.

Still, you might also want to try something completely new. Have you ever watched cricket? It's an interesting discipline that comparatively few people nowadays seem to be aware of. It is, however, a fascinating game to play - both online and in real life. You could learn the basics of it and see how far your virtual players will go. It's a great way to discover new athletic horizons.

As a rookie, you probably won't want to commit to spending too much cash on games. There is no point in paying for every single app you try. If you're looking to save a bit of money, try the free ones first. Take a good taste of them and only then decide whether you'd like to invest. Of course, you should be prepared for the fact that you'll be seeing quite a few paid ads during your gaming.

Some fantasy sports apps will offer you an opportunity to try before you buy. If you like them and want to enter all the greatest leagues - free from pesky advertisements - you can always pay that extra bit and be relieved of the global marketing machinery.

Some experienced gamers will not be able to settle for anything less than the premium experience. If you are a hardcore fantasy football fan and want the best of the best, you will need to pay the price. Top-notch developers won't work for free.

Once you have a bit of experience under your belt - preferably playing daily for a couple of weeks - you will want to test your skills in the great arena. If your smartphone has a steady internet connection, you can find an app that will enable you to join a tournament online, create your fantasy draft, and win some pretty neat trophies.

Sometimes, you might even be able to win actual cash prizes. You won't become a millionaire for sure but you are guaranteed to have loads of fun. Just look for apps that have this option included. You should be able to find one for each of your favorite sports - including football, basketball, and even tennis.

Gaming does not have to be a solitary affair. You can very well enjoy it with your friends. If you are looking to get some of your buddies addicted to this form of virtual entertainment, look for fantasy sports apps that have a strong multiplayer component built-in. Share the excitement and crack jokes while you play. An audio chatroom will make the fantasy cricket experience even more fun.

If you can't drag any of your friends into this virtual universe, you can always try playing with random strangers. Plenty of apps will pair you up with some pretty great people from across the globe who share your passion and are willing to play for hours on end.

Fantasy sports definitely are a team effort. You can never hope to figure out all the tricks on your own. Having a few people to help you out is your best bet. Find an app that will let you join a big online forum and discuss your strategies with experienced players. You will receive some of the best advice you can ever hope for - be it about soccer, hockey or volleyball.

These 5 Tips to Pick the Best Fantasy Sports Apps are sure to help you select among the Best 10 Fantasy Sports Apps and lead your fantasy team to victory.

  • 1 ranking-icon-1 Yahoo Fantasy Sports - #1 Rated Fantasy App

    Sign up and draft now.


    540K+ Reviews 5M+
    • 840 users said "handy"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
    • Editor's Choice
    • They're handling the virus and updates piss poor. Horrible! All that work and they won't even budge a finger to try and make the league fair. People also cheat a lot and yahoo allows it. Garbage.
      J V


  • 2 ranking-icon-2 DraftKings - Daily Fantasy Sports for Cash

    Play daily fantasy basketball, baseball, golf, MMA, NASCAR, football & more! 🤑

    DraftKings, Inc.

    389K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 378 users said "addictive"
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    • Fresh
    • Editor's Choice
    • Draftkings is a great app. U win you get paid you lose you pay. No issues at all when you want to get your money and super fast no issue depositing money. They run plenty of cool sometimes free contests and at this horrible time of coronavirus I had to rewrite my feedback comment. It's greatly appreciated that they are running free contest with actual cash. There's good people here and it's not just about the money. Everyone is treated fairly. Great App and great people.
      BoMmArItO bOmMaRiTo


  • 3 ranking-icon-3 FanDuel: Daily Fantasy Sport

    Create your fantasy league & play NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB for a chance to win cash


    104K+ Reviews 1M+
    • 204 users said "addictive"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
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    • I come from the poker world and still lament Black Friday if you don’t play poker you have you won’t understand my angle and here is why! Back in the day you get in with any amount of buy in and at any time of the day! You could play online poker with any as little as a dime with any number of players at any time of the day or night! The pokerstars seemed fair and allowed you to level up by playing at your level! Fanduel in my opinion never that treatment to any player until now! DraftKings app lately has made it difficult to find the tournaments I want to play! Because of that experience I flipped over to Fanduel! What was shocked to see 5 cent tournaments with 150 entries allowed! This allows anyone like me who have no business wagering on fantasy sports because they don’t really watch or do their research or take the time to dig deep into the research and try to learn and level up and have the fun of their lives! I am very impressed with the overall layout that they give per game! Fanduel has surprised me in so many way and tried to improve the user experience and dare I say it they now seem better than Draftkings! I will be making a deposit and start using Fanduel everyday as I do Draftkings! Maybe they can get me to switch to their Sportsbook so I downloaded that too! Thank you Fanduel for making Black Friday a thing of past for me! Onward sports gambling!
      Matt Stueck


  • 4 ESPN Fantasy Sports

    One home for all your fantasy games

    ESPN Inc

    1M+ Reviews 5M+
    • 75 users said "great info"
    • Free
    • Feature Rich
    • Fresh
    • In App Purchases
    • 1M+ Reviews
    • Editor's Choice
    • This isn’t about how I think Yahoo’s Fantasy app is far better than ESPN’s. This is about the new ads before viewing your matchup. Before I start, ESPN has to make money and to do that they have to sell ads. I have no qualms with that. But when I’m laying down my infant daughter to go to sleep after a 12 hour work day and 2 hour commute and I finally got her asleep, I want to check my fantasy team. I want to see who’s been dropped by other teams, who I can play this week, and so on. Before I can do that though, an ad pops up and says, “We will only show this once a day.” and then with all the decibels of a jet taking off begins to play an add about NFL Sunday ticket or something like that and woke my daughter. 45 minutes later I finally got her back to sleep and don’t care one bit about fantasy. Please ESPN, just don’t allow the ads to override my volume settings anymore.