5 Tips to Pick the Best Day Planner App

Find an All-Rounder App for Quick Planning

Drive the kids to school. Pick up the prescription from your doctor. Go to work. Get three projects taken care of by noon. Take the eldest to soccer practice, the middle one to ballet, and the youngest to piano class. Go to the gym. Get groceries. Find a car mechanic to get that expensive-sounding noise checked ... to say that our days are busy would be an extreme understatement. Since having a personal assistant is probably out of the question due to a limited budget, a good day planner app could be your second best choice.

As not all software is created equal, picking the right one for you can prove tricky. The first thing to consider is ease of use. You wouldn't want to waste half an hour a day navigating through complex menus and other unnecessary clutter. A simple, user-friendly interface is then a must.

In addition, the number of features is an equally important factor. Assess your needs and search accordingly. If you only require a simple calendar with few bells and whistles, don't waste your time (nor money) on something too gaudy. Still, there is one feature that your new app should definitely possess - the option to create your own template and use your handwriting as the main form of input.

Choose Free Software & Save Money

Time is money and planning your day well is a good way to save - and make yourself more efficient. Still, that does not mean that you should immediately start spending. Putting some money aside for a rainy day is always good. Don't forget that it is usually the small expenses that affect your budget the most. Bear in mind that the general majority of free apps will be just as good as the paid version. When choosing the right piece of software for the job, know that you don't need to spend a dime. You can still get a perfectly decent app with printable templates and sort out your schedule without any problems.

Of course, this choice will depend on the kind of life you lead. If you have a normal 9-to-5 job, a small family, and a reasonable number of appointments,  you will be fine with the average daily reminder. If, however, your schedule tends to be a lot more unpredictable, perhaps you should consider a premium to do list.

Plan Your Work Schedule to Become More Productive

Work is perhaps the number one reason people decide to install a day planner. It is a great way to plan your schedule like a pro. Still, you have to know which app to pick based on the line of work you are in. For example, an engineer and someone working in the entertainment business will have vastly different needs so choosing accordingly will be crucial to success. Never forget to read the reviews and try to gauge out what type of professionals are gravitating toward a certain piece of software.

In fact, this will be particularly important if you work from home. Some people may see this as a relaxed, leisurely way to live your life but nothing could be farther from the truth. Deadlines will always loom large in your mind so picking an app that caters to your lifestyle could be of great help in fulfilling every contract on time.

Students can also greatly benefit from organizing their schedules well. Those assignments and papers do take time. If you are still in college, finding an app made for students should be a top priority. It could increase your efficiency and productivity manyfold.

Organize Family Life & Make Your Loved Ones Happy

Today, most of us work too much and have too little time for our loved ones. Our families and friends tend to take a back seat to more pressing matters and deadlines are always turned into a top priority. Still, it does not have to be so. Finding a way to split your time between what you have to do and what you want to do could help you stay sane in this crazy modern world. Even the home itself can burden you with chores so an app that can help you organize those could be a life-saver.

Moms are perhaps hit hardest by this work-life disbalance. Juggling all the chores can be tricky. Luckily, a good day designer app made especially for moms shouldn't be too difficult to find. It will help you sort things out a lot quicker, find the right time slots for every task, and have more opportunities to be with your loved ones.

It is also important to note that, in our day and age, even kids can have busy schedules. Private classes, homework, and play-dates can all get so regimented, and they can suck the fun out of childhood. With the right app aimed at kids, you can teach your young ones to manage their time well, create an hourly schedule, and have loads of fun while handing in all their assignments on time.

Connect With Others to Plan Together

Most plans we have tend to involve other people - especially in the world of business. If your job requires you to work as a part of a team, you will definitely want to get everyone involved in finding the easiest way to communicate and put your collective schedule in order. A digital day organizer that also allows you to chat with others online will be the best choice you can possibly make. It beats having the office covered in sticky notes anyway.

Surprisingly enough, organizing a party can take just as much effort. This is why it also may be good to have a similar piece of software for dates, excursions, birthday parties, and other fun activities. It will help you organize some pretty great times with friends and make sure that no one misses the get-together.

Still, the last two suggestions won't be possible unless you pick a universal app. Some of your friends will use an iPhone while others will access the software through their Android tablet. Choosing a calendar and planner that works across all platforms should solve this problem in a jiffy.

After considering out 5 Tips to Pick the Best Day Planner App, you can check out the Best 10 Day Planner Apps we have to offer and choose the one that will help you organize your day with ease.