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5 Tips to Pick the Best Calculus App

5 Tips to Pick the Best Calculus App

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Calculus is the bane of children and adults alike. Still, all is not lost. You can master this science. Using a good app to help you learn is a smart move to make. Check out our advice on how to choose the best software for you.

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  1. Cover the Basics to Set a Strong Foundation
  2. Opt for Free Apps to Save Your Hard-Earned cash
  3. Consider Your Age & Needs to Pick the Right Approach
  4. Focus on Differential or Integral Calculus to Master Both
  5. Combine Calculus with Engineering to Understand its Purpose

Many a disgruntled middle-schooler will often wonder what is calculus used for? Does it even have a purpose? Being so difficult, it couldn't possibly be any good. Still, contrary to the beliefs of most 11-year-olds, calculus definitely has a purpose. The examples of its use are practically countless from statistics and computer science to engineering and demography. Today, learning it is perhaps easier than ever. Even smartphone apps can help you or your child master this part of math. Choosing the right app, however, isn't always as straightforward as you would like it to be.

So, if you are a total novice or have simply forgotten pretty much everything you have learned in school, you might want to select an app that caters to those that are not exactly well versed in mathematics. A "calculus for beginners" type of software should help you get on your feet and understand the fundamental postulates.

Unlike geometry, calculus isn't always the easiest thing to grasp nor visualize. Many find it far too abstract and will be tempted to give up. Selecting an app that will provide a very graphic step by step tutorial will be a perfect introduction to the topic and help you gain a solid understanding of its elusive concepts.

Most of the time it is teenagers in schools or young adults in college that have considerable trouble with calculus. They are also likely to be at least a bit pressed for cash. This is why choosing a good app can be tricky. If you find yourself short on money, be sure to pick a free calculus app. It should teach you quite a bit before you feel the need to switch to a more pricey option.

However, software that comes with a price tag is usually aimed at professionals. If you work in engineering, IT or statistics, you might want to consider investing because a freeware version will not possess all the advanced features that your job may require you to master. Calculus problems are, after all, notoriously varied and tricky. Every vector is different and no single sample will cover all the variables.

Just like anything else in life, apps for mathematics will come in different price ranges. Some you may be able to get for as low as $0.99 while others will make no less than $14 from your pocket disappear. Before purchasing, always read the reviews and make sure that the software you are buying fits your needs.

For most children, the study of calculus begins in middle school. That is - not coincidentally - when a lot of them start feeling increasingly uneasy about math. Middle-school mathematics is something that even an adult may shy away from. Many don't know how to help their young ones once they hit an age when they are supposed to learn all about limits and infinitesimals. If you are one such parent, it may be better for you to find an app or two that was designed with kids in mind and help them practice for their test this way.

Yet, once children reach high school, things are likely to get worse. A book or a worksheet won't be enough. Studies show that a high school student is twice as likely to fail a grade due to calculus and trigonometry than any other subject. If you have a kid of this age or perhaps you yourself are a high-schooler, make sure to find an app that caters to the topics covered in the curriculum.

Advanced college students and working professionals commonly have to deal with some very advanced concepts in calculus. If you find yourself in a profession that absolutely demands full mastery of these secrets, only settle for an app that covers them as thoroughly as possible. No "calculus for kids" type of apps allowed.

Calculus is commonly divided into two major sections - differential and integral. Both can be equally tricky and are ideally studied separately for best results. If you're struggling with differential calculus and need a bit of help in that department, the best app for you will be one that focuses on this segment of the science.

Integral calculus is no less of a conundrum. Its definition alone is a head-scratcher. If this is what you're having trouble with, make sure to look for software from your smartphone that will cover all the nooks and crannies of it and give you a strong foundation so that you can study and progress with ease.

Only after you've mastered both parts of the equation well enough should you venture into apps that cover both differentiation and integrals. Such software will merge the two sides into a seamless whole and help you fully comprehend what the secret is all about. It will perhaps take a bit more time than algebra but it will be well worth the effort.

As we have already mentioned, the mastery of calculus is essential to a number of different careers. Engineering, in particular, demands a pretty solid understanding of it. If this is the path you have chosen for your profession, you will always want to have an app close by that covers all the ways in which calculus relates to it.

The same goes for any other line of work you may find yourself in such as computer science and its derivatives. Plain math apps will simply not do. If you suddenly forget what a multivariable is and how it connects to your latest IT project, you will have a trusted piece of software to guide you through. It is a brilliant solution to a common problem and one that should help you be more successful at work.

By using our neat 5 Tips to Pick the Best Calculus App, you shouldn't have any trouble browsing through the Best 10 Apps for Learning Calculus and picking the right one for you.

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