5 Tips to Pick the Best Army Game App

5 Tips to Pick the Best Army Game App

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Unlike the real thing, virtual warfare is fun. With thousands of army games out there, it isn't always easy to pick one that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. Find out how you can easily select the most exciting game for you and your buddies.

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  1. Consider the Level of Difficulty for Optimal Play
  2. Choose Free Apps & Save for a Rainy Day
  3. Pick Your Favorite Theme to Spice up Your Gaming
  4. Find a Cross-Platform Game for Multiplayer Sessions
  5. Join Online Tournaments & Win Great Prizes

There are few genres out there that can give you a proper adrenaline rush the way army games do. The extreme circumstances in which your avatar will be put and your own ability to maneuver your way out of a war zone can get your heart pumping and turn your senses razor-sharp. Still, with such an abundance of titles out there, it's not always easy to pick your next favorite. If you're in a dilemma about how to proceed, perhaps we can offer a bit of advice.

The first thing to consider is your skill level. Have you been playing military games for as long as you can remember? Or are you just dipping your toes into these waters? In case you are just starting, you might want to focus on an app that is not too difficult and simply puts all emphasis on action rather than complex tactics. This will be a great way to get acquainted with the mechanics and become more comfortable with this form of play.

If, on the other hand, you consider yourself a veteran of digital warfare, a more complex app could be just what you need. It might be a good idea to read the reviews and see what other gamers have to say. That way, you can take on a bit of a challenge and work your way up to the most difficult online games out there.

Most truly good things in the digital realm come with a price tag. However, not all army games do. Some can be had for free and they are likely to be just as fun as the paid version. You can easily save your hard-earned cash if you download a freeware option. There is, however, one small catch you ought to consider. Most if not all free apps will come with an enormous amount of ads. These digital pests will pop up when you least expect them to, hampering your play and potentially ruining the entire experience. It will be great if you find an app that has struck the perfect balance between free content and a reasonable dose of advertising. If not, you might want to consider another option.

Some high-end games will ask for a certain level of financial involvement. Developers do, after all, need to pay their bills too. This remuneration will come either in form of a price you pay upfront or as a small monthly membership fee that you can cancel and renew anytime you see fit. Such paid apps will come with next to no ads, and will normally have all the advanced features unblocked. If this sounds more like your cup of tea, simply spend a couple of dollars, and download something great.

Of course, military games are definitely not all the same. In fact, you will encounter a greater variety here than in perhaps most other genres. The conflict you will be plunged into can take place in Europe or Africa, or even in a galaxy far away from our own. Some stories can easily cross into the realm of sci-fi. You may be expected to take part in the American Civil war or perhaps WW2. Knowing when and where you'd like to be could be a good way to pick your next app.

The type of gameplay is also an important factor to consider. Some army games will have a stronger focus on strategy, while others will be more reliant on the first-person shooter mode and plunge you into the world of war and chaos without any prior warnings. Your choice will ultimately depend on how fast-paced you like the action to be.

Another variable to take into account are weapons. It will all depend on the way you prefer to destroy your enemies or conduct combat in general. Is a sniper your first choice? Or are you perhaps partial to a Kalashnikov rifle? Maybe a simple grenade is the best way to deal with a horde of enemies and take your one-man army to victory, you decide.

Playing on your own and getting immersed in virtual warfare is fun, but nothing compares to enjoying a gaming session with your best friends. A good SWAT team game shouldn't be played any other way. Finding a multiplayer app that works on both Android and iPhone shouldn't be too difficult a feat. It will let you connect with all your buddies - regardless of the type of phone they have - and play for hours.

Since most of today's tablets use the operating systems employed by smartphones, it might also be good to consider how well the game translates across various screen sizes. Always look for one that runs equally smoothly on a five-inch phone as well as a ten-inch portable device. That will make gaming a lot easier for everyone involved.

Certain army games will also be available for PC. This will make their playability even greater, letting people connect in any way they prefer. Such apps are not always the easiest to find, but you might want to invest a bit of extra effort if you prefer this level of comfort.

Online gaming can always be taken up a notch through participating in tournaments. These international competitions will let you be a part of the US army, fight for Russia, or indeed any other country out there. They will pit you against the most experienced players from across the globe, and let you test your skills in some pretty extreme conditions. Finding an app that offers this option won't take too much time, but will practically guarantee hours of fun. If you'd love to come on top and have your name displayed in bright lights as the best in the world, you should definitely give such army games a try.

Believe it or not, some apps will also offer cash prizes. They will, however, be few and far in between so looking for one may give you a bit of a headache. Still, if you do manage to find it, you will have a chance to compete for some pretty impressive rewards - provided that you are able to achieve the best results and beat some very experienced players in military-themed first-person shooters. Then, you too can find yourself among the winners.

After taking a good hard look at our 5 Tips to Pick the Best Army Game App you are now ready to join the army and pick among the absolute Best 10 Military Games out there.

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