5 Tips to Pick the Best App for Your Camping Adventure

Get ready for your trip by learning everything about camping

Camping has been a popular pastime for generations. At its core, it harks back to our Stone Age instincts of survival and the adrenaline rush we experience when we manage to achieve the seemingly impossible, outside of our comfort zone of cushy modern life. It brings us closer to nature and to our primal drive that still lurk deep within. Not to mention that it can be a whole lot of fun, especially in good company. Still, for many, it also presents a challenge as few of us know how to go about it. So, how do we prepare?

If you wish to learn all about the ancient practice of camping, the first thing you should do is turn to the most modern of inventions - the smartphone app! Pick one that will teach you the basics, offer tips and tricks, and walk you through the legal nitty-gritty so that you immediately know what can and cannot be done. After all, you wouldn't want to get in trouble while exploring that fascinating steep rocky walls of a particularly remote gorge.

If you are interested in knowing each definition, and the purpose and use of each bit of camping equipment, be sure to pick an app that will guide you through everything that you ought to know. Be fully prepared.

Do you also want to order everything in advance and not have to worry about last minute trips to the store? Then make sure that you have the right online shopping app installed.

Check out camping benefits to get the most from your trip

Camping is known to have an almost exclusively positive effect on one's health. Fresh air free from pollution and the big outdoors inviting you to explore every nook and cranny of the landscape can bring you nothing but great benefits.

If you too wish to get the most out of your trip and test the endurance of your body, don't forget to choose a good fitness tracking app that will allow you to measure your walking mileage, heart rate and a number of other parameters.

Nature is the ideal place for yoga and meditation. Do you want to reconnect with Mother Nature and truly find your peace? Then opt for an app that will offer you guided meditations and asanas to practice in the serene quiet of the woods.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of camping, check out a few magazine articles on the topic to help you decide on the best course of action once you find yourself in the wild unknown.

Save time travelling by finding camping sites near you

Are you wondering "what is the most fascinating place that I haven't visited yet, that is near me yet secluded from the hustle and bustle of the modern world?" Your smartphone may have the answer!

If you wish to set on your next adventure without wasting too much time getting there, take a few minutes to look for an app that will let you search through campground listings and state camping parks that are open year round.

If you are determined to plan your trip around hiking, then look for apps that focus on locations ideal for this sort of activity. In case your primary concern is the type of terrain predominant in the region, then pick an app that will offer this information so that you may select the right spot to explore and enjoy.

In case your own car isn't exactly ideal for a camping adventure, you can always find a good car rental app that will let you pick and choose the right sort of vehicle. Oh, and don't forget a good GPS navigator and a hiking map!

Find camping amenities to make camping easier

For total beginners, camping at a designated area may be the ideal option. The risk is minimal and there are always amenities and features close by that can make your life a lot easier in case you forgot an essential item or simply need help or advice on how to proceed.

If you too want to go on an adventure but, like a young bird, feel shaky on your legs, look for an app that lists all the designated camping areas in your region. Premier Camping Bass Canyon, Gorge Terrace, Gorge Amphitheater, Wildhorse Campground and Watershed are just some of the options out there. National parks too will often have small camping grounds to take advantage of at a reasonable price.

In case parking, well stocked camping equippment stores as well as small and convenient healthy food shops are a must for you, make sure to download an app that will have those listed.

Get in the mood for camping with camping movies and TV shows

If you are planning a camping trip that is likely to last more than a few days, you may want to equip yourself with some entertainment options. An app or two that will let you watch your favourite TV show or even binge on a series could be the right answer.

The wonders of cable TV are no longer confined to the screen in your home. Now, you can carry all your favourite movies and shows wherever you go - even into the wild unknown. If you too cannot live without your fix of the Here and Now or without following the on-screen adventures of Jenni Konner or Brett Gelman, search for an app that will keep you connected to the world of drama, crime and comedy. You will easily be able to watch every episode of (of every season!) of your favourite HBO series.

If your intention is to discover new shows and binge on them while away on your camping trip, that too can be arranged. Just find an app that will let you explore all the latest releases, watch the trailer, read a review or two, and pick the right show for you!

And, if TV is not your preferred form of entertainment, some light gaming may do the trick. Pick the right virtual adventure to spice up your real-life adventure and game the night away under the starry sky.

After reading our 5 Tips to Pick the Best App for Your Camping Adventure you may rest assured you are ready to explore our Best 10 Camping Apps and head into the wild!