5 Tips to Pick the Best App for ICD 10 Codes

Pick a Simple & Sleek Design for Easy Use

ICD 10 is a medical classification list containing codes for symptoms, diseases, complaints, and injuries. Under the guidance of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), is now in its 10th revision. Needless to say, full access and understanding of such a database is extremely important for any healthcare professional. Luckily, today, it is possible to have all of it in your pocket. In fact, there are more than a couple of apps out there that allow for this. At this point, picking the right one is perhaps your biggest challenge.

If you are just starting your career in medicine or nursing, or are perhaps still in school, you will want to pick an app free from unnecessary clutter. A simple database that will give you easy access to all the codes will save you from the trouble of browsing countless PDF files and Excel sheets.

Surprisingly enough, a bad design can be as problematic as odd functionality. Too many nooks and crannies in the system are bound to keep some valuable information hidden. Your best bet is to download a database with a simple yet effective design and navigate your way through it with ease.

Find a Free App & Keep Your Budget in Check

One of the most important differences between apps - all of them, not just those for ICD 10 - is the distinction between free and paid software. The rules are very consistent across the board. In most cases, the free version will have somewhat limited functionality and give the user an opportunity to access all basic features without any of the extra perks. An add or two may appear here and there, although those are more prevalent in games than software aimed at professionals. Still, if none of these drawbacks bother you, you can easily save some money by opting for the free version.

If, on the other hand, you wish for a premium experience, a paid app should be your first choice. It will allow for a much more thorough approach and will possibly come with certain options like a comprehensive medical dictionary that will make your work in the profession a lot easier. A particularly big bonus will be an app that can function on Android, iPhone and Windows devices, or even sync data across all platforms.

Choose a Specialist App for Detailed Information

The ICD 10 list is the most comprehensive compendium you can possibly imagine. There is practically no disease nor affliction that it does not cover. Obviously, not every medical professional will need all of them as a part of the regular procedure. Normally, the lists will be divided into two groups - those dealing with physical and those focused on mental health. If you a dermatologist or specialize in helping people overcome type 2 diabetes or gastroenteritis, then an app devoted to the physical aspect should be your first choice.

If, on the other hand, you work as a psychiatrist, software devoted to mental problems is bound to be a good addition to your digital arsenal. It will aid you in reaching the correct diagnosis and help your patients tremendously.

Still, this is not where the story ends. Fields such as cardiology or oncology are so vast that apps devoted exclusively to them also exist. If you wish for particularly thorough coverage of a specific field, then a piece of software specializing in it is the way to go.

Consider Your Geographic Region & Language

Medical practices and laws that govern them can vary from state to state. Different countries or even different continents will show an even more stark contrast. The US, India, Germany, and Saudi Arabia will all possess rules unique to them. It is not just topics such as birth control that will fall under different regulations. Even seemingly insignificant situations can heed an almost opposite approach. It is important to be informed of such nuances and an app that caters to your region is an excellent way to avoid malpractice.

While Latin is still the official language used for naming all illnesses and afflictions, most doctors will rely on their mother tongue to make a diagnosis - be it English, German, Spanish or Chinese. Having an ICD 10 app in your own language will be crucial in your everyday work.

It might also be important to note that an app in possession of the most up-to-date information will always be your best choice. The ICD 10 list is, after all, revised on a regular basis in order to allow medical professionals to make decisions in sync with the latest scientific research.

Use an Online Platform to Consult Other Experts

Of course, a digital database will have its limitations. Nothing can replace the hands-on experience of trained medical professionals. In case you are still a beginner, you will often feel the need to consult your peers. If you find yourself on your own and an ICD 10 list is not enough, you can always rely on an app that has an online forum built-in.

Some software will, in fact, go so far as to have a live chat option - much like today's telemed apps do. They will enable you to have a consultation and talk in real-time with other professionals in the field in order to seek and offer advice on any given situation.

Different apps will, naturally, gather doctors in different fields so it is always good to read the reviews and find out if the app caters to your needs. Treatment for a UTI is, after all, quite different from dealing with hypertension. Find your tribe and you will be able to make diagnosis much faster than before.

Our 5 Tips to Pick the Best App for ICD 10 Codes should prove to be a good guideline on selecting among the Best 10 ICD 10 Codes Apps and getting it right the first time around.

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