5 Tips to Pick the Best Anime RPG Apps

Pick an Easy Game to Get a Taste of Anime RPGs

Anime role-playing games are more popular than ever, strongly outperforming their tabletop predecessors. Their elaborate storylines, fascinating environments, and compelling characters draw millions of players from across the globe. Still, with such a vast number of titles out there, it is not always easy to pick the best one for you. We offer a few pieces of advice on how to make the right choice.

As a beginner, you will want to take it slow. Rushing into the biggest game with the most complex story and intricate character development could discourage you at first. Some of this stuff can be genuinely overwhelming. Instead, opt for an easier game and learn on the go. Play, level up, explore the imaginary universe, get rid of a few enemies, chat with NPCs, and soon you'll get the gist of it.

As you progress on your quest for the perfect anime RPG, you will want to take on tougher challenges. This is where reading game reviews can come in handy. See what other users are saying and, as time goes by, opt for increasingly difficult titles. Naturally, each role-playing game is different and each series will present you with new, unique challenges. Seize the opportunity to enjoy the diversity.

Opt for Free Software & Save Some Money

Before we move onto other, equally important points, it is always good to mention the financial element of the equation. Today, some apps will come with a price tag while others will be accessible free of charge. Depending on your budget, this can be a contributing factor in making the right choice. If you're looking to save your hard-earned cash, you may be better off sticking with the free version. Most of these anime RPGs will work just fine and let you have hours of fun. Their only true downside may be the number of ads you will see throughout the time you spend playing. Still, if you're in a bit of a pinch, this should be a perfectly reasonable trade-off.

There is, however, another thing to consider. As a true lover of manga and anime games, you will likely have a very well developed taste for a fine audio-visual experience and inventive gameplay. Sticking to your high standards is important when choosing the right app. If your aim is to get the ultimate gaming experience, then picking a paid piece of software is perhaps a safe bet to make. Simply download a premium video game for your mobile and immerse yourself in an intricately crafted anime universe.

Carefully Choose Your Favorite Subgenre

Anime RPGs come in many different forms. Their diversity is perhaps greater than that of any other genre. Some stories can take place in outer space, others in a place populated by wizards and dragons, while a few can take perfectly real locations and superimpose a totally surreal storyline onto it. This is why choosing the correct subgenre is extremely important for full enjoyment. If, for example, you love the world of medieval fantasy, simply pick a game that caters to your taste.

The same goes for lovers of sci-fi. Epic sagas set in faraway galaxies, deep into the future represent perhaps the largest chunk of the anime RPG scene. You will quite literally be spoiled for choice. Travel half across the universe, survive the attack of evil aliens and discover the secret that is keeping the galaxy together.

Another great choice to consider are games taking place in urban environments. A real city or an imaginary high school are the staples of the genre. They take advantage of all the absurdities of modern living to create a perfectly crazy environment in which you can develop your avatar. They can range from very kawaii (Japanese for "cute") to absolutely grim.

Join a Multiplayer Session & Have Fun With Others

Computer and smartphone games have a reputation for being a lonely pastime. This is, of course, a stereotype that couldn't be farther from the truth. Today, few things connect teens and young adults more than games. Multiplayer platforms are a particularly big draw and are often more popular than their single-player versions. If you wish to take your gaming to the next level, download an app that lets you connect with your buddies and explore the imaginary universe together.

If, however, none of your friends are into anime RPGs, you can always get in touch with players across the globe. Simply pick an amazing MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), register online, and immerse yourself in a great medieval fantasy, explore distant galaxies, or find your way through the urban jungle. An app that also lets you voice-chat with other users will make it easier to form new friendships.

Find a Universal Game to Sync Across All Platforms

Today, an array of devices - some portable, others less so - allows us to enjoy our apps wherever we go, both on and offline. Still, that can also mean that you will have to start your gaming anew each and every time you cross over from your tablet to your PS4. Going through the same levels, battling the same enemies over and over may be fun to a certain extent but can become tiring after a while. That leaves you thinking there must be a way around it.

Luckily, there is. Having an Android phone and a tablet based on iOS is no longer an obstacle. In fact, you can easily find anime RPGs that work on both and will let you sync your progress between platforms. This way, you can simply continue exactly where you left off and never lose a minute of your time on needless repetition.

Perhaps the biggest challenge will be the quest to find an app that will operate beyond the realm of portable devices. Apps made for PC and smartphones are comparatively rare. Still, if you think it is important to have your game available to you on your laptop or desktop computer, making an effort to find such a title could indeed pay off.

With our 5 Tips to Pick the Best Anime RPG Apps, you are ready to check out the Best 10 Anime Role Playing Games, pick the right one for you, and have more fun than ever before.