5 Tips to Pick the Best Airplane Simulator App

Find an Easy Game Ideal for Rookies

Flying a plane across the sky is the dream of many boys and girls. For some, it is a beautiful obsession that persists into adulthood. Making this dream into a reality isn't, however, for everyone. Prohibitive costs of classes, as well as rigorous medical tests required, can prevent quite a few people from ever experiencing the thrill. Luckily, games are getting more realistic by the minute and there is a wealth of airplane simulators to sate your thirst for adventure. In fact, the biggest challenge might be picking the right one for you.

In case you've never played such a game, it may be best to start with an easy one. It doesn't necessarily have to be made for kids but an app that is simple and intuitive should be your best bet. It will ease your way into the genre without burdening you with too much information.

Real airplanes are notorious for having too many buttons and some virtual ones too will exhibit this trait. As a rookie, you might want to avoid such an elaborate control panel. Instead, do your virtual training in a simpler aircraft, limiting the number of controls and variables. Take baby steps. An easy airplane simulator will help you get a full understanding of the controls and become a great pilot in no time.

Get Free Software & Save Your Cash

Few things are as expensive as flying lessons but when you're on a tight budget, every little penny counts. Spending too much on apps is not something you'd want to do, especially if it's games that you're after. As you slowly ease your way into the airplane simulator genre, you might want to stick to the free option. Such games will allow you to experience most of the functionality without needing to empty your purse for the pleasure.

Of course, some options are likely to be hidden behind a paywall. So-called freemium apps will allow you to play but continue giving you clear signals that there's much more to experience - if only you'd commit to spending a few dollars. It is up to you to decide.

Naturally, die-hard fans will always want to best of the best. If you're one such passionate individual and like your games to be of supreme quality, you can download a premium app, spend a few bucks, and know that your investment will be amply rewarded. Such software will often serve an instructional purpose and be used by actual students before they take flight. The price will indeed reflect the quality. The same rule applies to all other games of this type - from helicopter to bus simulators.

Opt for a Cross-Platform App to Play Anywhere

Times, when people had a designated "computer room" in their home, are long gone. Instead of being a luxury, laptops and similar devices are a necessity. With the advent of portable systems, they follow us everywhere, allowing us to access information or play wherever we please. Still, not all of them use the same operating system so it's good to consider this when looking for the best airplane simulator app.

It is not uncommon for people to have a phone and a tablet. Forgetting the one that has your favorite game at home is sure to lead to hours of boredom on a particularly long flight or train ride. Having an app that is able to sync across all devices - be they operated by iOS or Android - is your best bet for having constant access to your daily dose of virtual flying.

The same goes for connecting your phone to your PC or Mac. Some apps will allow you to do this, letting you play on the small screen of your phone as well as the much larger display of your laptop with equal ease.

Pick Your Favorite Theme to Have Even More Fun

Choosing the right game is trickier than you think. Not only are there many different airplane simulators on the market, but they also come in drastically different forms. When choosing the right one for you, you should definitely consider the running theme that gives that special flavor to the game.

Military simulators are particularly popular among fans and are well worth considering for anyone wishing to learn about the mechanics of flying. The average plane is likely to be easier to navigate and the gameplay more focused on action than complicated controls. You may even be able to fly a helicopter too.

Commercial flights, on the other hand, may sound like a bore in theory but can actually be extremely fascinating once you get into this type of game. You'd be surprised how many factors there are to consider and how real some of these simulators can be. Of course, you can always pick a completely surreal, colorful, crazy flying adventure and ditch the laws of physics for some great fun.

Choose an Online Platform to Play With Others

Airplane simulators, much like all other games, are better enjoyed in good company. Playing with your friends can make the experience extra fun. If you can get some of your pals to share your little obsession, it won't be too difficult to find an app that will let you connect within a closed network and play together for hours on end.

If you're feeling particularly confident about your flying skills, you might even want to venture into the unknown and join an online community. Some apps will allow you to go against players from across the globe, turning the whole thing into a proper competition. This can be particularly interesting in games with a military theme. Extreme landings and other crazy feats will be practically obligatory.

Much like in all other genres - including software as diverse as soccer games and train simulators - there will always be a tournament you want to join. Win the prize for the fastest aircraft or the most skillful maneuvering and prove to yourself that you really are the best of the best. Bear in mind, however, that flight simulators are a comparatively niche category so finding an app that enables this will take some time. Still, it will be well worth it in the end.

After flying through our 5 Tips to Pick the Best Airplane Simulator App, you are ready to steer your aircraft toward the Best 10 Airplane Simulator Games and pick your new favorite.