Save money by calling & texting for free

Cell phone bills can be very expensive, so if you’re looking for a way to cut back and keep track of your budget, there are great apps that let you call and text for free.

How does it work? By using an online connection instead of SMS, you can send a message from your number to any other phone with an app like WhatsApp, Rebtel, or Dingtone. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re set. By using the internet, you can make calls or texts to any number, cell phone, or landline, all for free.

It’s easy to learn how to use the apps, and with great customer service from the app developers, you’ll be calling and texting all your friends in no time -- for free!

Get fast & reliable connections with apps by top developer

Cell signals come and go, so if you need a fast, reliable, and stable connection, there are tons of great apps made by the best developers that have got you covered.

Whether you’re texting or calling on a computer, an iPhone or even something else, free programs like TextMe, textPlus, Pinger, Talkatone, Textfree, TextNow, Textplus, and PopTox can send your text using the internet to any landline or mobile phone, even ones on Verizon!

And with the ability to use your internet connection instead of your cell signal, you can still talk wherever you can get internet. Your phone can even be faster since you’re using your internet instead of your cell signal. You can use an internet speed test app to check how much faster.

So don’t worry about missing an important call because of that one spot where you just can’t get a cell signal. As long as you can connect to the internet or wifi, you’ll have a fast and reliable connection to make your calls and texts.

With great review numbers to back them up, these apps will make sure you’ll have the connection you need wherever you are, and better yet, it’s all for free!

Call & text around the world with international coverage

If you travel internationally, being able to make calls and text can be tricky, what with different networks potentially not working with your phone, and getting an international number can be expensive.

But with free calling apps, you can make calls and texts worldwide for free, no matter where you are! Whether you’re in China or Australia, on an iPhone or an Android, you can send messages online from your number and over the internet instead of SMS.

No matter what country you’re in or trying to talk to, the internet remains the same. So as long as you have an internet connection, which you can easily get at home or wherever you’re staying, you can use these apps to talk to anyone from any country easily.

If you’re an international traveler or have friends or family outside the country, free calling apps are a huge help. Instead of having to worry about whether you’ll be able to talk to your friends or family in another country, you can use one of these great free calling apps to talk with them for free, without any difficult international calling headaches.

Keep your conversations private with advanced security tools

If you need to send sensitive information or just want to remain anonymous, there are many great free calling and texting apps with advanced security features that can keep your information safe.

Apps like Dingtone, Globfone, VoipWise, TextMe, NextPlus and Freecall.com let you send a text to any number, using a secure login so no one can intercept it. These apps use advanced encryption software similar to VPNs, so when you send your message, no what kind of connection you have, only you’re intended recipient will be able to read it.

Cell signals can be easily intercepted and read while in transit, while unsecured wifi or internet connections can also leave your information vulnerable. Apps like these and their advanced security features have been used by protestors to keep their plans safe from hostile governments, so no matter what secrets you need to keep, these apps can help.

With the great security on these apps, no matter what you need privacy for, there are great apps that can help. Keep your private conversations private, so everything stays safe.

Talk for as long as you want with unlimited calls & texts

The worst part about most calling services is that they charge by the minute, so when you have to have a long call, it can get really expensive. So if you need to have a long conversation, but don’t want to pay too much, there are great apps that you can use to make unlimited calls for free.

Because they make use of an internet connection, it doesn’t matter how long you talk on the phone or how many texts you send. It’s all the same price, and better yet, it’s free!

Don’t spend just 5 minutes talking to your friend and relatives in India, Mexico, or around the world, while racking up credit card charges for every minute or text. Instead, use a VoIP app like Voxofon to talk as long as you want. You can even send unlimited texts, too, so you don’t have to pay for every SMS sent.

Staying in touch across the world can be hard, so don’t make it harder by limiting how long you can talk or how many texts you can send just to save a little money. Instead, use of these great free calling and texting apps, so you can feel free to talk as long as you need -- all for free!

Whether you need advanced privacy features, travel around the world, or just want to save some money, there are many great free calling and texting apps that can help you stay in touch with everyone you need to without breaking the bank. So with these tips in mind, check out our Best 10 Free Calls & Texts Apps. You’ll be calling and texting for free in no time!