5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Family Ancestry App

Access free ancestry sites to save money

Want a way to trace your family history without completely breaking the bank? You’ll want to look for an app that allows you to search your family ancestry for free or at a low cost. An app with no subscription required to search its records may be just what you’re looking for.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, you may want to look for an app that compiles results from multiple genealogy websites so you get more bang for your buck. This way, you can complete a full family tree without inputting your credit card information on multiple sites and paying more than once.

Another way you can make your money stretch further is by finding a family ancestry app that allows you to access it both online and offline. This way, whether you’re at home or commuting to work, you can put in as much time as you’d like discovering new branches of your family and investigating each new name as it pops up without being limited to when and where you can access your data. This, too, allows you to save time and cut the costs of monthly subscription fees.

Identify your ancestors by assembling your family tree

Organizing a family tree makes it simple to see where you’ve come from and from what ancestors you’ve descended. If you’re looking for a family tree maker you can start from scratch, then you ought to look for an app that offers a template for starting your family ancestry chart. And, if you’re new to the process of creating a family tree, you may also consider an app that walks you through how to complete the process, step-by-step, to get you started.

Want a way to search for family connections that are private and not available to the public? You may want to select an app that has access to software that lets you compile a list of the names and surnames of individuals as you figure out family relationships and how they are connected to you.

Interested in a way to draw or customize your family tree rather than using a standard template? You’ll want an app that gives you hands-on access to the way your family tree is displayed so you can adjust color, text, and images as you see fit. Make your ancestry tree appear just the way you want so you can be proud when sharing it with friends and family.

Track your DNA to find where in the world you come from

Interested to find out where in the world your ancestors come from? You’re going to want to look for an app that offers DNA testing so you can determine the continents, countries, and regions you’re descended from. Narrow down your family tree by seeing who shares common genomes and quickly and easily sort out fact from fiction.

Not sure how the process works? Select an app that walks you through the entire DNA process, from receiving your test kit to understanding your results. Receive explanations about the difference between autosomal DNA and mitochondrial DNA and educate yourself about how DNA is tested so you can better understand your physical connections with the individuals who came before you.

Less interested in research and would prefer to know more about what diseases you are most at risk for? Look for an app that offers in-depth results about your health and what you and your family may be susceptible to based on your DNA. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve and prepare for any potential health issues that may occur down the road.

Select your perfect ancestry tracker by reading reviews

Knowing what other people are saying about popular family ancestry sites and apps can help you determine which one to choose as well as how to avoid common pitfalls when using them. Looking for a way to build your family tree using DNA but want to be sure about the results? Select an app that offers reviews from other experienced users so you can determine if the results are viable. This will also give you a good idea of how specific the results are. So, say you want to know exactly where in Europe your ancestors are from, viewing user reviews can help you determine if the app in question (like Findmypast) will be able to narrow down the region even further.

Often in the world of family ancestry, connecting with other users can be a huge resource for discovering more information about your family’s past. If you to know about your ancestors on a more in-depth level, you may want to look for an app that offers more than just the basic user review but also connects you with the research that other users have completed so you can work on finding every magazine and newspaper article, birth certificate, and census document related to your family.

Understand genealogy by studying the meaning of ancestry

Genealogy is a complex field, and understanding the ins-and-outs of it can be tricky. If you’re interested in learning more about how you’re connected to your ancestors and how a family ancestry tracker works in today’s modern era, then you’ll want to find an app (perhaps one that can be paired with genealogy software) that not only informs you of your genealogy but also provides you with various historical information related to it. Learn what it means to be descended from an old bloodline or how searchers are able to track the movement of families around the world.

Want a more basic understanding of genealogy as a whole? You may be more interested in an app that provides a definition of the subject’s meaning and possibly even a quiz feature to help solidify key terms and concepts in your mind.

Or, if tracing your ancestry from different areas around the world is more important to you, you may want to consider an app that allows you to do more extensive research on each individual relative so you can be more exacting - whether you’re African, Asian, or European - as you trace your genes. You may also consider an app that connects you with other research sites, like AfriGeneas, so you can access even more in-depth information and research.

You now know more about all the different aspects you should consider when choosing the right family ancestry app to discover more about your family history. It’s time to put your new knowledge to good use by selecting your perfect app from our Best 10 Family Ancestry Apps.