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5 Tips to Help you Choose the Best Chinese Recipes App

Use ingredients you have to save time cooking

If you are wondering how you can make great Chinese food at home without much effort, you should consider an app that suggests ingredients that you have readily available like baking soda or noodles. If shopping is an issue for you, a recipe app that allows you to cook Chinese food with ingredients you already have in your home is a great tool.

Using ingredients you already have in your home not only saves you time but you end up avoiding a trip to the grocery store. If you do not enjoy cooking with complex ingredients, you should choose an app that suggests recipes that utilize what you have in your kitchen. This can make you feel more comfortable in the kitchen and can help you learn some new recipes using simple and fresh ingredients.

Do you dislike grocery shopping? If you prefer to skip a trip to the grocery store, you should choose an app that provides Chinese recipes with items and ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen like different kinds of chicken like breast or chicken thigh or seafood like shrimp and vegetables.

Are you worried about wasting money by throwing away food? You should consider an app that can help you make great Chinese meals using your leftovers. For example, an app that will suggest you use a vegetable and pair it with poultry like broccoli or cabbage with leftover boneless chicken would be a great recipe to help you avoid wasting! 

Easy for beginners to learn with simple recipes & pictures

Do you want to learn how to cook but are intimidated by complex cuisines? With Chinese recipes, you do not have to worry about being a beginner because there are tons of recipes that are simple and easy to learn. If you are a beginner, you should consider choosing an app that gives you recipes step by step. An app that also provides pictures can also help people who are new to cooking Chinese food visualize the steps. This way you have some guidance while you cook and are not left blindly following a recipe.

If you are looking to create authentic Chinese food, whether it be main dishes or appetizers, you should look for an app that provides a variety of different levels. If you notice that all the recipes seem very complex, you should switch to an app that has recipes that are specifically for beginners. This way you can easily learn simple skills like how to stir fry. Choosing an app with various different recipes at different levels can help you learn more about Chinese cuisine and slowly advance at your own pace.

An app that suggests simple combinations like beef and broccoli and chicken or pork would be ideal if you are new to making Chinese food. Finding easy recipes in one place online can be hard, so choose an app that can do the work for you, all you should have to do is search for what you want to make. 

Search recipes by specific dish & find all your favorites

If you are a fan of Chinese food and know exactly what kind of Chinese meal you would like to prepare, pick an app that allows you to search for what you want directly. If you know you want to make Kung Pao chicken or General Tso chicken, it would save you time to be able to just search for a recipe in one place and find what you’re looking for. If you know you enjoy something specific like dan dan noodles, you should be able to find results for only that dish. If a recipe app has a good search function you can save tons of time looking for what you want elsewhere and use the app to find everything you need to create that dish!

Choose an app that allows you to search through a lot of different recipes because having options is always good. Getting recipes all in one place but from different sources like Food Network can be helpful for you. If you know you want to make a certain dish like wandering dragon, Chow mein, or wonton soup, you should have the freedom to have a couple of different recipes for each of them. You can then choose your favorite and begin cooking!

An alternative to a good search function is also equally as important though. If you do not know what recipes or dishes to make, your Chinese recipes app should allow you to access a browse page. This can help you look for inspiration and expose you to new Chinese recipes you may not have known about. Discover some exciting new recipes like Rasa Malaysia to try out! If you are indecisive or need a variety of options before you choose a recipe, a browse page can be a very useful feature on a recipe app and is something you should consider. 

Attain a healthy lifestyle with vegetarian Chinese recipes

Chinese food is a great type of food to look for vegetarian recipes! If you enjoy Chinese food and are looking for vegetarian recipes, you should consider an app that gives you that search option. Since Chinese food has a lot of vegetables incorporated in it already, it is a great option if you are vegetarian and are looking to add some variety to your diet. Vegetables like eggplant, cabbage, and broccoli are already commonly used in Chinese food so you can find plenty of recipes to try out. Being vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring with Chinese recipes!

Choosing an app that gives you vegetarian recipes can also help you with weight loss because there are mostly vegetables and other ingredients in the food. If you are looking to lose weight consider trying out some Chinese recipes because they are not only tasty but they can diversify your diet so you do not have to starve yourself or eat boring food.

You do not have to be vegetarian to make vegetarian or vegan Chinese recipes, there are tons of amazing Chinese recipes that involve tofu and vegetables, for example, that taste great and are good for you. If you are looking to be healthier and lose some weight pick a Chinese recipes app because you will find great variety and simple recipes that you can whip up for yourself!

Cook like a pro & prepare authentic Chinese meals

Have you ever wanted to make authentic Chinese meals at home? Now, you can skip the take-out food delivery and unhealthy fried fast food by learning how to make some amazing Chinese meals at home. Not only will you be able to impress your friends and family but you will be able to make great Chinese meals like a professional. Pick an app that will teach you all the basics of Chinese cooking and that will provide step by step directions on recipes. This can help even a beginner choose a more complicated Chinese recipe and follow it well.

Learn to cook all of your favorite dishes from sweet and spicy or sweet and sour chicken to other main course dishes, starters, and entrees. Once you understand how to cook Chinese food you can move on to more complex recipes like dishes involving short ribs and other harder to make meats. You no longer have to worry about taking cooking classes or be intimidated to learn to make Chinese food, just download an app and begin following some recipes.

If you want to learn to cook authentic Chinese food well, you need to practice and choosing an app with good recipes that can guide you will help you improve. Home cooking can save you time, money, and you can show off your cooking skills in the kitchen with others. If all this is exciting to you, consider an app that will teach you to cook Chinese food like a professional. 

Now, you can choose an app that will help you learn how to make great Chinese recipes. If you enjoyed these 5 tips and are looking for more information on Chinese food, check out our Best 10 Apps for Chinese Recipes.