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5 Tips to Finding the Best Happy Hours

5 Tips to Finding the Best Happy Hours

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Happy Hour is one of the best times of the day. You get more bang for your buck, but there are a lot of variations of happy hours marketed at bars and restaurants. If you and your happy hour crew are trying to find the best booze bargain in the city, here are some tips to finding the happy hour that meets everyone's needs. 

Check out the list of apps below, but keep reading to get our tips to find the best apps that get you to the best happy hours in town. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Where to Find Happy Hours
  2. Looking for Specific Happy Hour Deals
  3. Looking for Food and Drink Happy Hours
  4. All Day Happy Hours
  5. Finding Cheap Drinks Outside of Normal Happy Hours

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Where to Find Happy Hours

First things first, where to find happy hour deals near me? Even though you may live in a city full of bars and restaurants, not every place may offer a happy hour. You need to find an app that offers information about bars and restaurants. They can tell you whether or not a specific place features a happy hour as well as what is on special there. A bar finder app would be a great place to start. Once you find a bar that appeals to you, you can normally find information or reviews that talk about specials they have, times of operation, cuisine type, and if they have any events going on during the week. 

Also, there are apps that are specifically designed to help you find bars and restaurants that offer happy hours. These apps often have a map feature so it can direct you right to the location. Most of these apps also feature reviews so you can learn about the venue before you decide on it from other patrons. If you and one friend want to go for happy hour and talk about the stresses of work, it might be good to know if someone reviewed it as a bar that plays loud music. If you are going with a large group of co-workers, it would be good to know if a bar can hold your group or if it would be standing room only. 

Looking for Specific Happy Hour Deals

Perhaps you don't like beer but you are in search of a happy hour, you might want an app that tells you what drink specials are featured at different venues. As diverse as restaurants and bars can be, so too can the happy hour specials they feature. You wouldn't imagine going to a brewhouse and expecting them to offer 1/2 price wine. Nor would you go to a wine bar and expect margarita specials. Apps can help you identify the type of venue and their featured bar specials. 

Furthermore, apps can help you keep track of certain venues and their featured happy hour specials so you don't forget about them. Some apps offer a way for you to tag the place or allow you to check-in. That way if you are looking for somewhere to go in the future, you can refer to the places you have already been and remember what specials they had. 

Looking for Food and Drink Happy Hours

In addition to bars and restaurants offering drink specials for happy hour, many also offer food specials. You can find many restaurants that offer 1/2 price appetizers during their happy hours coupled with drink specials. You can use a food app that tells you what kind of food specials that different restaurants feature. There are also bars that don't normally serve food that offers snacks or buffet finger foods to entice customers to enjoy happy hour with them. You should make sure you check apps that feature bar specials and what kind of food they are serving. If you go out with a bunch of co-workers, a bar with all you can eat snack foods might be perfect for your crew. 

Also, if you are looking for cheap booze and food, you can use food apps that give you information about venues around you and what they offer. If you are looking for more than a snack, you might want to find a restaurant or bar that offers a 2 for 1 deal or half-off burgers during the happy hour. 

Furthermore, apps can also feature even deeper discounts if you check in to places. Some apps partner with venues and create marketing and advertising strategies. For example, a marketing deal can allow you to get a code or QR scan if you check in to the venue. Those codes or scans can offer special customers even better discounts than the normal happy hour so check out apps that you allow to participate. 

All Day Happy Hours

What could be better than happy hour you ask? Well, an all-day happy hour of course. Some bars and restaurants identify their slowest day in the week and try to change that by featuring all-day specials to entice more customers. Moreover, venues can offer all-day food and drink specials during sporting events to keep customers there all day. Bars and restaurants have gotten really creative in hosting events coupled with specials to differentiate themselves from other venues. So, you want to look for apps that have weekly or monthly events calendars that fill you in on all the happenings. So next time you want to see your favorite sports team play, you can remember restaurants through an app that shows you specials happening on game day. 

Finding Cheap Drinks Outside of Normal Happy Hours

You don't always have to go to happy hour to enjoy cheap alcohol and food. Many restaurants try to boost their later hours by offering late night promotions. Also known as the reverse happy hour, many places will offer the normal happy hour and then another happy hour after 9pm. You want to find an app that gives you the details about all the specials a venue can offer. Apps like localeats feature information on venues like late night specials or daily specials. Not only can you find late night specials, but you can find daily specials that happen outside of the traditional happy hour times. So, if you fancy a good Sunday afternoon brunch with friends, look for apps that tell you where you can find bottomless mimosas during brunch. 

Getting happy hour discounts can be at your fingertips with apps. Take these tips into account the next time you and your friends are venturing out for a fun day, evening, or night of food and drink. But don't forget to check out the list of the best apps for happy hour, and cheers. 


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