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5 Tips to Find the Greatest Pyramid Solitaire Games

5 Tips to Find the Greatest Pyramid Solitaire Games

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Pyramid solitaire games are a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon and test your little grey cells. The number of options out there, however, could leave you overwhelmed. Are you trying to find out which one is best for you? Check out our 5 tips to choose the greatest pyramid solitaire game!

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  1. Look for easy solitaire games to learn the rules
  2. Choose free games & save every penny
  3. Find multiplayer games to play with friends & strangers
  4. Explore different game styles to find your preferred type
  5. Join solitaire tournaments to win great prizes

Pyramid solitaire is a variant of the solitaire genre. Its origins can be traced as far back as the 18th century. The objective of the game is to arrange all the cards from the top of the pyramid to its very foundation. It can be an addictive experience and a great way to kill time while on the train, waiting for your kids to come from school, or simply spending a lazy afternoon at home.

If you consider yourself a total beginner in the world of solitaire games and are wondering how to play, be sure to first opt for an app that caters to your needs. One that offers a strong tutorial and presents the game rules in a clear, concise manner would be ideal. After a good walkthrough, you can graduate to a simple, classic, no-frills sort of app. The fewer add-ons and extra options, the better.

As time goes by, you will be able to gradually progress towards more difficult games. Save yourself the frustration. Always chose an app that is in tune with your skill level. There is no point in plunging deep into the more challenging games yet.

Money can be tight and there is often no point in spending it on games. It is wiser to invest it in more important pursuits or save it for a rainy day. Instead of spending $30 for five different classic solitaire apps, try a free game and see if it's up to your standards. You may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, enduring a few ads here and there will be inevitable but it will be well worth it if your aim is to save some cash.

Freemium card games are another good option. They are free and will allow you to play everything from the pyramid to crescent solitaire without spending a dime. If, however, you wish to indulge in more advanced features, you will be asked to make a few in-app purchases. In the latter case, ads will disappear.

Some experienced players will want a completely ad free experience from the get-go. For them, free online games will rarely do the trick. A premium version is their best bet, allowing for most the comfort in playing and usually offering a wealth of additional features. It is a sure way to take your pyramid solitaire gaming to the next level.

Pyramid solitaire does not have to be a solitary experience. Even if the game was initially made for one, you can still play with friends or even perfect strangers. Simply find an app with a strong online component and connect with others. It will allow you to compete, share tips and tricks, and enjoy your gaming more than you ever thought possible.

The choice you have is twofold. Either you can play with your friends or look for complete strangers to compete against. If the former is your choice, be sure to select an app that allows for closed groups of players to play and interact via chat (or even audio calls).

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in getting in touch with strangers from half across the globe, multiplayer online games should be your first choice. You will be shocked by the number of options available. Today, almost every good pyramid board game or spider solitaire app - even one that requires no download - will be filled to the brim with new, unique features.

There are two major types of pyramid solitaire - the classic kind which sticks to the rules established in the 1800s, and the modern version which was devised but a couple of decades ago. Try both and see which one suits you best. Classic pyramid solitaire (not to be confused with classic solitaire) is perhaps easier for beginners as it allows for the cards to be redealt up to three times.

You are advised to try a modern pyramid solitaire app only after you've thoroughly learned how to play the classic version and have some practice under your belt. Its rules are tighter and the planning required for it a lot more thorough. You are only allowed to use the stacked cards once (a rigid rule only slightly alleviated by the option of a temporary card store). This will challenge your focus and your memory to the extreme.

For the more experienced players, hybrid mixtures that combine the two rule sets with a number of other styles and layouts could be a good way to diversify the play and add a bit of spice to it. The tri pyramid, magic tower, and gaps solitaire are just some of the options out there.

Like almost any game in the world, pyramid solitaire can bring out the competitive streak in you. Sometimes, you will simply want to join a competition for the sake of it. There are plenty out there that don't offer prizes beyond the recognition of being the best in your category - and are always free to enter.

If, on the other hand, you are in it for the cash, you might want to consider a tournament for truly devoted players. Some will offer substantial prizes and any winnings will be deposited to your account almost immediately.

Free games will commonly attract casual players. If you want to rub shoulders with the best of the best, you may be required to pay to enter. Some qualifications will also be necessary and a trophy from a lesser tournament could serve as your entry ticket to the big league. Do your research and see which premium apps will let you join the big shots and experience solitaire paradise.

After reading our 5 Tips to Find the Greatest Pyramid Solitaire Games, you can rest assured that you will be able to choose the perfect app for you among the Best 10 Pyramid Solitaire Games.

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