5 Tips to Find the Best Sports News, Scores & Highlights Apps

Find a Good Overall Sports News App to Stay in Touch

The world of sports is extremely fast-moving. Even during the offseason, trades, pickup, and training camp drama are enough to keep even the most passionate fan on his or her toes. For those who consider themselves the jack of all trades sports fan, consider looking for a sports news app that has a little bit of everything. ESPN is a great example. The feature articles and pieces about just about every possible sport imaginable to mankind. From baseball to bowling, they have probably got a reporter there to cover it. While it is hard to compete with the vast resources of ESPN, there are other options out there for the all-around sports fan. If you are living in the US, there are plenty of news networks that have their very own sports sections and often their very own sport news apps. Often these apps are completely free, so look around until you find a good source of news that fits your style.

Stay up to Date With Your Favorite Team via Social Media

Since social media has developed, it is usually the first place information pops up. From offseason trade deals to injury updates, twitter often beats the cable new networks to the punch. So, if you are looking for a place to get breaking news as quickly as possible, it might be time to turn toward the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Instagram. Once you have set up your social media accounts follow your favorite MLB, NFL, and NBA teams so you can see first hand what they are saying. If you want to know everything as soon as it happens, you can even turn on post notifications. Turning on post notifications will update you every time your team says anything on social media, whether it be the score of a game or press releases. If switching back and forth between several different accounts is getting too much to manage, look for an app that allows you to access a mix of all your different social media feeds from one place. Now you only have to have 1 or 2 apps on your phone instead of 4 or 5. 

Follow Trade Rumors with a Team Specific News Source

Along with social media, a lot of sports teams have their own specific new apps. These apps are a great way to confirm rumors that might be floating about on social media and other less trustworthy sites. These team-specific apps exist for just about every sport from soccer to football and even golf. One of the great things about the apps being run from the teams themselves is the exclusive access they have to the players and coaches. From live interviews to interesting short clips posted to YouTube, these apps have just about anything a sports fanatic could hope to know about their favorite team, all in one place. 

Catch Highschool & College Highlights for Cool Plays

If you are more into college and local high school sports, I don't blame you. These players usually have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so the games are often full of big plays and high effort. However, trying to follow smaller college and high school sports has gotten significantly harder since the death of the local papers. Luckily there are still a few useful sources of information available. There are apps like Hudl, where you can watch highlights from previous games. These videos are uploaded by either coaches or even the players themselves. Often updated weekly, these apps are a great way to get a quick recap on the sports in your area. In fact, apps like these are often used by both college and pro recruiters to stay updated on their players of interest. So if the pros are using it, you know it is probably a great source of information.  These apps also give athletes and coaches alike access to software to help them create their own highlight videos, so often the production value is a  bit higher than one might expect from a no-budget home production.

Track the Olympic Qualifiers to Get Prepared for the Games

The Olympics are coming up fast depending on the coronavirus. The world's best athletes will be gathering in Japan to compete against one another. This world stage brings some of the most inspiring stories of humankind to light. From overcoming injury to stories of personal perseverance that are unrivaled, it would be a shame to miss. So if you are interested in learning about the athletes competing on the track or in the gym, look for apps to help you follow these athletes' amazing stories.  National news outlets like CBS and others often have a few great stories about the Olympic qualifies and are worth checking out. Another good source of information is the official Olympics app. It runs stories and has videos about different competitors nearly 24/7 and it has a schedule of qualifying events. The final option for following the Olympians is again, social media. 

Now that you have a few different ideas of what to look for when you are searching for your new favorite sports news app, its time to start your search. If you keep scrolling below you'll find a great place to start your search. In order to save you even more time. AppGrooves has compiled its 10 favorite sport news apps, so go ahead and get to it.

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