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5 Tips to Find the Best Resume Builder App

Choose a Simple App for a Quick Fix

Hunting for a new job can be a time of stress. With each passing year, employers put candidates under greater scrutiny, weighing in the pros and cons of each person based on minute details. The resume plays an extremely important part of this equation and could make or break your next interview. Of course, using the right piece of software to tailor yours into a highly impressive presentation of your skills is important but the question remains - what happens if there are literally hundreds of different apps available?

If you don't have much experience with such programs and are not sure how to proceed - picking the simplest one could be your best bet. A resume builder that is easy to use is likely to make the whole process a lot easier and allow you to focus on the content instead of the visuals.

Apps with printable templates are a particularly good choice. These will make sure that each word you write falls into place and that they are always displayed the same way - no matter the screen settings on each individual device.

Find Free Software & Keep Your Budget Intact

The fact that you are looking for a new job may also mean that you are in a bit of a pinch. There is no shame in admitting that, sometimes in life, money is tight. In such circumstances, the wise thing to do is to cut all unnecessary expenses and look to save. Since there are plenty of free apps out there that do the job just fine - you can easily download one of those and avoid blowing another small hole in your budget. Simply read the reviews before you pick the right piece of software and make sure it has all the options that you need.

If, on the other hand, you want your curriculum vitae to be a veritable piece of art, you might want to consider splurging a bit. Assessing your priorities is of crucial importance here. Certain industries will judge you on every little detail of your presentation so you might as well invest in it, and show that you are a true pro. A premium resume builder won't cost more than a couple of dollars but could potentially make a great difference further down the line.

Play With Graphic Design for a Visually Stunning CV

Some companies may put great emphasis on how your CV is presented. This is particularly true of the creative industry which uses such details to judge the way their future employees think, and how well they are able to showcase their talent - every step of the way. Using a neat template could be a quick fix but, if you want to impress your interviewer, you might want to take it up a notch and go further.

In particular, some resume maker apps will have tutorials built-in, allowing you to learn - step by step - how to craft the most visually stunning curriculum vitae. Finding such an app could give you a few examples of how to format text, crop and insert photos, and arrange tasteful color accents to really make the whole thing pop. The learning curve shouldn't be too steep, and you should be able to make some pretty impressive pages in no time.

The best kind of app will allow for almost unlimited creative potential and give you an opportunity to tweak your CV to perfection. The more options it has, the better it will serve to present you exactly the way you wish to be seen by your future employer.

Look for an App Catering to Your Line of Work

Flipping through any business magazine will make you realize that different lines of work present the potential employee with vastly different requirements. This goes well beyond the set of skills and goes down to fine details such as personal style as well as the way an ideal resume should look. The perfect CV for a job in IT tends to be quite different from one aimed at a position in marketing. A developer will need an app that will clearly list their skills and previous experience, while a sales position will require more emphasis on the visuals.

Needless to say that different apps may be needed for different types of professionals. This is where asking your friends and (former) colleagues could come in handy. If you can manage to find out which bits of software they find the best to use, you may be on the right track to picking the best one for yourself. A good resume builder is worth its weight in gold so spending a bit of time doing your research can pay off a thousandfold.

Use Universal Software That Works on All Platforms

Your CV is your business card. It should be easily accessible and viewable on all gadgets. Fewer people choose to view them in paper form than ever before. Computers and portable devices have fully taken over. Making sure that your document is tailor-made for iOS as well as Android is a good first step. It will help you avoid unwanted confusion and save you from reworking the entire thing to fit your potential employer's screen.

The same goes for compatibility between phones and tablets. Different sizes can make the whole document reposition itself in such a way so that all the carefully arranged paragraphs fall out of place. You don't want that to happen, ever. So, make sure that you pick an app that will mitigate this problem through its universal compatibility.

The best resume builder should also allow you to connect to your PC and share the CV online via a cloud service. This could speed up the process tremendously and allow you to create different resumes and apply for more positions in a shorter amount of time. In the world of business, time is indeed money.

With our 5 Tips to Find the Best Resume Builder App in mind, you can easily proceed to the list of Best 10 Resume Building Apps and start working on getting that new job.

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