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5 Tips to Find the Best German Language App

Get to know German basics for beginner-friendly lessons

When it comes to learning German, everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re brand new to the language, you’re going to want to find an app that provides lessons that cover the basics and are designed specifically for beginners. You’ll want to make sure the app you choose covers important language basics like the German alphabet, grammar, and possibly even an overall introduction to the language.

Beginners who already have a firm grasp on the written language but want to improve their speaking skills may be more interested in an app that’s focused on conversational German. If listening to prompts and responding to them is something that works well for you, then you will want to look for an app that can give you feedback on your German-speaking and pronunciation.

However, if you’re more interested in talking to a real person, then you’ll want an app that pairs you with German speakers interested in learning your language so you can be one another’s practice partners.

For those who want a way to learn German from the very beginning while on-the-go, look for an app that offers offline or PDF capabilities so you can take the classroom with you, whether you’re commuting to work or traveling abroad.

Make learning German easy with audio & video tools

Visual learners, as well as those who learn by example, may find that they require a more stimulating learning tool than a basic textbook. For those who need examples to learn German accurately, you’ll want to look for an audio and video app - like YouTube - where you can take lessons and listen to native German speakers pronounce words and phrases.

If just audio is what you’re after and you desire a cost-effective (maybe even free) way to take your studies to the next level, you may want to look for an app that offers podcasts you can listen to in order to perfect your conversational German. Listen to professionals who can teach you the proper way to form sentences and shape your mouth for the perfect pronunciation.

Prefer to live your life off the grid? If online tools don’t really work for you, then you might want to consider an app that offers audio and video features you don’t need internet access to use. Many apps offer audio and video clips you can watch and listen to as a component of the lesson. If this sounds more realistic for your life, then you’ll want to ensure the app you select comes with these features.

Learn about Germany to better understand the culture

Discovering new things about the German culture can help you embrace and excel at learning the language. New to learning about Germany? You’ll want an app that provides interesting facts about the country, including the various languages spoken, other countries that speak German, the primary religion of Germany, and major historical events throughout the country’s history among others.

Interested in taking a trip to Germany and want to freshen up your knowledge of the people who live there? Select an app that offers authentic information and news stories about the people who natively speak German and learn about how life is lived in all parts of the country so you can plan out the perfect visit.

Dive head-first into all the wonders of German culture with an app that keeps you in-the-know about German society so you can make your language-learning experience even more worthwhile.

Strengthen your intelligence by teaching yourself German

Learning a second language can actually make you smarter, and if you’re wondering how to learn German without having to attend a class, then you’re going to want to find an app that allows you to teach the language to yourself.

Interested in learning German from scratch but don’t want to have to deal with going to class? Choose an app with beginner-friendly lessons than you can complete whenever, wherever, for learning that’s on your schedule and not the other way around. Take formal German language courses or select an app with a more casual approach to best match your learning style.

Want to expand your knowledge of German words and vocabulary but aren’t ready to move up a level? Search for an app that offers a German dictionary with translations into your language. Want something for practical conversation? You may be more interested in a German phrasebook that you can use to build your repertoire of German words and phrases that you can use to better hold a conversation.

Teaching yourself a language can be tough, but whether you’re looking to learn German as a side project or to improve your career skills, you’re going to want to select an app that makes it easy for you to learn German on your time table.

Explore variations of the German language for advanced study

Various versions of the German language include Standard German, High German, Old West German, Low German, and West Germanic. Whether your desire is to become a German expert or you’re just looking for a way to expand your knowledge of the language as a whole, then you’re going to want to search for an app that allows you to explore German in all of its forms.

Interested in how the German language has changed over time? You’re going to want to look for an app that offers historical insight as well as real-world uses of the German language through its various stages of existence.

Are you curious about where different dialects of German are spoken, how they differ from one another, and in what way words change? Find an app that allows you to explore and learn German dialects so, regardless of where you visit in Germany, you’ll always know what the locals are saying.

Keep these 5 things in mind when you’re picking a German-language app and you will surely find the one that perfectly fits your life and learning style. Ready to put what you’ve learned into action? Check out our list of the Best 10 German Apps and get started today.