5 Tips to Find the Best Geography Trivia Game Apps

5 Tips to Find the Best Geography Trivia Game Apps

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Geography trivia games will test your knowledge of many different parts of the world and make you think twice before picking an answer. The apps themselves can also be difficult to choose. Take a look at our tips to select the best game for you and your friends.

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  1. Focus on specific topics to learn more about them
  2. Look for free games to keep your budget in check
  3. Find the right difficulty level to suit your knowledge
  4. Play with friends online to share the fun
  5. Join online tournaments & win prizes

Geography trivia games have a long tradition in both schools and at house parties. They can be immensely fun and educational, testing our knowledge of the world we live in. Such games are commonly played in groups or, if you decide to use your smartphone to have a bit of fun, can be enjoyed alone. Nowadays, we spend so much of our time waiting for something, having these micro-gaps in our schedule that cannot be used productively. A quick geography quiz can help you kill time and keep your mind sharp. Still, with a multitude of apps available, it is not always easy to pick the right one for you.

Geography is a vast topic and, if you're just starting, you may be better off finding an app that focuses on a specific location or theme that you are familiar with. Physical geography, for example, is popular and covers natural phenomena such as rock formations, seas, and weather conditions.

If you're more interested in the social and human aspects of it, you might want to opt for an app that focuses on US states or perhaps the capitals of the world. Pick a region that you are interested in and dip your toes into the world of geography trivia.

Consequently, times are tough and not everyone wants to spend money on games. Paying for an elaborate action-adventure for your PC that stretches over 5 DVDs perhaps makes sense but apps can often be had for free. If you are trying to mind your budget and perhaps save for an important purchase, you could find great trivia games without spending a dime. Be warned that you will have to put up with a decent amount of advertisement. If that is not a problem for you, free games are the answer.

Yet, some apps that fall into the so-called freemium niche may be worth considering. They are free but will often offer in-app purchases. These will come in handy if you suddenly do get sick of ads or if you find yourself stuck at a certain multiple choice question and have no clue how to proceed. A few cents will solve your problem.

For truly premium geography trivia games, you will need to consider a small fee. The play will be smoother, the graphics crisper, and the questions more numerous. More obscure yet fascinating facts about Asia or Africa will make your little grey cells work extra hard. If you have the cash to spare, such apps are a good investment.

Not everyone is an expert in physical geography nor are they expected to have a strong grasp on the mountains in Madagascar. Everyone will have varying levels of knowledge and experience and, for many, the games will be an excellent way to learn. So, if you are one such novice, you are best advised to opt for an app that offers easy questions and a quick learning curve.

The same applies if you are looking for geography trivia for kids. Depending on their age, the young ones won't always know everything and may get easily frustrated - turning a pleasant learning experience into a tedious ordeal. They have enough to deal with at school anyway. Make this part of their learning easier and find them an app that caters to their age.

For more experienced players, however, a hard trivia challenge is in order. If you are the sort of person that remembers tiny little details and numbers - and is well capable of nailing a quiz on water bodies - there is no need to shy away from tougher nuts. Seniors with plenty of accumulated knowledge could be particularly successful at such games. You should make sure to read the reviews and, if many people are saying the game is hard, download it immediately.

Originally, geography trivia games were designed to be a way for groups of people to have fun. It is only with the advent of computers and smart devices that it has become a sort of game that you can play alone. Now, geography, biology, and chemistry are something you can fiddle with on your own. If you wish to bring the social aspect back into the picture and organize a real battle of the brains, find the best games online that will allow you to play with friends in a closed network.

Another option is to compete as a team, bringing together your collective knowledge to face others from across the globe and show them who knows the most about world geography. More than a couple of apps exist that offer this option and can bring you hours of fun.

Regardless of whether you decide to compete against others as an individual or a part of a team, you are likely to find some fascinating folks out there and even make friends. Apps with an advanced chat function will make this a lot easier. You will spend half of the time looking at the map of Europe - dealing with questions and answers - and the other half exchanging messages with some pretty interesting people.

Let's face it, for many, the main attraction of competing is the idea of winning. There is no shame in admitting to a bit of competitive nature. If you opt for free apps, the trophies will most likely only remain virtual but your ego will be satisfied and your knowledge of geography validated.

If, however, you want to turn your expertise into some cold hard cash, you may have to look a bit harder. Certain apps will allow you to enter tournaments with real prizes. If you think you have what it takes to win some coins, by all means, join a trivia tournament challenge and go against some of the smartest people out there.

Some of these apps will also possess a robust discussion forum which is a great feature to have if you're out there seeking to gain more knowledge. You will be able to debate more obscure topics, discuss questions and answers, and even mull over interesting history trivia that is often inseparable from geography.

We hope that carefully going through our 5 Tips to Find the Best Geography Trivia Game Apps will be of great help in selecting among the Best 10 Geography Trivia Games.