5 Tips to Find the Best Free Dating App

Look for a Simple App & Swipe Your Way to Romance

The road to romance can be a long one. It's often difficult to find a great match and people go from one fling to another without much success. Many have turned to online dating and had some pretty great success with it. You too might be considering the option but the enormous number of apps out there could seem a bit intimidating. We offer some advice on how to pick the best service for you and really find what you're looking for.

Free dating apps come in all shapes and sizes. If you're just beginning your journey through the world of online matches, you might want to sign up using a simple one. Too much visual clutter could deter you from your main goal - finding the right person from you.

Apps that rely on swiping to choose whether you like someone or not have become particularly popular in the last couple of years. They allow you to decide based on a few important clues and, if the person on the other side likes you too, you can strike up a conversation immediately. It's also a neat way to avoid unwanted intruders and only get to chat with those you are interested in.

Pick Based on Background if Your Culture is Important to You

For many people, one of the most important factors when looking for a match is that of cultural compatibility. You may believe that someone who shares the same values or has gone through similar experiences in life is likely to be a better partner to you than a person whose views on everything are the exact opposite of yours. If your cultural background is particularly important to you, you can always opt for an app that caters to your community, be it Asian, Indian or West African.

Religion is another tricky part of the dating conundrum. If your beliefs are particularly strong, you are likely to look for a person that shares them. Luckily, exclusive apps that focus on Christian, Muslim or any other religious paths are easy to find. Make sure that you read the reviews, see what other users are thinking, and, preferably, download the best free dating app that has no hidden fees attached.

Browse by Region & Find Someone Close to You

The Internet has a tendency to connect us to people from across the globe. This is wonderful if you are looking for pen-pals, language exchange, or to learn more about other cultures. Still, when looking for romance, distance can become a problem. A great way to solve this and avoid wasting time on people who live 5000 miles away is to look for an app that has the radar option built-in. This will arrange the profiles based on distance and let you focus on those that are close by.

There is another way to find someone near. Instead of software aimed at an international audience, you can opt for a free dating app that caters to your geographic region - be it as wide as Europe or as narrow as a particular country. The fact that such an app will also be made in your native tongue will make things even easier.

This can be particularly handy if you're looking for a hookup. Few people will want to travel halfway across the state for a quick flirt or sex. Specialized apps will let you find a partner in your area who wants the same thing as you. Such software will exist for iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones, making the choice even easier.

Search Based on Shared Interests in Order to Find True Love

For some, finding true love will often be the most difficult thing to accomplish. Popular free dating apps aiming to cover as wide a segment of the market as possible may not be suitable for you, especially if your interests or life path are somewhat unique. In order to find your perfect lady or gentleman for marriage, you might want to look for an online service that specializes in a more niche approach.

Basing your search on shared interests is a particularly good way to go about this. Assuming that you love to travel and are looking for someone who shares your passion, you can create an account on an app that matches people based on these criteria and find your next serious relationship and travel buddy - all in one.

Another good strategy to adopt is to look for an app that has built a strong community around a cluster of forums and discussion boards. Such a scene might be a good place to discuss the interests and hobbies closest to your heart, and find a good match via an online conversation that flows naturally.

Consider Sexual Preferences to Ignite the Passion

Of course, most relationships will also have a strong sexual component, especially in their early days. It is important to ask yourself what do you prefer - a steamy romance or a "no sex before marriage" approach? Once you decide, you can look for an online mobile app that caters to your ideas and lets you take things as quickly or as slowly as you wish. It will make the whole process a lot more comfortable for you and your potential partner.

Free dating apps can also cater to different sexualities and gender identities. This is definitely something to consider if you fall outside of the heteronormative context. Selecting an LGBT-friendly app could greatly enhance your chances of finding the right match regardless of whether you've just turned 21 or are over 50.

In addition, it might be worth mentioning that every person has different ideas of how everything should go in the bedroom. Chatting apps aiming for a more relaxed approach could help you find your partner for a hookup or for something long-term.

Now that you have considered our 5 Tips to Find the Best Free Dating App, you can take a closer look at the Best 10 Free Dating Apps and finally find your perfect match.