5 Tips to Find the Best CRM Apps

A successful CRM strategy understands customers needs

Whether your business is large or small, with thousands of customers or just a few, managing your business's relationships with your customers is essential to your success, which is where CRM comes in. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it basically does just that: manages relationships with your customers. A CRM app can automatically collect and organize data about your customers' interactions with your company. You'll need to choose the right app that can gather and sort your customers' data and make that data easily accessible for you or your employees, so you can understand customer needs, make informed objectives and create customer service integration. A good CRM will also help automate some or all of your interactions with your customers, which is especially good if you have a large business.

Each customer may have different expectations when it comes to how they want to be treated by your company. Some may wish to have an impersonal, strictly business relationship, while others may prefer a more personal touch, so be sure to find a CRM that can help you reach your goals in that area. The right CRM can also help gather information about new customers, so you better know how to serve them in the future, thereby growing your sales and your business, and creating a greater return on investment, or ROI, for each customer.

CRM software weeds out best customers to make profits

The goal of any CRM is sales growth, allowing you to maximize your profits with each unique customer. If you want to get to know your ideal customers, you'll want a CRM that integrates sales data, communications with your company, and even social media data on your customers, which will allow you to have an at-a-glance portrait of your best customers. You may also want a CRM with robust behavioural analysis features, so it can help you predict what these customers want and when they want it. That way, you can develop detailed CRM strategies to improve your business interactions, such as creating targeted ads for certain customers in tactful ways that won't annoy them. With a CRM that focuses on this kind of analysis, you can develop complex strategies to serve each and every one of your customers as they wish to be served. You can even get a CRM that integrates with your point of sale system or invoicing and payment processing to help you analyze data at every step of the way.

Big & small differences shown in CRM software review guide

Because CRM is about something as important as your customers' relationships with your business, CRM software can be extremely varied in how exactly it collects and organizes data, even though most all gather the same kinds of data, so you'll want to get an app with a software review guide to see how it functions. For example, one of the most popular CRM softwares is Microsoft Dynamics, which has the robust support of Microsoft behind it and can handle customer database with hundreds of thousands of entries. But that comes at a price, so smaller companies with smaller numbers of customers may find a different software works just as well for half the price.

 Also, part of the challenge of CRM is that no matter how good your program is, if your salesforce doesn't use it, it can't help you. So it's important that the exact details of how the CRM works integrates well with your team and how they work. By looking at CRM comparison guides, you can figure out which type of CRM is best for your business's unique needs. For instance, your mobile salesforce might be better equipped with cloud-based solutions than a CRM that requires a centralized database. 

Coding knowledge makes open-source CRM software sensible

Every business is unique, facing unique challenges to serve its customers as best it can. Luckily, CRM can be fully customized to serve your needs, if you get an open-source CRM and have the proper coding knowledge. An open-source CRM is a CRM software that allows public access to its underlying code. With the right knowhow, by accessing and changing the open-source code of the CRM program, you can customize the software to be exactly what you need. 

For example, one of the most popular open-source CRM programs is Sugarcrm, which is run by CEO John Roberts. Generally known as Sugar, Sugarcrm has been translated in multiple languages and has a robust group of customers who create customized CRM versions for their particular needs, and then share tips and tricks with new people starting from scratch. Salesforce, run by Marc Benioff, is another popular CRM choice.

Free CRM strategies help cash strapped founders

When running a small business, each and every customer relationship is that much more important to maintain, but even penny still counts. So while most CRM programs cost a fair bit of money, there are many free CRM options to consider if you're managing a tight budget. Usually, such free CRM programs are free but limited, not granting access to all the bells and whistles that the full, paid program may have, but at a certain small scale, simply having a solid, easy-to-navigate database of customers' basic info can make a huge difference when handling their relationships to your business. This can also be an easy way to get the data you need even if you don't have the CRM certification to understand more complicated data.

Hubspot, one of the bigger CRM companies, has a solid option for a free CRM. Other freemium options exist, where the basic functionality of the DRM program may be free, but for small fees, you can unlock and access more robust tools if you need them.

CRM is an important tool to any business, and finding the right software to fit your business' unique needs can be a challenge. But just as there are many different businesses, there are plenty of CRM options to choose from. Make sure to check out our Best 10 CRM Apps to narrow down the list and find your new system today!

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