5 Tips to Find the Best Coupon & Discount App

Find coupons for in-store discounts to save money

Saving money in person always feels like a win and, for those moments when you’re tired of shopping online, finding in store discounts can be a real motivator for getting up and going out to your favorite shopping destinations. If you like saving money while looking for your much-needed items in person, then you’re going to want an app that lets you view coupons, sales, and discounts for all of your favorite stores.

If you prefer staying up-to-date on products deals, then you may prefer an app like Baza or SmartSource where you can find item-specific coupons and discounts. Or, if you are a frequent customer at stores like Ross, AutoZone, Vitacost, and JCPenney, then you may want an app that lets you browse coupons to all your favorite places that you can bring with you when you shop in-store.

For frequent shoppers at online stores like Amazon and Bedwearing, you may want a discount app with which you can get alerted to deals the moment they come online. Be the first to buy the items you really want and save money doing it. 

Keep track of your store rewards for even better deals

Nothing feels quite as good as saving money when you’re shopping but it can be difficult to try to keep up with all of the points you’ve earned as rewards for your past purchases. If you find that this occurs to you frequently, you’ll want an app that allows you to track your points as they add up so you can use your coupons the moment they become available.

For those who are new to the world of in-store rewards and simply want a place to start, it would be beneficial to look for apps with add-ons like RetailMeNot so you can start earning points toward your rewards account that you can use to save money later down the road.

Find yourself a frequent shopper at stores like Payless, JCPenny, Bath and Body Works, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, Papa Johns, Charlotte Russe, Vitacost, OReillys, Big 5, or Academy Sports? You will want to look for an app that lets you gather your points for each store and save them in one place so you can access all of your coupons at once.

Or, if you find yourself shopping repeatedly at only a few stores, you may prefer an app that lets you browse coupons and discounts - as well as keep up with your store rewards - for just the stores you visit most frequently. This way, you are not being distracted by data from other stores you hardly visit and don’t particularly care about.

Learn about discount strategies to find the best deals

Coupons aren’t the only way to save money and learning discount strategies can go a long way toward making your wallet happier. If you’re someone who has always wanted to learn about marketing strategy or the process of saving money as you shop, then you will want an app that provides you an overview of what a good sale looks like and how you can prevent yourself by getting trapped in tricky advertising.

For those who like to get an additional bang for your buck, then you may want to look at apps that alert you when a store begins to sell your favorite products on clearance.

Apps that notify you about BOGO and cashback opportunities may also be something you want to look for. With an app that lets you know when these sales go live, you can do a better job of spotting patterns; thus making you a better, more-informed shopper. Not to mention, your bank account will be much happier because you’re getting the same items you would have bought but for less.

And, if you prefer the traditional coupon route when it comes to buying your favorite items at stores like Vitacost with a percentage off, then you’re going to want to look for an app that tells you the best times to buy and predicts when costs will be at their lowest. This way, you can stock up on the goods you use every day and save your hard-earned cash while doing it.

Discover special holiday discounts for easier shopping

Shopping around the holidays, whether you’re grocery shopping or stocking up on gifts for the kids, every store is chock-full of sales; so much so that it can be difficult to determine which deals are good and which ones are just impressive signage.

If you enjoy major shopping holidays like Black Friday or Ciber Monday, then you may want an app with a price watch feature to let you know when the good deals become even better. This will also help you determine what deals are worth braving the crowds and which ones you can save for later.

Whether you’re looking for apparel, home goods, or food, shopping at holiday time can be wild and crazy wherever you go. If you have a specific item or two in mind, you may want an app like Slickdeals that lets you browse discounts to find just those for the things you want to buy. Avoid the crazy crowds and get great deals along the way.

However, if online shopping is more your thing and holiday shopping in person sounds like an actual nightmare, you’ll want to look for a discount app that directs you to all the best site sales. You might also want to find an app that lets you save future sales to your calendar and then alerts you when they begin so you can be sure to get the items you want most.

Now you know more about what you should consider when looking for coupon and discount apps. Ready to put that knowledge into practice? Check out our list of the Best 10 Coupon & Discount Apps and put your new-fledged skills to work! 

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