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5 Tips to Find the Best App for Learning Italian

5 Tips to Find the Best App for Learning Italian

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The language of romance and opera, Italian is fascinating to learn. It belongs to a wonderful, millennia-old culture yet it is as thriving as ever. In fact, more and more people are drawn to its charm every day. Have you decided to learn Italian too? Then be sure to check our tips to pick the best app for the job!

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  1. Easily learn Italian now with lessons for beginners
  2. Find popular Italian courses to learn by various methods
  3. Practice Italian with features made for studying on the go
  4. Utilize Italian translation tools to prepare for travel
  5. Connect with other Italian learners to stay motivated

Do you wish to plunge into the world of Italian and truly immerse yourself into its melodious lines and rich vocabulary? If you are a total beginner, this may prove somewhat daunting. Where does one start? At the beginning, of course! In case you are only taking the first steps of your journey, be sure to download an app that is designed with total beginners in mind.

The alphabet may be the same as we use in English but the vocabulary can sound drastically different. Learning new words however can be fun. If forming a basic vocabulary is your primary goal, you can opt for an app offering online Italian lessons for children and adults that will gently guide you through the process.

If you find yourself to be somewhat slow at Italian learning or perhaps struggle with grammar, be sure to also get an app that will offer individual lessons and flash cards, followed by quick quizzes that will help you memorise all the new rules (and not forget any of the old ones).

With a job, a family, a mortgage and some semblance of a social life - who has time to study? If you too are one of the many extremely busy people running around chasing your dreams, it may be somewhat difficult to find a way to commit. Still, never fear! The solution is to pick an app that is designed for those on the go.

Dragging heavy books around is a thing of the past. If you are constantly travelling, spending a lot of time on the train, an app that enables you to access your favourite language learning book in PDF format could be just the answer.

If you prefer to listen, a fast and fun a podcast or audio Italian lessons in mp3 format you can listen to even while driving to work may do the trick. An app focused on listening is your best bet.

For those more accustomed to video lessons, it may be wise to stick to this audio-visual method of learning. Pre-filmed lessons can be accessed through the YouTube app or individual apps designed just for the purpose. This will give you a chance to learn Italian - anywhere! Over time, you may even start feeling adventurous and decide to pick up one of the related Romance languages like Spanish or French.

Let's assume you have planned your trip, booked the hotel, found the cheapest flight to Rome but your Italian is rusty or, worse still, non-existent. There is no need to panic. If you wish to learn Italian for travel, look for an app that helps tourists find their way in Italy with minimal vocabulary. You will be able to learn crucial phrases and memorise expressions that will aid you in every situation.

If you do already speak some Italian, or even if your level of knowledge is closer to Intermediate and you simply need to brush it up - narrow your search down to apps for more advanced users and you will save yourself the nuisance of repeating things you already know.

Sometimes, you just need a quick word translation or an explanation of a phrase you encounter on the road. If this is your case, then be sure to equip yourself with an app or two that will help you with this. Some will even allow you to photograph the text with your smartphone camera and immediately translate it into English.

Regardless of whether you are just beginning, already learning grammar, trying to understand Italian cognates, or, at this point, just need someone to practice conversation with - you will want to search for an app that will connect you with others. These are called language exchange apps and are likely to prove the most important stepping stone on your Italian journey.

"But how do I find classes near me?", you must be asking. Easily! If you are on the hunt for an Italian lesson with a private teacher or a group to join, some of the specialised language exchange apps will be of tremendous help too.

Reddit is another good internet spot to consider. This site is accessible through several different apps so be sure to pick one that will enable all the advanced features and let you stay in touch with your new Italian (or Russian, or Arab) friends. By exploring all the possibilities out there and making an informed choice of your apps, you will be able to get the best tailor-made lessons in Italian and truly master the language in no time. The next time you encounter some native speakers, to their "Parla Italiano?" you will be able to respond with a cheerful "Sì!"

After reading through our 5 Tips to Find the Best App for Learning Italian you are now ready to jump to the Best 10 Apps for Learning Italian and start learning!

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