5 Tips to Find the Best App for Hypertension Management

5 Tips to Find the Best App for Hypertension Management

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Hypertension is a common yet perfectly treatable condition. Understanding and monitoring it is of utmost importance and this is where smartphone apps come into play. In our day and age, they can be of tremendous help. If you wish to select the right one for you, follow our advice and you will be on the right path towards great health!

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Hypertension is a problem that affects over one third of the world population. The global rise in obesity is but one of the contributing factors. Hereditary heart disease, autoimmune conditions as well as lifestyle choices can trigger the blood pressure to rise. Luckily, there are many ways to monitor the condition and bring the pressure down to its healthy range.

If you too are suffering from hypertension or have a loved one who is affected by it, you may want to become informed on the topic. Naturally, a doctor's diagnosis is crucial but, once it is made, it is up to you to keep your health in check and stay up to date with the latest trends in treating the condition. If this is your first time facing the idea of hypertension and still have no clue what systolic, diastolic, prehypertension and a plethora of other random expressions mean, be sure to download an app that will serve as an introduction to and dictionary for all the basics related to high blood pressure.

Are you stage 2? What are your symptoms? Is your pressure sometimes low? If you are unsure as to what any of this means, opt for an app created with total beginners in mind, where each definition is spelled out in a way so that someone completely lacking in medical knowledge can grasp it with ease.

You don't have to be a human Wikipedia but some medical basics are extremely important to be aware of. One such piece of information is the ideal range your blood pressure should be in. Looking for an app that will allow you to calculate these numbers based on your weight, height, age and gender is a smart move to make.

The normal blood pressure for the elderly is likely to be different from that of a young teenager. Bear this in mind whenever you are taking notes of your daily measurements. It might be a good idea to select an app that is specifically designed for your age range which will immediately count in your basic characteristics and warn you if any red flags are present.

When trying to make an informed choice, it is always good to turn to trusted sources. Apps endorsed by the NHS (the British National Healthcare Services, among the best in the world) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) should thus be a safe bet. They will allow you to map out a chart and keep track of the pressure values throughout the day. This way, you will be able to closely monitor any changes that may occur and report them to your doctor on your next appointment, along with any new symptoms that you may have.

Smartphones and tablets may have come a long way but most still do not allow us to measure our blood pressure. While we wait for this futuristic feat to become a reality, we should still stick to our trusted sphygmomanometers. These devices accurately measure systolic and diastolic, as well as the heart rate per minute, telling us if everything is ok, or if some measures of precaution ought to be taken. This by no means makes our smartphones redundant. Quite the contrary!

If you wish to make the most out of your phone or tablet, you still can. In fact, your Android or iPhone device may become indispensable if you are yet unsure how to correctly take a measurement of your blood pressure. If you are brand new to the condition, you will want to download an app that will walk you through all the nuances of calculating and recording your values, correct posture and time of day, as well as an endless array of other details you ought to know so that you may accurately read the results.

A good blood pressure calculator app can become a useful extension of your sphygmomanometer. Today, even top notch doctors rely on apps to test and monitor their patients. The new era asks for new methods. If you are still unsure which app to pick - always check the reviews! Many of them will come from qualified medical professionals.

Now that we have covered measuring and monitoring blood pressure, we still have to find a way to do something about it. Hypertension is not likely to go away on its own unless you follow your doctors orders and make a conscious effort to improve your lifestyle. Healthy eating may be the first and the most important step for many, especially if the problem arises from excessive body weight. This is why an app or two that gives advice on healthy food and offers recipes for delicious meals can be the best cure you will ever come across.

Exercise is also likely to be an important component. Understanding the causes behind your hypertension will allow you to decide what kind of physical regimen you wish to commit to. Running, yoga, pilates and cycling are just some of the options out there. If you are looking to create a tailor-made fitness program for yourself, exercise apps will be your best friend. Find one that was created with individuals suffering from hypertension in mind and you will be on the right track to getting rid of it.

Avoiding risk factors such as sugar and alcohol will also be of great help. This is why we can also advise you to start looking up apps that offer recipes for sugar-free desserts, nutritious foods, and healthy alcohol-free beverages.

Hypertension is not necessarily the beginning nor the end of your potential health problems. It is tricky because it can also contribute to other outcomes such as heart attack and stroke. Minor issues such as fainting spells and blackouts can also become chronic. Keeping your values within a reasonable range thus becomes of paramount importance for a long and healthy life. If you are interested in achieving this, get an app with a daily reminder so that you never forget to measure your pressure.

In short, knowing how to lower your blood pressure can save your life. Regular measuring is the only way to know. When making a choice, always go for the app that will have a built in alarm to help you recall to take your pill or visit the doctor for a monthly checkup. The success of your treatment may depend on it.

When selecting an app that will help you achieve this, be sure that it also offers plenty of information and guidelines in sync with your national health policy. A good app will also have all the emergency numbers listed. Some will even offer a live chat service with a medical professional who may answer some of your burning questions and sate your curiosity. This can prove particularly useful for seniors who are not as savvy at googling as some of the younger folk.

Our 5 Tips to Find the Best App for Hypertension Management should set you on the right track for selecting only the most trustworthy from our Best 10 Hypertension Management Apps.