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5 Tips to Find the Best App for Clothes Shopping & Fashion

Find the best clothing sales and deals to save the most mone

Clothes are an indispensable part of our lives, especially when we're out among other people. Your sense of fashion is something that can help you blend in with your peers or stand out in the crowd. It is your choice, your statement, and a mirror of what you stand for. Today, we have more options than ever before. Online shopping has made us spoilt for choice. It is precisely this wealth of possibilities that can turn into a problem for the trendy and the fashion-forward.

For most of us, a primary concern when shopping for clothes is our budget. This applies to both on and offline purchases. As a savvy shopper, you should always keep an eye on discounts and have an app or two that will notify you each time the prices drop.

Seasonal sales are another great option. Major brands will often have an app solely devoted to their Christmas or back-to-school sale. Take advantage of the opportunity and cross at least a couple of items off of your wishlist at affordable prices. The next shoe sale could be your luckiest yet.

Of course, it is impossible to bypass the coupon and the promo code. A staple of shopping for decades, they now exist in app form, allowing you to save as much as 50% on your purchases.

Shop wholesale or second hand clothes for the lowest prices

Sales, discounts, and coupons are not the only way to save a pretty penny in the world of fashion. Today, plenty of people opt for wholesale as their preferred method of shopping. If you are looking to bypass the middle-man and pay less, an app that focuses on this type of commerce could be your best bet. Wish, Poshmark and ThredUp are just some of the names to consider.

Recently, the internet has seen the rise of wholesalers from the Far East. Shopping for bulk clothing from China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia is all the rage. Choosing an app that lets you access this fascinating market could open the door for some shockingly affordable prices. Cheap clothing does not have to equal poor quality and you will often be pleasantly surprised when your items arrive. The only downside to the method is that you sometimes have to wait for two months until the goods are delivered from China.

Another great option for the budget-conscious is choosing the second-hand market. If you are out for a bargain, try an app that lets you buy high quality used clothing from trusted sellers. Some may even allow you to trade in your own items! It's a great way to shop for men's clothing as well as designer bags.

Shop the top stores for quality styles

More often than not, it is worth paying extra for top quality products. If the longevity of your clothes is a priority, focus on apps that offer you access to brands with a long tradition of using the top materials. You will be able to view your purchase as an investment and enjoy your new coat or shoes in the years to come. Never forget to read the reviews before you buy!

Fashion Nova, Shopstyle, and ASOS are great for fast fashion but you will have to dig a bit deeper if you're looking for luxury brands. Finding an app that sells the latest from Dior, Givenchy or Gucci while take you in a whole new direction, ushering you into a world of top designers and great quality items.

Shopping for fashion online often means that your items will be mass-produced by machines, with very little human involvement. If you prefer hand-stitched, beautifully crafted pieces of clothing - a dress that will hug your curves, durable men's fashion and something great for the kids - be sure to look for online retailers that focus on hand-made, ethically conscious fashion.

Update your wardrobe with all the latest online fashions

Trends come and go so quickly that they can often bypass you completely, leaving you in the same old frocks you've been wearing for years. If you're looking to update your wardrobe and truly live in the present, never forget to consult online fashion magazines for advice on the hottest trends and new arrivals.

When looking for the best fashion app, there is another variable to consider. A more recent presence on the fashion scene, bloggers and influencers have more knowledge of the latest currents than the general public gives them credit for. Many of them will have their own apps, offering great advice on everything from cute cardigans, jackets and elegant dresses to men's winter clothes and supremely comfortable shoes.

Still, sometimes you will need more personalized advice tailored to your needs. Not everyone has the same body type and often even the most universally flattering cuts may look odd on you. Luckily enough, some upmarket department stores and brands will let you hire a personal shopper who will help you pick what is best for your wardrobe. Curation of the latest fashions and highest quality cosmetics will be available in stores as well as through their official apps.

Locate nearby stores to try out a new look

Shopping for fashion online is fun but nothing beats the real experience, especially since it offers you the option to try before you buy - right there in your favorite clothing store. If you are still unsure where to buy the best for your wardrobe, take the time to download an app that will show you all the retailers in your area. Finding dresses or men’s blazers will suddenly become even more exciting than before.

In case you are the sort of person that loves to spend hours browsing countless racks, looking for the missing piece of the puzzle to complete your perfect outfit, be sure to turn to large retailers that offer vast spaces filled to the brim with the latest in women’s clothes. Download an app that will tell you where to buy ASOS clothing or see if your favorite chains have an outlet near you.

Shopping locally is both fun and good for the economy. Not to mention that you can run into some pretty great bargains. Find an app that offers an ever-expanding database of independent boutiques, and learn where to buy unique pieces that will put emphasis on your individuality.

With our hand-picked 5 Tips to Find the Best App for Clothes Shopping & Fashion, you are now ready to choose among the Best 10 Clothes Shopping & Fashion Apps with confidence!