5 Tips to Find the Best Anime Action Game App

5 Tips to Find the Best Anime Action Game App

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There are more kinds of anime action games than you can possibly imagine. Picking just one from this vast genre isn't always easy. Take a look at some of our tips on how you can best choose the right one for your gaming pleasure.

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  1. Find the Right Difficulty Level to Best Enjoy Your Play
  2. Opt for a Free App & Save Your Hard-Earned Cash
  3. Pick a Theme to Spice Up Your Gaming
  4. Join a Multiplayer Session & Have Fun With Friends
  5. Use a Cross-Platform App to Play Anywhere

Captivating stories, a lush visual language and, of course, exciting gameplay make anime action games an extremely popular genre. This popularity, in turn, has inspired creators to manufacture an almost endless number of titles and really make it difficult for the average player to choose their new favorite. We offer you a few pieces of advice on how you can best go about this and find the perfect app for you.

At first, a lot of it will depend on your level of experience. If you are a total beginner and don't have much practice, you are best advised to choose an easy game. Try reading the reviews and see what other users have to say about it. If they complain about its complex network of levels and extremely challenging enemies, avoid it for now.

If, on the other hand, you have some experience under your belt and love to get your adrenaline pumping, by all means, go for a game that is known as a tough nut to crack. Anime action games are, by definition, an extremely diverse genre so there should be something for everyone.

The next thing you might want to consider is your budget. Many gamers seem to forget this part of the story and are willing to pay substantial sums for their preferred games. If you're trying to save some cash, every penny will count. Opting for the free version could help you keep your budget in check and give you the ability to redirect your earnings toward more important investments.

Of course, a free game won't always have all the perks of a paid product. Perhaps the biggest drawback will be the omnipresence of annoying ads. Some people can live with this while others will find it perfectly obnoxious. So-called freemium games are perhaps the best alternative if you are yet undecided about which category you belong to. They allow you to play for free and enjoy most of the features but will remove the ads only once you pay a small fee. This way, you can essentially try before you buy.

There is no denying that the best anime action games will usually come with a price tag. With all options unblocked and a full list of amazing moves at your disposal, they are practically guaranteed to blow you away. If quality is your top priority, you might want to consider spending a few bucks. The same rule applies to the anime RPG genre.

When it comes to such a diverse category that includes platforms, action adventures, and first-person shooters, the choice may prove to be a difficult one indeed. Picking your preferred theme could, however, narrow it down a bit and let you make the right selection with ease. If you normally gravitate toward a horror-oriented storyline or if, on the other hand, you like a colorful, crazy adventure, then use that element as your main criteria and you won't go wrong. If the story fits your style, the game most likely will do as well.

With a multitude of sub-genres to pick from, anime action games are best divided into subgroups and assessed as such. Take, for example, all the titles with a fantasy flair and start exploring those. The same goes for games inspired by sci-fi sagas. If you use this stylistic element as your starting point, you will gradually inch closer toward your new favorite.

The gameplay is another factor to consider. Do you prefer a slow-paced adventure and a more stealth approach? Or is close combat more your style? Do you like role-playing or want a simple shooter? This is definitely something to think about as it can make or break any game for you. 

Long gone are the days when gaming was considered a lonely sport. The world wide web has changed that for good. Now you can easily connect with others via the Internet and have twice as much fun. In case you prefer to play with your friends only, you can look for an app that allows you to connect within a closed network and entertain yourselves for hours.

If, on the other hand, you love playing with random strangers and meeting new friends that way, you can always choose the latest multiplayer sensation or MMORPG and discover a whole new world. Get informed on upcoming titles and be among the first to join the clan. Just make sure that your new app has a chat option built-in and everything should be ready for your adventure.

Some anime action games will go so far as to organize monthly tournaments. Picking one such title could allow you to show them who's the boss, test your skills, win a gift card or even a cash prize. Yes, sometimes you can even make money while playing. Brilliant, isn't it?

Experienced gamers will know how difficult it can be to start the game anew once they've racked up a lot of points or reached a certain level that was particularly tough to get to. Now, you don't have to do that anymore. There is no need to struggle all over again every time you get a new phone or other portable device. Simply find an app that will sync your results online and allow you to continue where you left off the last time you played.

Of course, switching from an Android to an iPhone (or vice versa) could have dire consequences for your progress. This is why it is important to pick an app that works equally well on both systems - on and offline - so that the transition will be as smooth as possible. It will also give you an advantage if your phone uses iOS while your tablet is based on Android.

Having a universal anime action game will be of equal importance if you love multiplayer. It will allow you and your friends to connect from any device and play anywhere. Finding a game that also works for PC and PS4 could make the whole experience even better. You will be able to turn into a great superhero and beat any enemy with ease.

Now that you have considered our 5 Tips to Find the Best Anime Action Game App, you are ready to rush over to the Best 10 Anime Action Games and pick among the most awesome titles out there.

  • Play a role of Anime Superhero School Girl in new RPG anime fighting games 2020

    4.2 Ratings 350 Reviews 10K+ Downloads
    • one of the best Anime games I have played till now! kind of reminds me of Naruto and other animes, the controllers are smooth and the bosses levels are great and so are the HD graphics. only wish it had more levels so that I had a chance to play this game more!
      Imran Zia


  • Brave Souls Bleach Darkness Era, Fighter Against Injustice for Ultimate Liberty

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    • I aways have a liking for rpg games. This is a good time killing game. It is also fun to play. It has good graphics, good storyline, smooth gameplay with good character and weapon upgrade's with a decent growth level. All these are crucial for an rpg game. And they did a good job in this particular game. Everyone have their unique way of liking. Some just love the games and some search for logics in games. So it's my personal opinion only. it is a good game.
      Sugale Shahin



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    • This is best anime game I've ever played. It almost consist all characters of my favourite anime based on light novels. This game has its own unique storyline consisting of every characters like from SAO to Toradora. I would recommend this game as it will cherish your memories of animes whose characters are in this game . It also provides famous lines of anime characters when you open thier info. Overall it is great solo and multiplayer game for anime lovers.
      Akash Kumar


  • Intense RPG Battles x Epic Anime Story

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    • By far, the best hero collector game. You don't have to spend a dime, and the process of getting more power over time is more rewarding as a f2p player. The drop rates outside of events are bad, but they toss out so many chances that if you are willing to wait, getting that special unit is even more thrilling. The learning curve is smooth but the game is deeper than you'd think. The GS Discord is invaluable for tips and advice. If you don't give this a shot, you are missing out.
      Andrew Hamblin


  • Anime superhero girls is the best action game among all other rpg fighting games

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    • Its good but it's kinda very very short 😅 so can you please make it longer 😊 but it's really fun to play 😊 but still please make it longer 😊 so yeah 😊 it's really fun 😆
      baby Kiing


  • As Thunders Filled the Sky

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    • Its a good gatcha game, maybe the best. Just im burned out. The dailies take forever to do and leave very little energy to play around with when they're completed. The constant updates take forever to download. There are a million different currencies with their own separate shops. Most of the characters gameplay is braindead spam attack until you can afford to rank up them but the intense stamina drain of dailies doesn't allow that.
      tommy h


  • The First ever Genuine 3D MMORPG BLEACH ARPG Mobile Game!

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    • It's really great it changed a lot into the better since I started playing it, it's more f2p friendly now, theres few things I wanna suggest though like bankai ichigo with his awakening skill being putting on the hollow mask and expanding the areas in the 3 maps of hueco mundo the soul Society and the world of the living, I just feel that each area has a small map it's not as big as it should be
      Ichigo Kurosaki


  • The ultra war of Anime. Who is champion ? Fight now !

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    • It a very excititing game to play whenever .its so cool . it woulf be nice to add some more charaters from aot ,hunter x hunter, some more charaters from naruto as well like madura as a main character also manitao. i absolutely love this game !
      Aron Smith


  • 3D mobile game based on Tokyo Ghoul.
    Officially authorized by Studio Pierrot!

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    • I love this game so so so much. Tokyo Ghoul is my favorite anime, and having a great quality game to play of it is fantastic!


  • Join Kirito, Eugeo and all your favorite SAO characters in a new anime RPG!

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    • Well it's pretty good game wise and the graphics are pretty good (especially the OP) and to ppl the having problems with the loading/downloading of the additional files, well my tip to you is that you just have to wait for it since it's a bit big and even if it stays zero in the downloading don't worry it's actually downloading properly. PS: sorry for my bad English I'm not really good at it XD


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