5 Tips to Conquer the Most Challenging Defense Games

Read the Developer’s Instruction Carefully

Often, when we install a new game, what comes to mind next is diving straight into the action. After all, that's the reason we got the game in the first place. Unfortunately, we're not always lucky to cruise to the end of the game in that manner. When we start experiencing significant challenges with the game, frustration starts setting in.

It’s at this point that we go searching for clues anywhere we can find them, including Google, YouTube, and gamers forums. Some of us even go as far as looking for modified or hacked versions of the game, so that we can feel the thrill of winning. Meanwhile, what we consider a challenge might not even be one if we pay close attention. It’s always smart to look up the developer’s instructions before we get fully engrossed.

You see, the developers have most likely provided substantial instructions to ease you through the game. You may be confident in your gaming skills; however, your tactics might not bail you out of some struggles you’ll face eventually, especially with defense games. So, going forward, if you’ve not been doing so, always endeavor to read the game developer’s manual or instructions.

Explore Every Little Detail of the Game

You'll need to have more than a strategy to topple some of the arduous defense games because they are designed to make you need more than that. You have to think logically, view challenges from different perspectives, learn from your failures, take breaks, and exploit the gaming experience. Popular games like Last Day on Earth, Survival, and Plants vs. Zombies are among the best survival games. For this reason, you're going to need to implore the best strategy to make a good defense because your survival depends on it.

Consider paying close attention to the game environment if you wish to make any substantial progress. Don’t ignore any detail. These games aren’t that straightforward. Hence, paying attention to every aspect would prove very beneficial to the gamer. During your detailed exploration, you might get to uncover some of the tools or clues to help you beat a hard level. 

Start at the Intermediate Difficulty Level

If it's your first time playing any defense game, we recommend that you start with the intermediate level because it’s less complicated and allows you to beat the game while brushing up on your strategy and skills. For defense games like Tower defense, you need to give time to the subtleties to fully understand and develop excellent tactics to beat the different difficulty levels.

Kingdom defense and War strategy games are all fun, but not when your kingdom barely survives or gets defeated any time an enemy comes around. So, the beginner-level difficulty is perfect for helping you understand how to go about your supplies and needs, work on your strategy and tactics, and know how to use all the extra perks before stepping up the difficulty level.

Practice Consistency Even When You Don't Feel Like It

You have to play consistently to know your way around these games and be in top form. Don't expect to play them once in a while and still be a pro. Usually, learning and understanding how to use the options available to you are proportional to the time you spend playing these games.

Also, having an excellent defensive instinct across similar games accumulates from time spent playing these games. You'll have to put in enough time to understand the conventional mechanics, and how most of these developers design other identical games. Most defense games don't have shortcuts to the end; you have to put in the work and attention to earn yourself medals and confidently call yourself a pro.

Play Other Games When You Feel Stuck

When we play these games, we hope to beat through levels, challenges, or obstacles after a few tries, but sadly sometimes we don't. Most times, you’ll feel frustrated while playing defense games, especially after brainstorming and trying many times with different tactics or strategies in our arsenal. It’s understandable if you lose the motivation to continue playing.

Now, when you abandon it and come back later only to find that it’s still so much of a struggle to scale through a certain level or task, you might feel frustrated to the point of uninstalling the game from your device. However, this doesn’t have to be so. What we recommend instead is that you detach yourself and play other games to ease up and relax. It could be action games, puzzle games, or different kinds of games that pique your interest. While diversifying, be mindful of other action or sports defending games that require defensive expertise, such as football and basketball defense; it’s best to avoid those and opt for the less complicated alternatives.

Defense games where you have to apply bits of tactics, logic, and strategy are where you have the most fun. What better feeling of gaming success than when you beat a tough challenge on one of the best-rated defense games? If you get stuck playing these types of games, the tips you've just read can help you solve the various challenges you’ll meet as you go on. 

Now that you’re aware of how to conquer the most challenging defense games consider choosing your favorites from our Best 10 Defense Games to have more hours of fun and keep you entertained.