5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Chemistry Apps

Easily learn chemistry by starting with the basics

Want to learn chemistry from the very beginning? Then you’re going to need an app that will walk you through the subject from the start with overviews in chemistry basics to help you get a feel for the various topics.

If you’re looking for a study tool that can help you memorize definitions and simple formulas, then you’re going to want to select an app that offers features like flashcards or practice quizzes to make learning the introductory elements even easier. This way, you can make sure all of your new knowledge is sticking in your long-term memory.

Or, if you’re new to the world of compounds, mixtures, and atoms - the “father” of all things chemistry - and want a better way to ensure you understand chemistry concepts like these, you might also want to consider an app that offers beginner-friendly lessons with overviews on key topics.

Interested in looking into the various branches of chemistry? Look for an app that will walk you through the primary elements of the different categories, including organic and biochemistry, for a more thorough comprehension of everything that falls under the umbrella term “chemistry.”

Use interactive learning tools to master chemistry concepts

Need a little extra boost memorizing key concepts? You’ll want an app that offers chemistry practice at all levels so you can stay focused and retain important information about the topics you’re covering.

If tools like flashcards just aren’t enough for you, then you may want to look into chemistry apps with games to help you remember definitions, formulas, and significant facts. This can be a great solution, especially for younger learners who have a hard time focusing on textbooks and study guides alone.

Worried you’re not going to remember all the important chemistry information for an upcoming exam or paper? If “traditional” studying is not really your thing, try an app that offers mnemonic techniques - like memorizing the periodic table of elements by singing a song - to help you remember facts. The best part is, the skills you learn with mnemonics can be applied to other subjects too, so you’ll be remembering things much easier regardless of the material.

Quickly solve chemistry problems using formulas & equations

understand the world around us. Need extra help to remember key formulas and chemistry equations? Search for an app that has a quick look-up feature so you can quickly find the formula you need while completing an assignment.

Not exactly sure how to use a formula or equation? You may want to look for an app that offers a walkthrough tutorial with step-by-step instructions on the different parts of an equation and how you can use it to solve any given problem.

The more you know about how each equation works, the more confident you will be when it comes to putting your chemistry formula skills into practice.

Test your chemistry knowledge with problems & practice tests

A practice test is a great way to solidify a subject in your mind and retain it for the future. Regardless of whether you’re going over topics like atoms, elements, or even compounds, revision may just be your key to success.

Whether you’re in elementary school, KS3, or high school, look for an app that matches your skill level and offers practice quizzes and tests you can use to review the subjects you’re covering. This will help ensure you have a solid understanding of each chemistry concept and you aren’t wasting your time by learning new materials when you haven’t even fully covered the basics.

Practice exams not enough? If that’s the case, you may want to look for an app that offers worksheets you can complete with answer sheets to check your work. With these, you can check to see if you’re on the right track and make corrections where they’re necessary for a better, more effective learning strategy.

Become proficient in chemistry by taking advanced courses

If you’re ready to take your chemistry skills to the next level, it may be time to try chemistry courses or lessons with a greater challenge. Find an app, like Khan Academy, with an assortment of lessons for users of all experience levels to match your improved skills with something much more advanced.

KS3 students and other intermediary chemistry learners may be more comfortable with app tools like Bitesize from the BBC where you can supplement the things you learn in class by furthering your lessons on various chemistry subjects such as atoms.

Interested in improving your overall school ranking as an undergrad or grad student at university? Whether you’re attending Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) or your local community college, you may want to look for an app that gives you access to lessons from top college professors, like Dr. Sydlik, so you can improve your understanding of the subject - and your grades - with courses taught by the very best-of-the-best. 

Access trusted chemistry sources & find reliable information

Having trouble accessing chemistry information and solutions you can trust? Search for an app that will provide you with research and literature from the world’s leading scientists and is approved by organizations like the Royal Society of Chemistry so you know you can trust them. After all, you don’t need an exclusive membership to be in-the-know about chemistry and science.

Interested in finding a professional resource you can cite on an essay or research analysis? You’re going to want to pick an app that lets you access the virtual library of schools like Cambridge so you can better collect data that supports your thesis.

Or, if you’d rather know the impact of a certain factor when it is applied to a given situation or formula, you may instead want an app that lets you look up the results of a problem or equation using reliable sources, so you know you can trust the answer you receive. 

Using these tips, you should easily be able to narrow down the kind of chemistry app you want. Move forward by taking the next step and visiting our Best 10 Chemistry Apps list. You just might find your winner!

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