5 Tips to Choose the Best Anime Drawing App

Search for a Good Tutorial to Get Started

Anime is among the most beautiful styles of animation yet is also one of the most difficult to master. Being determined to learn and practice a lot will be crucial on your road to success. More than a couple of online resources exist that can make this process a lot easier. Many of these are presented to us in the form of apps, allowing you to practice wherever you are. Still, the obvious question arises - which one should you choose?

If you're just entering the world of anime and manga (the latter being a style of comic books from which anime ultimately derives), it is perhaps better not to burden yourself with advanced features, layers, and special techniques. Pick a simple app that will allow you to be creative without overwhelming you with unnecessary bells and whistles.

Anime drawing can be tricky to get a firm grasp around it. The figures will rely on realistic human anatomy that has been artfully distorted to create a more expressive character. The oversized eyes, in particular, are the staple of the genre. If you are determined to master and learn how to draw like a pro, you will likely need a step-by-step tutorial. An app that has one built-in will be your best bet.

Look for Free Apps & Avoid Spending Too Much

As an anime enthusiast, you are most likely to fall into the millennial or gen Z bracket. This will also mean that you are probably still in college or at the very beginning of your professional career. This is not the best time to waste your money left and right, especially bearing in mind the current state of the economy. If you're still struggling to buy a car or paying out a hefty student loan, you will want to save each penny you can possibly manage. Apps are definitely an item on your list that you don't need to splurge on. Quite a few of them are free so don't hesitate in downloading one of those. They will do the job just fine.

Of course, some free apps will have a limited number of features, perhaps force pesky ads onto your smartphone screen, and generally have a lower level of quality compared to their paid counterparts. If you are really aiming high, wish for a premium experience, and are not likely to regret spending a bit on your download, by all means, opt for a paid app. It will help you learn to sketch, draw and paint, serving as a proper art academy in app form.

Focus on Comics to Get a Solid Foundation of the Aesthetic

Before you continue your journey through anime, you might need to start and ask yourself whether you really have a firm enough grasp on the style to rush into animation. The answer is likely to be "no." This is why it is important to go back to the basics and master manga first. This type of comic books is a foundation from which anime arose and is also where most professional illustrators and animation artists start their learning process. For now, stick to non-moving images and an app that specializes in this less challenging art form.

As you learn and progress, you will want to soak in the advice and inspiration from the best artists in the game. Building a strong foundation is simply not possible without the wisdom of those that came before you. Use apps to read as much manga as you can, watch anime online, and adopt the visual language naturally. Good examples will help you learn how to draw the face of a boy or a girl - or the body of a fantastic sea monster - and truly become an expert in the craft.

Learn Animation Techniques to Make Proper Anime

Once you master the basics of manga, you can feel confident enough to enter the world of anime. The process can be a tiny bit more complex than the average amateur expects it to be. If you have no previous experience with the topic, you are best advised to choose the simplest of apps that will allow you to learn at your own pace and get those images moving in no time.

Then, as you get better at this wonderful style of Japanese animation, you will want to master an advanced technique or two, and really go for those special effects. In this case, a more complex app will be in order. Browse a bit, read the reviews, see what the professionals are using, and give it a try. Make your superheroes come alive and see how far your imagination will stretch.

Nowadays, the average cartoon studio is shifting away from traditional 2D visuals and into the world of 3D. If this is the path you wish to explore, make an effort to find an app that supports this type of animation and will allow you to create three-dimensional worlds without having to resort to complicated techniques and demanding calculations.

Find Templates to Serve as Inspiration

Most good anime presents the audience with a wildly imaginative universe filled with fascinating characters and fantastical landscapes we can only gawk at in awe. As someone just starting to draw, you may feel like your imagination is nowhere near as impressive. That is perfectly OK as most cartoons are actually done by enormous teams of professionals. Take it easy and let your talent blossom at its own pace. In case you're stuck and feel like you need a bit of a nudge, you can always find apps that offer ideas and outlines for practicing. Use these as a starting point to develop your own creations. Nowadays, employing such templates is an integral part of anyone's education process.

Another great strategy to adopt is to create a collection of images - either your own or those by other artists - in order to build your own database of references that you can later use to create unique content. An app that lets you store and categorize your template bundle, as well as access online pinboards made by others, will prove to be incredibly helpful in making a new character, mastering landscape color, or working on any other aspect of the composition. If you can find one that works on Android, iOS, and PC too, that's even better.

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