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5 Tips on Finding Music for Kids

5 Tips on Finding Music for Kids

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Music can enrich your life in a variety of ways. And as a child, music can serve many purposes including learning, relaxing, entertainment, emotional understanding, as well as social and physical activity. Here are some tips to help you find the right music for the occasion to help your kids benefit from music in every way. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of Listening to Music for Kids
  2. Using Music to Help Teach
  3. Having Fun with Music & Dancing
  4. Music Can Help Calm & Aid With Sleep
  5. Nursery Rhymes & Online Musical Games

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Benefits of Listening to Music for Kids

Throughout your child's development, music can be a great tool. At every stage or age, your child should be learning different aspects of life. For example, as an infant, a child can recognize a melody before they can understand the words. So if you hum a melody to your infant every time you bathe them, dress them, or put them to sleep, they associate the melody with the action. Finding melodies on apps can help you guide your child into building a good habit of hygiene. 

In fact, the benefits of music during development are vast. Music can help you teach your child the alphabet, help them improve their coordination by dancing, help them understand emotions, and much more. Because there are so many benefits to using music as a tool for development, you want to download apps that focus on different areas of musical influence for the different stages of your child's life. 

Using Music to Help Teach

Music can be an incredible learning tool and it can also make learning fun. There are loads of apps out there that can help you find different types of music for learning. For example, some apps can help your child learn the alphabet or increase their vocabulary. Apps can also teach your child word association by playing musical games. The app can sing the word, and your child has to touch the corresponding item. 

Apps can also teach your child how to play an instrument, learn another language, and help them strengthen their memory skills. Ultimately, musical apps can help you teach your child all different kinds of skills but, importantly, these apps can also make learning a fun and positive experience. 

Having Fun with Music & Dancing

There is almost nothing cuter than a child hearing music and trying to dance. As a toddler, kids hear music and begin to experiment with how their body can move to it. Ultimately, kids are very attuned to music and melodies, and as a baby, they begin to sway and move around to music. But as toddlers, with their newfound confidence in their feet, they get to explore a range of movement and learn about body coordination. 

To add, if you have a birthday party or get together with other children, you should download an app with all the popular kids' songs. This way, your child can also learn how to dance and be happy while watching other children dance. Music and dancing can improve their social skills as they dance with other kids, sing-along, or even make up their own words. Therefore, you want to download apps that feature great dance tunes for kids. Let them get creative with their dance moves, and maybe even hit the dance floor with them and show them some of your moves. 

Music Can Help Calm & Aid With Sleep

While music and dancing can be a fun and lively experience, you can also use music to soothe your child. For example, when it's bedtime, you can play some music that is relaxing and calming to help your child fall asleep easier. There are loads of great apps to download with soothing noises and melodies that help your child fall asleep or calm them down in a stressful situation. So, if your toddler is experiencing some troubling emotions or is upset, you can calmly play music from one of these apps to relax them. 

Music can be very therapeutic for a child as it is scientifically proven to reduce stress. With apps, you can learn all about the benefits of music for sleeping or calming, and then play the music that helps. In addition, many of these sleeping aid apps also feature sleep tracking. Therefore, you can get your child to sleep faster with calming music, and you can also track their sleeping patterns to make sure they are getting a healthy night's sleep. 

Nursery Rhymes & Online Musical Games

Nursery rhymes have been around since the 16th century. Each generation would share the rhymes with the next in an oral tradition. Although many nursery rhymes seem outdated, or even inappropriate, the tunes are scientifically proven to help children with speech literacy, spelling, and reading. Luckily now with apps, nursery rhymes can be taught with fun videos and even games to go along with them. There are online stream video channels that focus on fun nursery rhyme videos for your child to dance to and sing-along with for hours. 

Moreover, there are many kids' channels online that feature engaging games. Your child could have fun singing and playing games for hours, learning to master their rhythm, memorizing verses to their new favorite songs, and ultimately, making learning an enjoyable experience. 

As there are so many ways music can enrich your child's life and help them improve different skills throughout their developmental stages, there are apps that can help at every level. From soothing a baby to sleep to associating different melodies with corresponding activities, infants can benefit from the use of apps. As toddlers, music apps can help them improve motor skills as well as literacy skills. Apps can make it easy for children to have fun and learn no matter where they are.  


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