5 Tips How to Pick the Best 2048 Puzzle Game App

Learn about number puzzle games to pick the right one

Puzzle games are a rich field of endless possibilities. Some are number problems, some focus on creating or discovering hidden images, while others are more bent on testing the players flair for logic. 2048 puzzles belong to a subdivision called math games. The main objective in these types of games is to slide numbered tiles on a grid in order to create a tile combination with a number 2048 on them. It sounds simple but, depending on the size of the number puzzles, it can be a tricky feat to achieve. As total beginners, we may even wonder - where do we start?

If you wish to plunge into the vast sea of 2048 puzzle games, you will first need to learn a bit about them. As a novice, you ought pick an app that will guide you through all the basic rules and allow you to adopt them, one by one, thoroughly yet with ease.

As you learn, you will be able to discern between the sub-types of this particular genre. Perhaps they will all seem equally fun to you. In case your taste proves to be more refined, you will be better off choosing one kind of puzzle and sticking with it for a while until you get the hang of it. Then, you can move onto another and continue exploring.

If you find yourself struggling even after a few hours of play, you might want to look for an app that will provide you with an excellent description of how to play and even show you a solution example or two along the way to help you understand the tricks commonly employed in solving the puzzles.

Save money by playing math games for free

Loading your smartphone with all the essential apps can sometimes be expensive. A good image editing software, a reliable money transfer service, and even some of the games can cost a pretty penny. This is why it may be wise for you to save a buck or two along the way.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a Rolling Ball Maze type of game, Threes, Cupcakes, or indeed a 2048 puzzle, you will inevitably look at the price tag attached. In case you wish to save some, be sure to opt for ones that can be downloaded free of charge.

Free games don't necessarily have to mean poor quality. Quite the contrary! Some of the best puzzle games out there come with no price tag at all. Of course, sometimes you may have to see and ad or two in order to compensate for the free service but, if you want to avoid parting with your hard earned cash, this is but a small amount of time to spend in order to enjoy your gaming for free.

Many fun math games are not that difficult to make. Unless they have gaudy visual effects and a thousand different options, they are actually very likely to be offered to the public for free. 2048 for Dummies and a number of others are likely to sate your thirst without breaking the bank. If your goal is to save while playing your favorite puzzle game - by all means opt for the free version!

Access your game anywhere by downloading it to your phone

A quick 2048 game is an excellent way to pass the time while you are waiting for the train or for your date to arrive. In case you are interested in having this option at all times, be sure to find and download an app that can be played independent from your location and current state of connectivity. Many apps will offer this and allow you to play while offline.

Is having all of your scores and levels in sync on all your devices important to you? In that case, don't forget to look for an application that will run smoothly on all your platforms. A good 2048 puzzle game will be able to operate in form of a Chrome extension for PC or a stand-alone app for Mac, along with its presence on your Android or iOS smartphone. This is a feat pioneered by hitman games but one that has crossed over into online puzzle games too.

There is one more thing to bear in mind. If direct access of the above mentioned kind is of paramount importance for your gaming experience, you will need to make sure that the game you download will have constant wireless or mobile internet connectivity. This may incur extra charges but will guarantee that all your scores are in sync.

Choose the theme you like best for diverse gameplay

Nor all 2048 games are created equal and not all of them follow the same pattern the often drab puzzle games of previous decades held as the norm. Today, each game has at least a dozen versions and the player may select the one they like best. If you too wish to make your gaming experience a lot more colorful - pick an app that has a Pokemon, Disney or Zelda theme attached to it!

You may also want to ask yourself - are you more drawn to quick gaming sessions or do you prefer more complex tasks similar to the most complicated Sudoku puzzles? If you are in for a quick treat, pick the compact 3x3 format. If you are hungry for a challenge, go for the more complex field populated by a large selection of numbers that may or may not help you get ahead.

Some app developers have also made an effort to diversify the experience with new rules and add-ons. If you are drawn to more exciting gameplay, opt for one of the more elaborate options. As you progress, new levels will become unblocked, you may receive unlimited undo moves, or the option to select a completely different style of play. You'll never know what comes next!

Search your favorite app creators for a game you can trust

As you try out new apps in your favourite genre, you may start to notice that certain game makers pop up more often than others. You may even develop an affinity for specific creators. In case you find yourself drawn to a certain team or company, be sure to explore more of their oeuvre and see what's out there.

Different developers will specialise in different types of games or even platforms, having games written for Google Chrome in Javascript or adapted for Android. As you trawl the internet for the best 2048 game out there, you may even cross over into picture puzzle games like Griddler or Picross. Either way, you are bound to have fun. If you wish to get the maximum out of your gaming - explore our website and check out what independent creators coming from Github and Estoty have in store for you.

With our 5 Tips How to Pick the Best 2048 Puzzle Game App you are now ready to check out the Best 10 2048 Puzzle Games and decide which one is right for you!