5 Tips for Playing Backgammon

Become Familiar with Backgammon Rules Before Playing

There are plenty of board games that people play offline even when they have phones and tablets. Backgammon isn't one that a lot of people have played and know too much about. If you are interested in learning about backgammon and learning how to play, one thing that you want to do before plotting a strategy is to learn the rules and scoring.

So, if you have never played, you probably want to know what is a pip in backgammon and how to get off the bar. If you're looking for backgammon rules, you can find a rules pdf for backgammon or go to online forums to find out how to play.

In fact, another good way to learn the rules is to download an app that introduces you to playing backgammon. There are plenty of apps that help you understand the gameplay and know how to get started on your backgammon journey.

Use Beginner Backgammon Apps & Learn Gameplay

Once you have the basic rules of backgammon down, now you want to download an app to start playing. There are plenty of apps that are free download options in the app stores so look there first. That way you don't have to waste money paying for apps before you know if you'll like the game or not. Even if you like something like chess or checkers, backgammon might not be for you.

Also, it's a good idea to look for the best online and offline backgammon apps to download. This way you can have your choice between playing using the Internet or data, or simply playing against the computer.

Playing against the computer will help you learn gameplay without worrying about embarrassing yourself by playing against a friend or a total stranger. Depending on the app, a computer will also often give you tips that you can use and remember for future games. 

Play Against Friends & Develop Strategy

Once you've been playing against a computer in an app and you have become familiar with the game, you'll be ready to give playing against other people a try. If you have friends who love backgammon, you can look for an app or two who let you play online with friends. Whether they are friends in real life or they are only people who you know from the Internet, set up a game and find ways to get off the bar before they do to win the game.

However, if you have a friend who is close by, you can always take your game offline and play it on an actual backgammon board. The advantage of this is that you can play other games after playing backgammon, such as word games like Scrabble and other board games.

Furthermore, another advantage of playing against a friend is that they may be more patient and understanding when they play against you, as opposed to someone who is very competitive.

Venture into Online Communities to Challenge Yourself

Have you been playing against your friend for a while now and you're feeling more confident? Maybe you're ready to venture into playing against other people online. There are a few online multiplayer backgammon apps where you can play free live games. In online communities, you are going to find plenty of players online from beginners to masters.

Now, if you are feeling especially confident, you can even look for tournaments online to play. Just make sure that you are checking out the rules that the tournament provides. Depending on who is running the tournament, the rules can vary.

Also, playing with others in the online community helps you find out new strategies by watching others play. You could learn tips about backgammon that you can use.

Make Friends with Other Backgammon Players Online

If you find that you like backgammon, playing online is a great way to make friends who love the game as well. Whether you play backgammon on a phone or tablet app, on an online page or on a computer app, you'll find people all over the world who enjoy playing.

So, depending on where you live, you can connect with backgammon Chicago players, players in San Diego or players in Denver. In addition, you may be able to find a live Las Vegas or Texas championship where you can test your skills and backgammon gameplay.

Even if you never meet the people you play against in person, it's fun to make friends with other people who enjoy the game. Not only will you have a good variety of people to play against, you could find that you have other games in common that you enjoy playing. Maybe the person doesn't just like playing backgammon, but they also enjoy roleplay games or card games as well. 

Backgammon is a wonderful game that people of all ages can play, and it's a new way to meet people and expand your love of board games. You can play offline on an actual board or play on an app. Even if you have never played before, you can learn the rules and get tips from people online.

Look into the app store for your phone or tablet. Chances are that you will find many backgammon apps to choose from. Some of the apps specifically for backgammon and others might include backgammon as one of the games. We have listed some of the best backgammon apps below.