5 Tips for Picking the Best Presentation App

Choose an App with a Good Tutorial to Get Started

Presentations are an almost unavoidable segment of modern-day business and education. It is next to impossible to imagine a thesis being presented or a new project being discussed without the help of visually engaging slides. Still, not everyone knows how to make them properly and fewer still know how to choose the right app for the job.

Now, selecting the right one will largely depend on your current level of skill. If making a presentation is still a big mystery to you, you are best advised to pick a program that will have a strong tutorial built-in. An example or two won't do any harm, and having a number of different templates and themes will help you create your own slides that are both pleasing to the eye and straight to the point.

In case you don't want to bother with anything too elaborate and wish for a simple user interface, don't shy away from small and compact apps. They will have fewer options but will still get the job done without burdening you with too many bells and whistles.

Opt for Freeware to Save Your Hard-Earned Cash

You may need good presentation software for your high-paying job in the corporate world or, perhaps, you may want it to get ahead in college. If the latter is the case, you might also be very tight on cash. There is no point in wasting hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office and its PowerPoint for your desktop when you can easily download a free app for your tablet that will do the job just as well as the paid version. Google has a nice one but please make sure to do a bit of research and read the reviews. It will help you familiarize yourself with apps before you download them. You never know what kind of gem you will find.

There is, however, something to be said in favor of premium services. A paid slide maker will be able to do a lot more and create extremely engaging content. If that is important to you - and you have the cash to finance the plan - you can always try out a few paid options and see which one floats your boat.

Find a Specialist App That Fits Your Line of Work

Your choice of software will largely depend on the line of work you find yourself in. The industry will often define its preferred style which you will be obliged to follow. If you're a bookkeeper or accountant and economics are your forte, then a clean, less cluttered look will suit you best. An app that lets you create appropriate content - graphs and charts that are easy to see and understand - will be the best option for you.

Those employed in the creative industry, however, will have different needs. A vibrant, visually engaging language will practically be a "must", giving you an opportunity to go wild and create something truly memorable. An app that will let you design your own templates and customize every single aspect of your business presentation will be just what you need.

The opposite will be true of those employed in the public sector or perhaps a law firm. Your calendar will be filled with important meetings and your clients will expect an approach that is concise and to the point. A simple, sturdy, reliable app that doesn't crash often should be your priority while lush visuals will rarely matter.

Pick Multimedia-Rich Software for a Lush Visual Experience

Presentations are no longer the simple affair they used to be and every single aspect of them can be customized. A compact slideshow viewer is fine if you just want to get it over with but, if your aim is to create a genuinely good presentation, you will always look to add pictures and audio creating a rich multimedia experience for your audience. In this case, make sure to pick an app that allows this.

Yet, some users will also want to include video material in their work. Instead of using two different pieces of software for the job, see if you can find a presentation maker that also has a compact video editor built-in. It will make things a lot easier and help you create a great show.

The possibilities seem almost endless. Today, you can also incorporate 2D as well as 3D animation into your material and really take it to the next level. It's a feat that may intimidate some but one that is not too difficult to achieve. You should be able to find an animated presentation maker that will serve as a simple yet potent tool for visual communication.

Download an Online-Friendly App to Work on the Go

Today, we live in a global village and many people are constantly on the road. If your work takes you to the other end of the country or even across the globe, you will know the importance of being able to work anywhere. This will also be true for students who are committed to research and working with the wider community. An app with a strong online component will let you hone your presentation skills and truly take your game to the next level.

Still, you might also be aware that your data will often be at risk, especially if you work on your portable device while traveling. Your tablet might get hacked or even stolen. In order to protect your files, be sure to opt for an app that lets you upload everything onto a password-protected cloud service, thus, creating a safe backup you can access in case of an emergency.

Most types of jobs will often require you to work as a team member, meaning that your contribution will be only a part of the bigger picture. In an office setting, this is comparatively easy to achieve but, when working remotely, it may become a bit more tricky. Luckily, an app with a strong online component will make things run a lot smoother.

After reading our 5 Tips for Picking the Best Presentation App, you can now make your way to the list of the Best 10 Presentation Apps and pick what is needed to get the job done.