5 Tips for Finding Your New Favorite Wallpaper Apps

Save money with free wallpaper downloads

If you're looking to change things up but don't exactly have the funds available in your personal budget for a new phone wallpaper, you should start by looking for a free wallpaper app. Never again will you have to spend hours and hours scrolling through Tumblr, Reddit and Bing wallpaper threads to find a great new background at no cost. With all the free wallpaper apps out there, you can search through organized and categorized galleries for tons of different wallpaper download options. While many of these wallpapers are available for free through use of ad space, there are also free trials available for the popular subscription wallpaper apps, so you can also get a few high quality downloads in before committing to a monthly fee. 

Avoid pixelation with top quality HD & 4K wallpapers

You probably spend a lot of time on your device, so no doubt you also spend a lot of time glancing at your lock screen and home screen backgrounds. You definitely want it looking its best at all times, and nothing is worse than a low-quality and grainy image. In order to get first-rate pictures, it's a good idea to find wallpaper apps that have larger format or HD downloads available for all of their images. Whether you need HD wallpaper for Android or iPhone or even HD for Samsung, there are plenty of great options at reasonable prices or free download. 

If you're really looking to go for the wow factor to impress your friends, you can even look for a good, 4K moving background and get an orbiting galaxy or running waterfall in place of your boring, static mobile wallpapers. Or you may even want to try a 3D HD wallpaper for a background that really pops. Whatever you end up choosing, you'll be more than happy to see your amazing wallpaper every time you go to check a notification or look at the time.

Choosing the most popular and well reviewed wallpaper apps is always a good bet when it comes to getting outstanding wallpaper for iPhone or Android that you know you can trust. It's good to keep in mind that most popular wallpaper apps are made specifically for certain brands of phones or tablets, so you'll need to be sure the wallpaper app you choose is compatible with your device, especially when it comes to animated or GIF wallpaper for phone use. Luckily, this isn't too hard to find since the apps are made specifically for either the Apple App Store when it comes to finding a fantastic iOS background or the Google Play store for an expansive Android wallpaper gallery.

Search wallpapers by theme to fit any occasion

If you tend to get stuck on how to choose a wallpaper for your phone, especially with so many options for phone wallpapers available, getting a background to match the season, upcoming holidays, or another one of your favorite themes is a good way to go. If you already have what you want to get in mind, you should make sure the wallpaper app you choose is easy to navigate, with various sections and categories for each general theme. The best apps for phone backgrounds have everything from nature scenes to cityscapes to space and star images, geometric shapes and patterns, words and quotes, and all the holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas. Even if you don't really have any idea what background you want to use next, browsing through each of the categories might give you a little more inspiration so you can easily find your new favorite!

Match your mood with your favorite wallpapers in every style

Phone backgrounds are a fantastic way to express yourself and show off your own personal style. Whether you're the type to have cool phone wallpapers, funny wallpapers, cute wallpapers, or inspirational wallpapers, getting a wallpaper app that has choices for your own taste and personality is very important. Even if you want to find really specific images, like backgrounds for guys or backgrounds for couples so you can match your significant other, there are apps that can help match you to whatever you need. If you love wallpaper and change it often, it may even be best to get a wallpaper app that has a huge and varied gallery so that you can change your wallpaper to match whatever current mood your in.

Also if you need phone wallpaper ideas before you can decide on a change, some apps can point you to the top wallpaper trends so you can be sure you're in touch with all the latest styles and keep your phone screen looking fantastic.

With these tips in mind, you're all set to find a brand new background. Have a read through our Best 10 Apps for Wallpapers to find a great app and get rid of your boring old wallpaper right now!