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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Cricket App

Learn the basics of cricket to enjoy the game even more

New to cricket? You might be interested in a cricket app that breaks down the rules of the sport, so you can enjoy cricket games both as a player and as a spectator. Whether you want to learn about test cricket, indoor cricket or kwik cricket, an app that covers the basics first is a great place to start.

Want to know the difference between cricket and baseball? While they both involve hitting a bat with a ball, they differ in several ways. An app that lists cricket rules in a simple and concise manner can help you become familiar with the sport and clear up any of your questions.

On the other hand, if you are curious about the origin of cricket, then you'll want an app with information on its history and how it has evolved through the years. Some cricket apps even have fun facts on the sport, including information on historical matches, legendary players, and more. 

Stay on top of cricket with the latest news & scores

For those of you who want to stay on top of the latest cricket games, you’ll want to download a cricket app that has up-to-date news reports and scores such as ESPNcricinfo, BBC Sport, CricketZine, and Cricbuzz among others. Not only will you find cricket tournament results, but you will also find match statistics, game highlights, in-depth analysis pieces, and more.

Whether you want to follow the Asia Cup, Cricket All-Stars, or the Champions League Twenty20, a cricket app that covers international cricket games will enable you to stay-in-the-know. So, even if you live in Adelaide, Australia, you can instantly find out who is leading the West Indies’ Caribbean Premier League.

Do you also like to stay on top of other sports besides cricket? You’ll want an app that covers matches and tournaments for a variety of sports such as baseball, rugby, football, tennis, and more. No need to search for different sources for news on your favorite sports, as you can find everything you need in one place. 

Catch every cricket game with up-to-date match schedules

With so many cricket events and tournaments taking place all over the world, it can be hard to remember at what time each match is going to start. For an easy way to keep track of upcoming cricket games, you’ll want a cricket app with up-to-date schedules for every tournament.

Don’t want to miss a single cricket match? You’ll want cricket apps such as Cricbuzz, Live Cricket Score 2019, Live Cricket, and more, as they have the latest match schedules, so you know exactly when each team is going to play. Some apps even let you set reminders, so you can be notified as soon as a game is about to start.

For those of you who want to find out when your favorite team is going to play, you’ll want a cricket app that lets you view tournament schedules as soon as they become available. Whether your team is playing at Australia’s Rugby Union Cricket Club, at England’s ECB Premier League, at the Cricket Championship of India, at the Scottish Cricket Special or in the South Africa series, you can easily view a complete schedule with just a few taps. 

Watch the action by streaming cricket games live

Can’t make it back home in time to watch the cricket game on TV? No problem! You’ll want a cricket app that lets you live stream games right on your phone, so you don’t miss any of the action.

Whether you are on the road, in a café, or waiting in line at the supermarket, you can watch any cricket match live by streaming video directly to your mobile device. With cricket apps such as TEN Sports, Live Cricket Score Stream, Live Cricket Matches, and more, you can catch all the cricket action anywhere you are.

Follow your favorite team & become a true cricket fan

Do you have a favorite cricket team? You’ll want a cricket app that lets you follow your favorites, so you can find out instantly about any upcoming games, relevant roster updates, match results, team performances, and more.

Whether you have one, or more than one favorite cricket team, by using a cricket app that lets you follow your favorites, you will easily find out the latest news with just a few taps. No need to search Google or Twitter when you can easily stay up-to-date with a cricket app that summarizes all the latest news and information neatly in one place.

Want to find out how your favorite team is performing? You’ll want a cricket app that has detailed information such as an up-to-date roster, season performance statistics, and historical data, among others. Popular cricket apps like Live Cricket and ESPNcricinfo let you find and follow a wide variety of cricket teams including the Australia national cricket team, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team, the India national cricket team, and more. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you will easily find a cricket app that is perfect for you. So, take this knowledge with you and take a look at our Best 10 Cricket Apps!

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