5 Tips for Finding the Biology Apps you Need to Succeed

Learn basics of biology as a prerequisite to science classes

If you're completely new to the concept of biology as the study of life and all living organisms but have a bio class coming up this semester, you likely need to get a study course that starts with the basics. The building blocks that make up most biology concepts are cells, and once you understand the structure and function of the cell, you'll have a major leg up for all the rest of the biology lessons that come your way. It can be tricky to comprehend life at such a microscopic level, but luckily there are many learning apps to choose from that specifically center around the cell, including interactive pictures and videos to explore all its parts.

While gearing up for your class, you may also want to familiarize yourself with the history of biology. You can find science history courses ranging from full lessons to quick facts and guides to the origins of biological study. You can also set yourself up for success during the class by downloading reference resources like biology dictionaries so you can have definitions for any confusing terms at your fingertips.

Embrace human biology & understand body function

If you're already well past your cell theory lessons and now getting into human biology and anatomy, you should make sure you have the tools you need to help you visualize all the various body systems. Just like the cell, there are interactive lessons you can get to explore every part of the human body, from the skeletal and muscular systems all the way to the circulatory and nervous systems. You can break everything down into layers so that you have more manageable chunks of information to study and don't get too overwhelmed in your pre-med classes.

Or if you're studying more specific aspects of biology such as DNA and genetics, or anthropology biology, you should look for study apps that break down those concepts, such as evolution visuals and graphs of genetic data. Finding new ways to further explore the material will improve your mastery of the details and could be the difference between a C+ and an A- on your next test.

Find careers in different branches of biology

If you're looking to get a start in a career in biology, there are all kinds of tools to help you every step of the way. First and foremost, you should you make sure that you have a good resume builder app to put together a list of all your education, research, and career experience. You can also explore the different branches of biology careers and internships available, such as microbiology, botany, ecology and evolution, by searching through job listing apps.

Don't forget that even after you land your dream job as a biochemist or biomedical engineer, you can still use quick reference apps as resources while you're in the lab or even continue to test your continued biology learning with challenging pop quizzes. Or if you become a science teacher, you can find lesson plan creators or download your biology book straight to your phone for easy access.

Learning a lot about animals leads to Zoology world

While many people think of biology as it relates to the human body, it's also just as important for the study of animals. If you're interested in studying zoology to become a wildlife biologist or veterinarian, you should be sure to look for apps regarding animal biology and all the classifications that make up our ecosystem. Whether you're an animal science major at UC Davis or a zoology major at Colorado State, you can use learning guides and charts to help you understand all the different animal kingdoms and their names as well as all the smaller categories such as phylums, families, and species. Apps are also a great resource for animal anatomy, since you can perform a virtual but realistic dissection of not only frogs but many other animals as well without needing all the materials and resources for a real dissection.

Outside of classrooms biology is a part of everyday life

It's good to remember that biology doesn't necessarily have to be considered a complicated and lofty subject. If you're interested in everyday biology such as the new updates in stem cell research or advances in biotechnology and health devices, you should definitely have some science and tech news apps like the Scientific American or Science News Daily in your arsenal. Anyone can benefit from reading up about current events in the world of biology, even if the only thing you remember from AP bio is that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

No matter what level you're currently at when it comes to the science of living organisms, you can start learning and improving today. Get a jump start on your studying now by checking out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Biology!

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