5 Tips for Finding the Best Voice Changer App to Fit Your Needs

Change your voice in real time to make silly calls

If you're looking for a voice changer first and foremost to do a prank call or two, you're for sure going to need one that changes your voice in real time. You'll also want to look for an app that allows you to make calls either through the phone or through a voice call app while you're also using the voice changing app. These apps work by filtering your voice through your device while you're on the line with someone, so you can talk in your normal voice and it will sound extremely different on their end, no extra microphone and speaker device necessary! You can look for Voicemod and AV Voice best voice changing styles to pick whatever you want your voice to sound like. There are even apps available that let you switch voices mid-call and that you can add silly sound effects too. Just keep in mind that many of these apps are for making internet calls and may not work offline or with a weak connection. Also remember these apps are best used as a harmless joke or fun toy and not to seriously fool anyone!

Edit old audio files to make them sound hilarious

If you have audio recordings saved on your device that you want to change the voices on, you'll need a voice changer app that works a bit more like an audio editing program. Some of them, such as Voxal and Clownfish Voice Changer, are a bit more advanced with robust features to let you fine tune the pitch, edit the volume, and add special effects and crazy discord features. Others are a little more simple and user-friendly for beginners, allowing you to upload any audio or video files from your phone library to pick and choose certain filters or voice types like robot, chipmunk, or zombie to add in. Some apps also let you edit the videos as well to add silly video effects to go along with the crazy voices. Make sure to get an app that lets you easily share your audio or creations with friends or social media so that everyone can share in the fun!

Raise the pitch of your voice to prank a friend

The easiest and often funniest voice change to do is raising the voice pitch to sound like a chipmunk or to make a deep male voice sound more like a female girl voice. If you're looking to do a prank call in this kind of voice in particular, be sure to look for an app such as MorphVox that has many options for raising or lowering the pitch alone to make all kinds of funny combinations. You can even find apps that let you go back and forth and change the pitch up and down in real time. You'll also want to make sure the app has convincing voice change effects, since you will be trying to fool your best friends, after all. They may be the hardest to trick since they know your voice better than anyone, but with the right pitch changer and a few changes in your natural speaking voice your prank call can become really unrecognizable and you can keep up the charade for as long as you can.

Have non-stop fun with a voice changer for every device

If you're also looking for a voice changer that will work on other devices, such as a PS4 or Xbox One for live gaming chats or any other live chats on your Mac or PC, you'll be happy to know that your favorite voice changing apps can usually play your voice through the speakers of your phone in real time. You can use those apps or the prerecorded voice changing apps to play anything through the microphone of your other device, so there's no need to spend extra money on a separate voice changing device. 

Or if you do want something that is extra convincing, you can opt to use your favorite shopping app like Amazon to get more advanced voice changing technology that can be hooked up straight to your other devices, so you can get voice changing features easily no matter what you're using to talk to people.

Fool your friends with a voice that sounds sick

Whether you're just trying to get a little bit of sympathy or get out of going to an event you don't feel like going to, getting an app with a sick voice for your iPhone can come in handy. With voice changer apps such as Sick Voice APK and others, you can sound groggy, gravelly, sniffley, and wheezy while you're on the phone during call, even though you're physically feeling fantastic. It's a good idea to put up your best acting skills as well to make sure it's convincing and safe to get by without getting caught faking sick

With these tips in mind, you're ready to go out there and start fooling all your friends for a hysterically good time! Don't forget to check out our Best 10 Apps for Voice Changing to find your new favorites.

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