5 Tips for Finding the Best NCAA March Madness Basketball App for You

Learn about March Madness basics & follow your favorite team

New to March Madness and putting together a bracket for the first time? You will definitely be in need of an app that will walk you through and explain the basics of the tournament. Some March Madness and college basketball apps will give you all the ins and outs, including a break down of how the tournament works and a report card of scores, game stats and results for all the top teams in the division, so you know exactly which teams to analyze and select for your Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and all the way down to the Final Four.

Once you've learned a little more about the tournament and all the teams that will be involved, it's also a good idea to get an app that lets you select your top team so that you can easily follow all of their progress, especially if you already have your favorite team in mind. This is great for the time leading up to the big tournament as well, because you will get a better idea of how your team is doing and how they might perform during March Madness.

Access game scores & results to keep your bracket updated

If you like keeping track of all the updates once the tournament finally begins and its game time, you should look for an app that has all the final score updates, highlights and breaking news for each game in one place. You will also want a March Madness app with live scores that refreshes often so that you can keep tabs on multiple games at once since many of the basketball games earlier in the tournament go on at the same time.

It's also a good idea to get an app that automatically updates the bracket that you have saved as each game finishes, so you don't have to go in an manually enter the results of every match from the beginning through the Final Four. This will also help keep track of your correct and incorrect predictions, which is especially useful if you're entered into any bracket competitions or are in a fantasy sports league with your friends.

View tournament results to see your team’s status

If there's a particular team that you're rooting for, you may want an app that gives detailed results and stats for your team alone so you don't have to go searching through all the scores and updates of the other NCAA games and teams to find the ones you're looking for. 

A good college basketball app will let you save your favorite team to your app dashboard or home screen so you never miss out on any of the latest from tournament scores to injuries or other important things to keep you in the know as March Madness rages on. Plus, seeing all the in-depth 2019 results and analysis will give you a good idea of how the 2020 season might shape up, and you'll get a leg up on next year's bracket as well.

Understand the game & answer your March Madness questions

Don't worry if you're new to college basketball in general but still want to join in on the March Madness fun today; there are apps for you too! Some popular college basketball apps will teach you all the basic rules of basketball and important basketball terminology, so you will know what's going on while watching the games. They will also teach you more about March Madness and the participating schools that will be competing.

There's a wide range of apps for learning more about basketball from the simple regulations of game play to the more complex and detailed strategies and plays involved. These apps are not only great for basketball beginners but also for those that want to improve their basketball knowledge or learn more about those calls that they are unfamiliar with when they come up during the game.

Study March Madness history to impress your friends

For those that want to go even further into their basketball and March Madness study, an app that includes the NCAA and the tournament's history will do just the trick. Since the first ever NCAA basketball tournament started in 1939, there's a lot of records available as far as the games and champions throughout the years. 

Informational NCAA and March Madness apps will give you a break down of the timeline of previous conference champions, Final Four participants, winning teams of the tournament and all the stats and highlights from years past. You can also see where certain players, especially March Madness winners, have ended up in their basketball careers and in the NBAYour newly found college basketball knowledge will no doubt come in handy if you ever find yourself competing in sports trivia as well!

That's all you need to know as you get ready to craft that perfect bracket. Now it's time to check out our Best 10 March Madness, NCAA & College Basketball Apps so you can join in on all the madness!