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5 Tips for Finding the Best Kingdom & Tower Defense Games

5 Tips for Finding the Best Kingdom & Tower Defense Games

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Lavish castles, brave knights, and exciting battles against the enemy! Kingdom and tower defense games are the perfect way to live out all of your medieval fantasies and test your skills of strategy. But before you get to building and defending your kingdom, you'll need to know what options are out there so that you can find the best defense game for you. Luckily, we've compiled these five tips to help match you with the perfect game.

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  1. Enjoy your favorite desktop kingdom games on your phone
  2. Play the most popular games by searching top developers
  3. Prove your skills by building your kingdom from scratch
  4. Access guides & tips to conquer any kingdom game
  5. Battle your friends by playing tower defense games online

If you already have a favorite kingdom or tower defense game that you like to play on your computer but want to be able to bring the fun with you when you step out the door, you'll be happy to know that your go-to PC game most likely has an app version. Some of the best and most popular desktop games such as Stick War, Two Worlds II, and Flash Element TD also have apps to bring the epic battles to your Android or iPhone iOS.

Even if your specific favorite does not yet have an app version for your device, you can likely find a new game app with the same features that you love with your desktop game. Gamer forums and communities such as Reddit are a good place to go to get the lowdown about which kingdom defense apps might be similar to the ones on your Steam account. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite!

Some kingdom defense games are designed solely for the game play of fighting off enemies that are attacking your tower, but if you're more of a creative type and want to challenge your strategy skills, you may be interested in the games that allow you to custom build your castle before you're tasked with defending it. With these builder defense games, you can really tailor your tower set up to what you want it to be and strategically base the way you set up your kingdom and army for the best chance of survival. Many games also let you upgrade your castle with stronger materials and weapons as you progress, which will give you more motivation to keep playing and collecting as many resources as possible to have the most powerful kingdom in the land.

If you enjoy a challenging tower defense game but don't enjoy when its so challenging that you just can't seem to advance, you may also want to find an app that has tips built in as part of the game play. These tips can give you anything you need from just a few quick but helpful clues for better strategy and planning or a more involved walk through if you're just learning the game or are really stuck on a particular level. 

Or if you're looking for further instruction to beat the game or find out all the hidden cheats and special features, you may want to look for an app that also connects you with other players, so that you can get hacked and unblocked insider tips for your favorite games like Kingdom Rush Origins or Kizi Tower Defense Games. You're sure to play your best game and your kingdom will truly be a force to be reckoned with by the time you reach the final level.

Looking for a more social way to play tower defense games? Or maybe you just want a little more friendly competition. There are plenty of online connected apps to choose from that have multiplayer options so you can either work together with other gamers to build an epic kingdom or fight against them to see who really has the best castle in the realm. You can also use the multiplayer functions to make new friends and get connected with other people that share your passion for kingdom defense games.

That's all you need to know to narrow down your game options. Now all that's left to do is to read through our Best 10 Kingdom & Tower Defense Games to find your top match and start building your impenetrable kingdom.

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