5 Tips for Finding the Best Apps for Checkers Games

Learn how to play checkers by understanding the game rules

If you've never played checkers or draughts before or just need a refresher on how to play, make sure you get an app that has easy-to-follow rules for playing the game. The good news about playing on an app is you never have to worry about setting up the game or resetting it when you're done playing, but you will want to know how to move the pieces and win. 

While the rules of checkers are certainly simpler than the game of chess, there is still strategy involved to win. Whether it's a step by step guide with a breakdown of moves or a visual aid with formation pictures or YouTube videos, you should choose an app that helps you to play your best games. You may also want to get an app that gives you hints or ideas during game play, especially while you're starting out and learning the different strategies. 

Challenge your brain with checkers games from top developers

Another good place to start when you're searching for the best checkers game to download is with the most popular and well-rated games from top developers. These games tend to have more intricate designs and stronger AI or computer players to really give you the challenge you need. They also tend to be more reliable, so you can play for hours without fear of glitches messing up your game.

Also, if you really want to challenge your brain checkers with other real, human players will be the best thing to help you improve, and the more popular games tend to have more players to go against. Just like online checkers games through MSN and Yahoo, you can go head to head with a brand new player every round to hone your checkers skills.

Explore game variations to enjoy checkers in new ways

If you're already a checkers master and looking to challenge yourself in a different way, why not give checkers variations a try? Some apps include games such as Chinese checkers, Canadian checkers, Russian checkers, Suicide Checkers, or other international games or checkers games with more restricted rules along with the official game, so that you can switch things up.You could even try your hand at some of the English game of draughts variations which include 3-move openings and penalties for missing opportunities to jump over the opponents pieces. 

Again, if you set out to find an app that includes a lot of different variations, you'll want to be sure that they have the proper guides and board notation to help you learn and understand the different checkers versions. You might also want these rules to be easy to access and refer to while you play, since some of the rules might be hard to remember if you're used to playing the normal game!

Compete with your friends by playing checkers games online

If you and your friends love playing classic board games together in real life, you'll certainly love playing against each other with online checkers so you can have fun together even when you're not physically in the same place. There are tons of multiplayer app options to choose from so you can invite people from you contacts list to battle you in a 2 player game of checkers. 

You could also look into a more social checkers app with friending and messaging features to meet new friends while playing the game. Who knows? You might just find a few good game buddies to go up against in your other favorite two player matches!

Become an expert at checkers with advanced strategy lessons

If you're looking to take your checkers game to the next level or competition level, you'll need a more advanced checkers app with pro strategy tips and advice from other master players in an online forum like Reddit. Getting good at checkers strategy involves math and formulas, so you'll need the proper lessons to get good at memorizing the formations like the pyramid formation that will guarantee a win. 

Especially for these strategies, you want an app with visual aids such as diagrams and videos so that you can see the kinds of moves you need to make first hand. With the right app, you can learn how to use the board corner in the most efficient way and set traps that give your opponent no other options but to give up all their pieces in a massive chain of double jumping. Your friends will be amazed at your checkers skills and may even end up asking you for some lessons too!

With these suggestions in mind, you're ready to download the perfect checkers app and rule the board. Don't forget to check out our Best 10 Games for Playing Checkers to get started!