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5 Tips for Finding Movie Trivia Games for Every Fan & Occasion

Movie Trivia Games for Cult Classic Fans

The term cult film is often used to describe movies that are so terrible, they bombed in cinemas or never saw more than a weekend at the box office. The term is also used to describe films that have a rather obscene amount of violence or sex flowing through the scenes. Indeed, cult films do usually have some or one of these themes in common, but ultimately, a cult film is a film that is adored and watched persistently by fans. Classic cult films include "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," "The Big Lebowski," "Dazed and Confused," and "Fight Club." 

As a cult movie fan, a person can probably recite most of all of these movies, and tell you their favorite character in each film. There are a lot of different types of trivia games you can play focusing on cult classics. So, when looking for a cult classic trivia game, look for something that has a good amount of entertainment value to it. For example, find a game that shows you a clip of the movie, or maybe a summary of the movie written by one of the main characters. That way, for the cult film movie buff, it might still be a little difficult. If you play a game like name the famous quote from the movie, that will be way too easy for the likes of a cult film audience. 

Movie Trivia Games for Kids

Nowadays, kids have a world of options for the best kids' movies. Of course, there are the classic Disney cartoon movies most of us grew up with, but now there are animated films of all kinds. From "Toy Story" to "The Incredibles," and "Monster's Inc.", kids have a wide variety of great movies to watch, that even adults and parents really enjoy too. So, when looking for a fun family night game, why not look for a movie trivia game for kid's movies? 

In fact, a great game would be to play charades featuring the best character of kid's movies. For instance, you can find a kid movie generator app or a charades app that filters to kids movies. Then you and the family can take turns and guess who each family member is trying to portray. But if you want to keep your kids entertained during an adult party, at the store, or doctor's you can find movie trivia game apps that let your child answer trivia questions about movies or tap on items that go with a particular movie, and many other trivia related games to keep them happy. 

Movie Trivia Games for Party Night with Friends

If you're having friends over for a movie night, surprise them with the TV turned off and host a movie trivia night instead. Turn your living room into a trivia game show, and download an app like Popcorn Trivia. With this app, you can split into teams or go head to head and challenge everyone's film knowledge. Not only is this app good for parties, but you can improve your skills before anyone comes over by playing on your own. You can also download different quiz apps that test you and your friends' movie knowledge such as which movie poster belongs to a certain film or guess the actor or actress with an app like 500 Actors. If you and your friends are true film buffs, there are loads of app games out there to test every part of your knowledge and love for films. 

Movie Trivia Games: Quotes

Some of the best and most remembered parts of a movie are the famous quotes. How many times have you overheard someone at a restaurant or store reciting a famous quote and, of course, you knew exactly what movie they were referring to. Well, you can take that knowledge and test it out on apps like Popcorn Quiz. You can play apps like these alone and offline, or with a group of friends split into teams. Either way, you're sure to test your knowledge of movie quotes and have a good time trying to remember each quote. 

Furthermore, with an app like Quotables, you and a friend can take turns playing a quote from a famous film and see if the other can give the correct answer. Even if you're in different locations, you can send the quote through an audio message and see if they come up with the right answer. Tally up your points at the end and see who is the quote master. 

Movie Trivia Games: Name That Movie

Another great way to test your film knowledge is to find a name that movie game. For instance, with an app like Guess the Movie, the game provides you with the correct amount of blocks to fill in the movie title as well as pictures to give you hints as to which movie to fill in the blocks. There are also trivia games that let you guess the famous actor in each film. For example, who was the golf-swinging jokester who had a one-handed caddy? Whether you're with friends or on your own, you are sure to pass the time having fun conjuring up your favorite movies, characters, and quotes with different name that movie trivia games. 

Now that you have some tips on some of the different apps out there to enjoy a movie trivia game alone, or invite friends over for a movie trivia game night, why not check out some of the top 10 movie trivia game apps. You should be able to find more than one to enjoy testing your film knowledge.

Top 10 Movie Trivia Game Apps