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5 Tips for Finding Dress Up Games that Fit Your Style

Design fairytale outfits for your favorite Disney characters

The outfits and accessories featured in Disney animations are colorful and awe-inspiring, so it's no surprise that there are plenty of options for Disney-themed dress up games to live out all your princess and fairytale fantasies! You can see all your favorite prince and princess couple characters in hundreds of different clothing combinations from their royal wardrobe. There are even games for changing their makeup and hairstyles if you want to be able to create an entire look from head to toe.

Or if you love to imagine your favorite characters in different clothes and settings, just like your favorite fan art or DeviantArt, there are apps available to see all the most popular characters in the latest modern fashions. And if you want to be able to play the games with friends, you can also look for one of the many two player games out there so you can grab your design partner and get to work on your creations.

Find your dream wedding dress & get ready for the big day

If you love imaging big, fancy weddings, wedding themed dress up games are definitely the way to go! The sky's the limit when it comes to planning a magical, dream wedding on a dress up app, and you won't have to worry about staying in budget. You can find apps to not only dress the bride in a beautiful gown, but can also dress up the wedding alter, the groom, bridesmaids, wedding guests, and even the baby flower girl or ring bearer. Or if you're looking to live out your fantasy royal wedding, there are plenty of princess bridal dress up games as well. You could even look for a dress up app that has tons of different options for wedding themes, kind of like the online Poki dress up website, and be a wedding outfit maker for all kinds of different worlds.

Enjoy unlimited fun with dress up games by top developers

Another good idea, especially if you play a lot of dress up games and have many different styles and fashions tastes, is to look for a top dress up app that has multiple games in one and for girls and boys alike. Some of the most popular game developers make dress up games with a wide variety of high quality options that you can trust for hours of fun.

From normal runway models to Barbie and Disney characters to weddings and prom events and even fantasy and fairytale themes, high rated and reviewed games like Dress Up to the Top, Y8, Cutezee, MaFa, and the anime-themed Rinmaru are good places to start if you're not too familiar with the top dress up games yet. Many of them are available for free or have free versions available with an option to pay a small fee to get hundreds of unblocked dress up games. These apps also constantly add new games to their collection through regular updates, and you'll have so many choices that it'll be almost impossible to stop playing!

Unleash your inner designer with the latest fashion styles

If you're looking for more detailed fashion games or games for teenagers and older players, you can look for apps to download that allow you to design the articles of clothing yourself. You can show off your creative side by creating your own fashions and putting your drawing and coloring skills to good use with touch screen compatible dress up apps. There's an app for all kinds of cultures and styles from European looks to traditional Indian Saris, and you can even choose from different fabrics and patterns to really start developing your artistic eye and put your shopaholic knowledge to good use. It's just like being a real designer, and you'll learn a lot about all the latest trends and the entire design process.

Create the perfect makeover with the best makeup

If you like dress up games but your real passions lie in makeup or if you want to put the finishing touches on your outfit choices with some matching eye shadow colors and lipstick, there are also plenty of makeup dress up games to choose from. If you want to focus on makeup only, you should look for an app with tons of options for different colors and makeup types, such as eye shadow, blush, highlighter, contour, eye liner, lashes, and lip color. Some apps also allow you to customize the face you're working with and change things like eye color and skin color to try all the different looks. Or if you really want the full on makeover experience, you should find an app that has everything from outfits to shoes to the details like accessories, hairstyle, and of course, makeup. You'll get the whole picture when it comes to bringing your visions to life!

With these tips, you're all set to find your new go-to dress up game. It's out there waiting for you, and all you have to do is go through our Best 10 Dress Up Games list to find it!