5 Tips for Choosing the Flight Tracker App for You

Real-time updates help you stay in the know

When you get to the airport, there's nothing worse than sitting around and wondering when your flight is going to take off. Or, if you're supposed to pick someone up but wonder if they're going to land on time. A few decades ago, you'd have to sit around and watch the updates at the airport or wait for a phone call that they've landed. Fortunately, if you have a smartphone and a flight stats app, that's no longer the case.

There are many apps that offer real-time updates for US and UK flights. You can choose the Google flight tracker or download a different flight tracker app for free. When you're looking for an app to track flights, simply look for one that has real-time updates and you'll always be up to date on any flight.

Text & push alerts about delays help you save time

So, if you're a frequent flyer, you know how delays can happen. Whether the delays are because of weather, mechanical issues, or another reason, it's good to know when they happen. Just imagine you're on your way home from college for holiday break, it's starting to rain, and the temperature is dropping. Is your flight going to be delayed or is it going to be on time? If you had an app that sends you flight status updates by text, you wouldn't have to be checking your flight every five minutes. Even if you use a great app like App in the Air or the flightstats app, having an app that offers text or push alerts can be extremely helpful.

Knowing about delays in your flight will help you know how long you have to wait and if you have time to go grab a drink at one of the bars in the airport or if you should stick close to your gate because you'll be taking off soon. A good flight tracker app from Google Play or the Apple store won't just give you a list of flight cancellations; it will let you know when your flight is delayed.

Technology helps guide you when picking someone up

Now, there's nothing more exciting than having someone come to visit you. Whether it's your child, your grandkids, or a friend you haven't seen for years, picking someone up at the airport is an exciting time. But it also can be really stressful, especially if you're unfamiliar with the airport. And if you're picking up someone from somewhere like JFK airport, with tons of airport gates and terminals, it's not hard to get lost. That's why it's handy to download the airport app along with a flight tracker app.

Much like a layover app for iPhone or Android is helpful to a traveler, an airport app is ideal when you are picking someone up. This will help you see the layout of the airport before you even leave so you have an idea of where your friend or family member will be. Navigate the airport using your airport app and then welcome them with the Pick-up Sign airport app. Another useful app for picking someone up from the airport is a navigation app. These apps will help you find your way even without GPS. The person you're picking up will be glad to arrive, especially if they had to deal with a layover, and are ready to start their visit. 

Weather alerts let you know the possibility of delays

Meanwhile, one of the biggest problems of flying is dealing with nasty weather. Snow, sleet, rain, hurricanes, fog, and much more can lead to long delays and even cancellations of flights. One of the biggest questions that you probably have when flying is, "Is my flight going to take off on time?" Well, since the weather is one of the biggest reasons why flights are delayed, downloading a free weather app for Android or the best weather app for iPhone is a good idea. You'll find these apps as helpful as flight trackers.

Choosing the best free weather app for your phone will help you know when the weather might affect your travel plans and your flight, giving you time to alert friends and family members. A good weather app like Dark Sky will let you know if there's nasty weather in the forecast or you can expect a smooth flight.

Price tracking will help you save money on flights

Consequently, everyone who's ever had to buy a plane ticket knows how expensive it can be, especially when you factor in all the other expenses of a vacation. But the good news is that there are lots of apps that you can download to help you save money. If you are looking for the best app for flight deals, there are many that you can choose from depending on what you're looking for.

If you just want a cheap tickets app, the Jetradar app is very popular. Although it's not a flight price predictor, another good one is the Hopper app. Having the best flight tracker app and the best app for finding flight deals on your phone will help you stay up to date about your flights and save money at the same time

Getting to the airport on time and knowing what is happening with your flight can make you anxious. But when you have apps that tell you what to expect and give you the best prices possible, you can make your next trip a lot less nerve-wracking. 

Prepare for your next business trip or vacation by downloading a couple of helpful apps to your phone. Then you can relax a bit more and enjoy your trip.