5 Tips for Choosing the Best GIFs App

Search your favorites GIFs for a good laugh anytime

Love browsing GIFs as a hilarious way to pass the time? You might be interested in an app with a wide library of different GIF images that you can save, share, or just view to make your day a little brighter. You might also want to consider an app that has different GIF categories so you can easily flip through your favorites without getting bogged down with the images you don’t really care about.

Speaking of categories, if there’s one - like GIFs inspired by the 90s - that you want more than the rest, then you may want to search for an app that only offers GIF images in that category. By using a category-specific app, you can skip the Google searches that only manage to bring you to a website with one or two of the GIFs you’re looking for and, instead, find what you want much faster.

And, if the oldest, tried-and-true GIFs tend to be your favorites, then choose an app that only offers an inventory of the most popular GIFs of all time. Whether you’re browsing for fun or intending to send them to friends and family, this will ensure that you’re all sharing in the laughs again and again. 

Express your creativity with GIFs you make from scratch

There’s not always a GIF that expresses exactly what you want to say, so in moments like that, the best option is to make one. If you prefer the hands-on creativity that comes with making your own GIFs, then you’ll want a GIF maker app that lets you add text and drawings to the images of your choice.

Don’t want to bother with complicated computer software? Choose an app that’s extremely self-explanatory without all of the complicated extras that common image editing programs, like Photoshop, often contained. This way, you are not bogged down with features you don’t want and you can concentrate on creating great content.

Interested in adding lightning fast transitions to your GIFs to do things like make the content fade in and out? Select an app that offers motion editing tools that you can use to make your GIFs that much funnier. 

Share your GIFs with everyone on any platform

Want to be able to share your GIF creations and memorable finds with the rest of the world? Find an app that lets you share your GIFs regardless of the make of your phone, computer, or tablet. Whether you’re using an iPhone, a computer with Microsoft, or an Android tablet, send and receive the funniest GIFs around for a super fun way to pass the time with friends.

Did you make a GIF but are now unsure how to share it with friends? Whether your GIF is inspired by a video you saw on Facebook or YouTube, or you made something from scratch on image editors like Photoshop or Gimp, it deserves to be seen by everyone. Select an app that lets you upload GIFs in a variety of file types and formats so you can easily send them out to the internet where they belong.

And, if you’re nearly ready to share your creation with everyone else but feel like it needs a little “extra something,” you may want to consider a GIF animator app that lets you create and explore new ways to set your GIF in motion. This way, when you do share it, your GIF will be something never-before-seen.

Transform videos into GIFs & make them easier to view

More often than not, GIFs are made from hilarious video clips that have been made popular on television, in film, or via social media.

Interested in using your own video footage to create the most hilarious GIF imaginable? You’ll want an app that lets you record or use pre-recorded video footage to design a GIF that you can customize to perfection. This way, you can send friends and family super personalize GIFs that will make you crack up over and over again.

And, if software like Photoshop isn’t your thing and you want something a little more beginner-friendly, then look for an app that makes editing videos simple with easy-to-follow instructions. By selecting an app like this, you can create GIFs from videos regardless of your experience level.

Become the GIF pro among your friends by learning about GIFs

If you want to impress your GIF-fanatic friends, then the best way to do it is to learn about GIFs themselves. New to the world of the Graphics Interchange Format? Search for an app that starts you at the very beginning and provides you with the definition of the GIF as well as the history of animated GIFs. This way, you can learn the term’s correct pronunciation, understand the history of the “meme,” and figure out why GIF code is typically referred to as “open source” material.

Understand the basics and ready to take the next step? You may prefer an introductory GIF app that also contains a library of the most popular GIFs of all time. With this, you can search GIFs to your heart’s content while understanding popular GIF references so you can join in on the conversation too! 

So now that you have more information about how to narrow down your search for the best GIF app, why don’t you put your skills to the test with our Best 10 Apps for Finding GIFs!