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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Daily News App

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Daily News App

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Getting news on the daily can mean the difference between being able to to casually converse with coworkers at lunch and not knowing a thing about the stories your friends are talking about. However, finding the best app to bring you daily news can be a bit tricky.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should definitely consider in order to pick your perfect daily news app

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  1. Keep aware with breaking news alerts
  2. Never miss a cover story with news you get daily
  3. Catch all the action with sports coverage for teams you love
  4. Stay up to date with local news from your city
  5. Find quality stories in popular, well-known newspapers

Breaking news alerts keep you informed about all the biggest stories the moment they hit. You definitely don’t want to be left out of the loop, so if you’re interested in getting top news, like crime stories, right away, you’ll want to consider a daily news app that offers notifications and alerts when big stories break.

Or, if you want to limit your search for breaking news to a certain state, city, or region, you may prefer an app that informs you about breaking news in areas, like Los Angeles or New York City, where it means the most to you. This way, you’re always informed about the most pressing matters in your neck of the woods.

Wondering what’s happening right now? You might prefer to look for a daily news app that offers breaking news in the form of a widget so you can see right from your phone screen exactly what the latest updates are. This is also beneficial for people who don’t like the idea of having to sift through different news stories in the app itself because they’re all available at a single glance.

Physical newspapers are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and if you want to keep up with the newest, front page trends in news media, then you’re going to want a way to access daily news from your favorite mobile device.

Fan of reading news stories while drinking your morning coffee? You’ll want a daily news app that brings all of the morning’s biggest stories right to you. And, if you’re an early riser, you may want to consider an app that offers frequent story updates or that will guarantee to have new stories - from front cover to back cover - for you by the time you wake up each morning.

Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, or Miami, get all of the news you want and none of the things you don’t with stories that come to you each and every day. 

Keeping up with sports can be as simple as pushing a button with apps that bring you daily news about sports. Regardless of your favorite team, keep up with scores, stats, and game schedules that are provided to you on a daily basis.

Between scouring the LA Times sports section and the New York Times sports category, you may find it’s a tad difficult to efficiently keep up with your favorite teams. Want a way to quickly see your favorite team’s standing? Search for a daily news app that offers game results and even predictions for all sports, including football playoffs. Whether your favorite team is the Chargers or the Yankees, know exactly how well they are doing at any point in the season.

More interested in high school or college sports? You may want to look for an app that provides overviews for sports standings specifically in your area. This way you can easily keep up with the women’s volleyball team at USC or see how their rivals are doing at the University of California Los Angeles.

Knowing what’s happening in your area will allow you to be ready for anything that comes your way. Whether you want access to Los Angeles daily news or New York daily news, stay informed about everything local.

Want to quickly access your favorite local newspapers? Select an app that lets you put together a library of your favorite papers so you can get news stories that matter most to you. Whether you’re a fan of Pasadena Star News, Whittier Daily News, Lohud, or SILive, get local stories by all of your favorite writers and stay in-the-know about stories that mean something to you.

Interested in keeping up with specific local stories? Find out what’s happening with the UTLA or simply get informed about the metro news in your area by choosing a daily news app that helps you quickly and easily stay on top of the stories that interest you most.

Find these tips helpful? Great! Now it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the ultimate test with our list of the Best 10 Daily & Breaking News Apps. Get picking and enjoy having all the news you could ever want at your fingertips!

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