5 Tips for Choosing Bible Study Apps

Studying Your Bible can Encourage You in Hard Times

There are times when you're having a rough day or when you feel like you have nowhere to turn. Doing a Bible study online or with friends can help you feel better. Whether you do it with a small group or you make it more personal, sometimes just reading encouraging passages from God's Word can help put things into perspective.

Also, if you have lost someone who is close to you or you are in between jobs, sometimes just sitting down and reading your Bible can help you feel better. If you aren't sure about what passages to read or what to study, you can always talk to your minister or pastor.

Perhaps you don't have a pastor or someone you can ask. Some Bible apps will give you the option to click on a topic and will take you to verses to help you with that topic. This can be especially helpful if the topic is especially sensitive or embarrassing to ask about. 

Audio Bibles are Great for Long Commutes

There are occasions when you are in the car for a long time. Whether you have a long drive to your place of business or you are on your way to a convention, listening to your Bible can help the hours go by quicker. You will find many options for an audio bible download that you can choose from, so read reviews to find the best audio Bible version for you. Some prefer a free offline download and others look for podcasts that they can listen to.

Not only can listening to an audio Bible help you pass the time, but it also can help you get into a positive place for the day ahead. It also can help you unwind after a long day at work.

Audio Bibles are also a great choice if you aren't a fan of sitting and reading pages for hours. Even though you're listening to the Bible rather than reading it, you still are learning the same ideals that you would learn if you were reading it. 

Make Bible Study a Family Affair

If you are looking for a way that you can bring your family together, why not try doing a Bible study with kids? A family Bible study is a great way to encourage your children and teach them about God. There are different types of Bible studies that you can, and some incorporate video and workbook elements. So, find a Bible study that you can do with your kids and spend some quality time together.

Likewise, there is so much negativity in the world and children have so much stress at school, doing a Bible study together can help them feel better. Reading the Bible and praying together helps your children know that they can talk to God as well.

Encourage Children with Bibles of Their Own

Do your children like learning about Jesus and seeing you read your Bible? Why not get them a Bible of their own. Whether you buy them a whole Bible or a book with short stories from the Bible in it, this will encourage them to learn more about God. You can even download a kids app for the Bible to their tablet. For tweens and teens, there are Bibles made especially for their age groups.

So, when you are choosing a Bible for your child, try to choose one that fits their needs. There are many Bibles that you can choose from for children based on their age and what they may be going through in life. If you would like to choose one that they can take with them anywhere, even to school, without getting into trouble, one of the best choices is to buy them an ebook version of the Bible. This way they may be more willing to read the Bible because only they know what they are reading. 

Make Bible Study Fun with Bible Study Games

Do you have a group of friends that you get together with for Bible study? Then why not have some fun with incorporating Bible games into your study. There are a lot of activities for adults and youth games that you can select. Just look online and you can find some fun things to do. They can be educational or they can simply be fun – just take a look and see what ones work best for you

There are also many Bible trivia board games that you can play with friends if you want to cut the technology out of your Bible study games. No matter what ages there are in the Bible study, you can find a game that will be fun for everyone and make learning about the Bible fun.

Whether you want to learn more about God or you want some spiritual help in your life, a Bible study is a good place to start. With a variety of Bible study format options and apps, it's easy to find one that works right for you. Studying the Bible can help just about anyone in their walk of life and help them learn about different things that can help them in their daily life. Reading the Bible doesn't have to be boring. When you do a Bible study with family and friends, it can be a lot of fun. It's also a great way to encourage one another and hold each other accountable.