5 Things to Know About Pharmacology

The Study of Drug Action & Interaction

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they affect the human body. It’s a branch of pharmaceutical studies that comprises of toxicology, physiology, and chemistry. Students of pharmacology have to learn how chemical compounds affect body tissue and systems. This field of science finds application in many careers in the health sciences, like pharmacy, medicine, and biochemistry.

The field has sub-disciplines such as the systems of the body, clinical practice and drug discovery, phytopharmacology, and pharmacoepidemiology. Students often have to engage in research that often leads to drug discoveries. Different aspects of physiology, pathology, and biochemistry make up the curriculum to help the students develop sound knowledge on drug interaction.

Medical and pharmacy students have to take courses in pharmacology as a prerequisite for their qualifications. Beyond the conventional textbooks and materials used in classrooms, they depend on several pharmacology reference apps, such as Pharmacology Quiz, to study and prepare for their exams.

Application of Pharmacology to Pharmacy

Pharmacology is often confused with pharmacy, but they are two different fields of study and practice. While the former is a biomedical science that involves the study, research, and description of biochemical compounds and their effect on the cells of living organisms, the latter is a healthcare profession that deals with dispensing drugs in hospitals and pharmacies.

The knowledge gained in different aspects of pharmacology helps pharmacists and pharmacy students understand the effectiveness of the medicine, side effects of drug use, and the human body's response to certain medications. This education leads to an overall improvement in the efficiency of their practice in a clinical setting.

A mobile app, like Clinical Pharmacology, deals with different topics and subject areas in pharmacology, with sections for multiple drug classes. Users can get comprehensive information about drug composition, description, indications, contraindications, drug interactions, side effects, precautions, and dosage.

Accessing Drugs Database

Pharmacy students have to spend years in school studying different classes of drugs, but committing all of them to memory is an impossible task. That explains why many of them have to use various drug reference books as a guide to their drug dispensing. Nowadays, students can easily access drug lists wherever they’re using a drug guide app that provides a rich resource of medication names and indications. Medical practitioners as well can use these apps to inform their decision when prescribing drugs for patients.

An excellent example is Rudra’s Pharmacology app, which is a brilliant drug resource for every healthcare provider. It features a broad list of drugs classified into different categories, which include, drugs acting on the autonomic and central nervous systems, autocoids, cardiovascular drugs, antibacterial drugs, and gastrointestinal drugs. Another resourceful pharmacology app is Pharmacology Mnemonics, which uses colorful images to help students quickly memorize and remember pharmacological concepts.

The Art of Drug Dispensing

It’s the duty of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists that patients receive the appropriate medications for their clinical need, in the right dosage, and for an adequate period. The practitioner has to consider the health history of the patients, and the possible side effects of each drug administered.

In drug dispensing, the very first step is proper diagnosis. Doctors refer to medical guides for help in their diagnosis and treatment. Then the pharmacist has to interpret the Doctor’s prescription correctly. Accurate counting, adequate labeling, and quality packaging are essentials the pharmacist must adhere to. These tasks place a considerable burden on healthcare providers that can be overwhelming at times. No wonder many turn to references to make the process easier and faster, just like the use of ICD 10 Codes apps.

Preparing for a Pharmacology Exam

For many medical and pharmacy students, preparations for pharmacology exams are some of the most hectic. With several drug concepts and thousands of drug names staring you in the face, the experience can be daunting. However, the entire process has been made easier with the development of practice apps to help prepare students for pharmacology exams.

Students can use an app like Pharmacology Quiz, which contains over 3000 multiple-choice practice questions for students practicing for pharmacology, medical, and nursing exams. It’s a question bank with five quiz modes, answers, and rationales. The Simple Pharmacology app features easy-to-remember points in different classes of pharmacology and drug interactions. Users can easily prep for the most challenging exams and perform excellently. 

Medical students’ learning of pharmacology and its somewhat complicated concepts have been made easier with the use of reference apps. Even healthcare providers at the forefront of prescribing and administering drugs to patients find them extremely resourceful. Here’s our list of the Best Pharmacology Reference Apps that feature all you need to learn about the field of study.

  • Pharmacology Mnemonics

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  • Pharmacology free app
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