5 Habits to Help You Attain Lifelong Learning in This Digital Age

5 Habits to Help You Attain Lifelong Learning in This Digital Age

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A time comes in our life when we desire to be better at something. It could be on a test, at work, or on a particular craft. Sometimes, our knowledge from school may not be so effective in getting the learning results we want.

These five habits will help you adopt the culture of lifelong learners.

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  1. Develop a Study Habit
  2. Explore New Growth Opportunities
  3. Signup for Courses
  4. Set Realistic & Challenging Goals
  5. A Positive Attitude to Time & Change

If the motive is to improve your learning in a discipline or gain exposure to solutions, good books are expert resources.

Before the Internet age, "knowledge" was called "power." Today, the Internet is heavily saturated with content and information. When knowledge dispersal goes unchecked, it can be a problem. Many online sources promise fast expertise on any topic. However, you may not be able to verify the authenticity of all the information online, no matter how hard you try.

One good thing about reading is that it opens your mind to new and unclear ideas. Through study, you train the brain to thirst for any excitement and adventure that presents itself in the form of knowledge. Patiently consuming knowledge chapter by chapter helps us cultivate learning habits that improve retentive memory and active recall.

Lifelong learners are always consuming knowledge. It's fun because they find convenient ways to learn and share knowledge. By sharing what you've learned, you reinforce the idea in your brain. Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is known for reading transformational books and reviewing them on his private blog. He admits to consuming video knowledge while working out on a treadmill.

Thanks to the Internet, it's easier to be a lifelong learner with your device. You can get great books on your favorite topics, and read them on the go. 

Becoming a lifelong learner requires some sacrifice. Learning to maximize your time is one of them. Every free time must be used judiciously in doing something that can improve your learning. Are you creative? Is there some new craft you've always wanted to learn?

If your answer is yes, it means your free time is a chance to get productive. Prepare a list of practical things you will need to do to become a pro at that craft. Does it require you to sign up for a course? Do you need to meet with a mentor or watch a YouTube video to get started?

One of the ways lifelong learners evolve is by exploring new opportunities around them. You may not recover lost time. Hence, it's best to seize the opportunities to learn and stay up-to-date with new skills. 

Severally, the Internet has demonstrated its usefulness to education by making it more accessible. There’s a wide variety of classes you can join online and offline without paying a cent.

Many offline learning centers offer free workshops and seminars in numerous fields. E-learning websites like Coursera, Future Learn, and others grant online users’ free access to learn different courses across disciplines.

Even top universities offer various online learning programs for different disciplines. The electronic learning platforms have advanced features that consider the users’ learning pace and exposure level to a topic. For example, there can be Digital Marketing courses for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

You can use one of these mediums to learn and hone your skills. 

Growth remains a motivating factor in almost all endeavors. We can measure growth by setting realistic goals and assessing our performance. Goals can be very unspecific, so it's necessary to define them accurately. By definition, you use time and numbers to specify your goal expectations.

How many books would you love to finish in a month? Perhaps 5? For instance, if a book is 15 chapters, it means reading would be every day. You'd use your hours from your freetime well, reading on the bus or lunchtime.

Thanks to smartphone apps, it's possible to listen and learn from audiobooks while busy. You could also try reading yourself to sleep. The result becomes 3 chapters every day, and a full book in 5 days.

Lifelong learners love a challenge even if it scares them. The fact that this task probably scares you means you're on the right path. Repeat this book reading routine every week, and it becomes a habit. Employ this pattern in learning other things like your craft, a programming course, or a new language.

With this attitude, you set new goals to challenge your old values on performance. Performers never retire. Instead, they seek more significant challenges, setting SMART goals as they go. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

This goal setting strategy also helps you to define personal goals in other areas of your life. 

Change is an element that drives humanity. Time itself is one factor we must always consider, as it never waits.

Before the Internet, the available learning opportunities required movements and travels. But times have changed. We can start learning anything we want to achieve without leaving our homes.

Change, if deliberate, can yield beautiful results for us in the long run. But the rewards that come with this change require patience, dedication, and sacrifice. It’d help if you resolved to temporarily quit or minimize your attention to possible distractions like the TV, social media, and others.

A good idea is to reduce your access to things that don’t encourage your learning. They only keep you confined in your comfort zone. To be a pro at that craft or expert in your field, you must sacrifice your time.

With these tips on lifelong learning, we hope you’ve got a better insight on how to maximize your learning power for personal growth. Start learning faster and better today by choosing from our list of Best Lifelong Learning Apps

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