5 Great Muscle-Building Leg Workouts You Should Try

Workout 1: Leg Press

Four sets of 7-10 reps

Before starting your leg press, it’s crucial to set the weight you’re comfortable with on the machine. Get a comfortable posture to rest your back and head firmly on the padded backrest. Keep your backside flat on the seat. This position should be in proportion to your back. Position your feet on the footplate. Your feet shouldn’t be too high or low to avoid strain in the long run.

Keep your legs slightly extended to attain a width that correlates with your hips. Ensure your knees align with your feet as you press. It’s imperative to stay consistent with this alignment. You can hold on to the assist handles for support and balance as you work out. Remember the following tips:

1. Press with ease and avoid quick or abrupt movements.

2. Pause at the end of each movement. Please pay attention to your knees, ensure they are not bowing inward or outward.

3. Let your knees move rhythmically with the footplate as you press and return.

4. For newbies, it’s best to start with light weights. Three rounds/sets of 7-10 leg presses would do.

The beauty in leg presses is rooted in your ability to maintain the movements consistently for results. It’s not about the number of sets or the weight lifted. If you feel uncomfortable through your presses, a trainer can assess your form and recommend variations. You can also seek assistance on weight and machine adjustment for your convenience. 

Workout 2: Barbell Squats

Four sets of 5-10 reps, reduce the load after the first two sets

Consider following these steps for barbell squats. Get up, lift the bar from the rack and rest it on the rear muscles of your shoulder. For optimum balance, take two steps backward. Keep your legs slightly apart to attain a width correlation with your hips. Raise your chest and head forward. Slowly and gently bend your knees as if to sit. Then let the descent begin. Go just below your knee and then push up to your initial position. Now repeat the process.

From athletes to pro trainers, the squat is highly preferred, ranking first on leg days, all day. It is entirely difficult to attain a well-trimmed body and form without including the legs. Our legs are our vehicles and that’s why squat benefits might outnumber your expectations. They have a way of powering your joints and muscles. Squats have also shown to strengthen the tendons and ligaments around your hips and knees.

Workout 3: Dumbbell Lunges

Three sets of 8-10 steps each side

Lunges are also another popular workout that builds vigor and stamina into the legs and knees. The dumbbell lunges require two dumbbells, as the name suggests. Get a dumbbell on each hand, bring one foot forward and bend your knees. Lean forward until your other knee is close to the floor. Ensure your upper torso is straightened and upright while at it.

Can you feel the weight of your body and dumbbell on the foot held forward? Good job, now get back up. Switch to the other foot and vice versa. Repeat until you complete each set. 

Workout 4: Deadlifts

Three sets, 8-10 reps

Deadlifts are an exciting but very demanding routine for leg workouts. To start, you need to strike the shoulder-width pose. You have to grip the bar with the back of your knuckles pointing down. Your arms will feel more comfortable with the grip this way.

That said, do not attempt deadlifts with your hands gripping the bar inversely. Arch your back and bend your knees. Now raise the bar.

Mildness is required during this process to prevent muscle strain. It is advisable to use lifts that you can raise comfortably. Your neck should be straight and head facing forward, not downward. After each raise, you can slowly retire to your shoulder-width pose with your hips leaning forward. Up and down, that’s the repetition cycle for deadlifts. 

Workout 5: Lying Leg Curls

Three sets 8-10 reps

For gym enthusiasts, the lying leg curl might be the leg version of the hand curls. However, for the leg curls, everything starts and ends on the machine. To do this, you’ll need to lie on your torso and position your feet beneath the footpad. You can hold the handle for support. Keep your torso flat to help you stretch your feet thoroughly.

With your thighs still on the pad, curl your legs toward your back and inhale. Can you feel your leg muscles come alive? Great job, now relax your legs and exhale as you regain position. Repeat the curls and relax movements until you complete all sets.

Congratulations. You’ve successfully explored our list of 5 great muscle-building leg workouts. If you haven't started working out with your legs, but are thinking about it, start today by choosing from our best leg workout apps